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creaming soda macaroon

Creaming Soda Macaron Recipe

I have been experimenting with macaron flavours recently and came across a post by another blogger who had been busy trying to create a creaming soda macaron. Her attempt did not end up in a successful macaroon but instead she decided to make the most awesome looking...
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Easy Stir Fried Garlic King Prawn

Easy Stir Fried Garlic King Prawn

With the beautiful Spring weather at the moment, I was looking for a fresh, healthy but tasty recipe for dinner. I didn't feel like salad and I had a bag of home-grown snow peas in the fridge. I thought back to a Chinese Classic - Stir Fried Garlic King Prawn! What I...

Creamy French Roquefort Tarte

Creamy French Roquefort Tarte

When I think of France, I think of Fromage! Cheese in every way, shape or form, inevitably, though, my thoughts turn to rich salty blue cheese such as the Roquefort. I have decided to make a Creamy French Roquefort Tarte. It is simple and quick and can be an entrée or...