Coramba Wood Chopping Event

How much wood can a wood chucker chuck, if a wood chucker could chuck wood…. This may seem like a strange question to ask, but one which turned out to be worth considering today. Some girlfriends and I had visited a vineyard near Nana Glen, and were then meeting the boys at the Coramba Pub for lunch.  It may only be ten minutes west of the Coffs Harbour Coast but Coramba is another world away. We happened to arrive whilst the pub was holding its annual wood chopping competition, so this tiny village was buzzing with people, and the pub was packed and spilling out onto the lawn.

Coramba Pub

We were fortunate enough to get a table for lunch and were informed that the kitchen would be staying open all afternoon.  This was very good to know as we had arrived a little later than expected, and with the atmosphere of the pub we were quickly settling in for the afternoon.


I noticed some of the huge plates of food being delivered to patrons on the lawn area, and quickly found menus for us to peruse while we waited for the husbands a children. iWife and I had a glass of white wine and watched one of the wood chopping events. There was a sausage sizzle on the lawn and raffles tickets were being sold to raise funds for flood victims. We resisted the aroma of the sausages and onions in favour of the pub menu.

Coramba Pub-2

The antipasto platter whizzed by with beautiful homemade beetroot dip and a hommus, there was marinated feta, olives, salami and toasted ciabatta, the platter was so large and only $15. As another companion noted “genuine 1972 pub prices!” (quoted from the movie Crackerjack).

Coramba Pub Nachos

The other dish which caught my eye was the Nachos, which had a large serve of chili and lashings of guacamole, cheese and sour cream.  That was my choice for the little ones.

Cormaba Pub Thai Beef Salad

For myself, I couldn’t go past the Thai Beef Salad.  I had noticed the aroma as a plate was being delivered to the table near us and I was hooked, it looked so fresh and delicious. My meal lived up to my expectations, it was so tasty, and with a real zing to the dish.

Coramba Pub Cheeseburger

The DS boys chose a children’s cheeseburger with chips and children’s serve of Spaghetti Bolognaise. I don’t think either boy managed to get through the whole serve.

Coramba Pub Burger

The hubbys ordered burgers; there was a Coramba Pub Burger a Whopper Axeman Burger.  There was nothing left over on either of the hubby’s plates, and the general consensus with the boys was that they were “very satisfied indeed.”

Coramba Pub Axeman Burger

iWife chose the Satay Chicken Burger, and while she noted the burger wasn’t quite as good as the one I make she did love the satay sauce.  (Actually she didn’t say that at all… she loved her burger, mine didn’t get a mention).

Satay Chicken Burger

We hadn’t noticed the specials board at the time of ordering but later noted the Lamb Burger on damper with Mint Aioli looked pretty delicious, and there was also a yummy sounding Lamb Shank dish.

We watched a few more of the wood chopping events and then decided a quick dip in the local watering hole was in order.  The hubby’s had bought everyone’s swimmers as the river is just across the road from the pub.

Swimming in Coramba River

When we left the band had just began setting up, so we knew we would have time for a quick swim. We all needed to cool off for a bit after a day in the sun.


It had been a beautiful day and the water was absolutely gorgeous, I love swimming in fresh water.  Mr GG decided to try out his new underwater camera so we have a picture of iWife and me underwater!


We had timed our swim perfectly, and when we returned to the pub the Tallowood Bush Band had just begun playing.  It’s not really my style of music but it suited the relaxed country atmosphere perfectly.  The kids had a great time dancing to “Redgum” songs and running around on the grassed area.

Anais at Coramba Pub

All in all it was a great finish to a pretty fantastic day!