Sunraysia Competition

I am wondering how many of my readers made New Years resolutions this year. At the start of the year I set myself a few goals.  As with any goals I think that it is always good to review my success or failure and perhaps look at ways I can improve my success. I also like to look at the relevance of the goals down the track. Is this still what I want? If the answer is yes then I need to make an added commitment to the goal.

In January the cancer council advertised on my website. Part of the advertisement was a survey to assess your risk of cancer.  I decided to participate in the survey because good health is important to me. My last birthday was the big 40 so I am more conscience of maintaining what is left of a youthful appearance and not declining in health or vitality.

After completing the survey I was sent an email recommending the changes I should make to my lifestyle. On the whole I did very well. It did however highlight to me the big deficit in my diet. I don’t get time to eat fruit and drink water. So these are the goals I set myself for the year.

My Goals at the start of the year

Eat 2 serves of fruit per day

Increase my consumption of water to at least 2 glasses

Exercise 3 times per week

Wear sunscreen in Summer

I have to admit that I still struggle with my two serves of fruit per day. I enjoy fruit but I am always on the run and don’t get time to snack through the day. Thanks to my awareness of the need to eat more fruit I have increased my consumption, but I hadn’t reached my goal yet.

Prune Juice Bottle Sunraysia

Recently I was offered a sample of Sunraysia Prune Juice. Sunraysia are running a “Makeover Promotion” challenging consumers to discover the health benefits of drinking just one shot per day of their juice. I read the nutritional information provided and found that this could be the answer to my fruit dilemma. 200ml of Prune juice is equivalent to one of the national recommended 5 fruit and veg serving. So why not try a shot of Sunraysia Prune Juice today.

It seems that grandma did know best… but what does it taste like?

Prune juice has borne the brunt of many jokes so it is easy to have a preconceived idea about the taste. Realistically I love all dried fruits, prunes included so I was looking forward to sampling the juice. Naturally it was sweet and delicious and I could easily drink a whole glass full as part of a new morning ritual.

While I was trialing the product I read the following research to Mr GG “Just a shot of Sunraysia Prune Juice every day can reduce the effects of ageing, help maintain healthy skin and give you a visible glow that can only come from feeling ‘squeaky clean’ and healthy on the inside… Sunraysia Prune Juice has three times the antioxidants packed into it than your average pomegranate juice drink.  These powerful antioxidants tackle ageing head-on by neutralising the toxic free radicals we encounter in everyday that attack skin cells and ultimately cause unsightly wrinkles”. WOW just what I was looking for!

Mr GG couldn’t believe that a single shot of juice could be so good for you and nor could I.  So we are now both taking part in the “Sunraysia Makeover” and loving it!

Sunraysia are offering two lucky readers the chance to sample the health benefits for themselves. The winners will be receiving a sample of Sunraysia Juice, shot glass and a set of loofah gloves.

All you need to do is let me know how Sunraysia Juice can help you to achieve your health goals and make sure you “like” Gourmet Getaways on Facebook. Winners will be announced on Monday 29th August 2011.

Sunraysia Competition Giveaway

When I find a great product, packed with nutritional value I tend to experiment in the kitchen for more uses. Prunes, like figs, and rhubarb seem to have been a bit of a forgotten hero.  They were used and enjoyed by the previous generation and are now coming back into favour due to the new found health benefits of the food.

I have devised some delicious recipes using Sunraysia Prune Juice. I will feature these in the coming week but here is a sneak peek.

White Chocolate and Prune Panna cotta w Boozie fruit Compote

White Chocolate & Prune Juice Jelly Panna cotta w Brandied Fruit Compote

Pruntastic Slow Cooked Beef Spare Ribs

Prunetastic Slow Cooked Beef Spare Ribs

Thanks to Sunraysia I am now one step closer to making my New Years resolutions a success!

So tell me readers, what were your New Years resolutions? Have you succeeded in achieving your goals? How can Sunraysia help you to achieve your health goals?