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Chocolate Caramel Layered Ombre Cake

I am starting to notice a theme in my desserts. The dominant flavours are the chocolate and caramel combination. I knew I wanted to make an Ombre Cake using these flavours. What is ombre? It the effect you get when you create a graduated colour change from light to dark. You often see the effect in women’s hairstyles, they start dark at the root and gradually fade out to a lighter colour. I mentally played with a few Ombre recipe ideas, but I settled on making an Ombre Cake. Not content with ombre just as a colour sequence I started...

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Creamy Chocolate Mousse Eggs For Easter

I am starting to get a little excited. Easter is nearly upon us! I love all holiday celebrations, but Easter is kind of special, as the festivities are centred around chocolate or a delicious Easter dessert, both favourites for me! These Creamy Chocolate Mousse Eggs have to one of my favourites! …and who can forget the little kiddies, my chocolate munching monsters announce every year that Easter is better than Christmas and birthdays because they get tonnes of junk food, and they can eat chocolate before breakfast! Yep! It is the one day of the year when I throw...

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White Chocolate Chai Creme Brulee

When we think of spicy we think of hot food, but I thought I would give the theme a slightly different taste, and go for some sweet spices. Sweet spices and chocolate in the form of a White Chocolate Chai Creme Brulee. This recipe is compliments of Jimmy Seervai from Masterchef. He has graciously given me the recipe so I hope I have done it justice. I have adjusted the recipe slightly because I have a sweet tooth and my husband loves white chocolate. White Chocolate Chai Creme Brulee Ingredients: 600ml thickened cream 5 cardamon pods 1 star-anise pod...

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Easy Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

It’s time for a little Easter cuteness in the form of some Chocolate Easter Egg Nests! Poor little chickie needs a nest for her chocolate Easter Eggs. What about a Chocolate Easter Egg nest made of crunchy noodles, honey and shredded coconut? Yum, even my non eater was hanging around when these were being made… and he doesn’t usually have a sweet tooth. The boy exists on air only usually! These are so simple and make a unique Easter gift. My little Easter Egg nests are going to the neighbours, and the children’s school bus driver. I also thought...

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Melt & Mix Chocolate Crunch Slice

As with all of my favourite recipes, there is a story which goes along with this one. I developed a serious dependency on this Chocolate Crunch Slice whilst I was pregnant. Some days I would consume two pieces per day! Once you have sampled the slice you will understand how bad this admission really is. It is delicious but so rich!  A normal person would struggle to eat even one piece. A few years later I chanced upon the recipe. I have made a few modifications over the years but it remains a firm favourite. Although, now I tend to...

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