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Father’s Day is just a few short weeks away, so I thought I should remind everyone about about the great Magshop promotion.

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Fiji Holiday

So while we are talking about dad, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on my father, and what he has taught me.

Firstly he taught my sister and I to ride motor bikes flat out through the bush! Growing up this was a useful skill to have, as it definitely threw the boys off guard, especially given we were both petite little blonds.

Dad also taught my husband to ride, and hubby and dad together have taught our kids. My dad is the fittest 65 year old you will ever meet. I still can’t catch him on a dirt bike, although now my 16 year is working on that challenge for me.

Motor Bike RidingMotor Bike Riding-2

As I have mentioned in previous stories my dad has also given me a great appreciation for food, travel and wine. When we were younger we were always going on “driving holidays” even if it was just for the weekend. We would pack up the car and head off in a different direction each time, exploring every detail of the area we were visiting.  If we saw a vineyard, a produce stand or market we would be sure to stop in and sample the local wares. Nature walks, picnics and barbeques in the bush were also very high on the list of regular family activities.

Behind Dorrigo Casacade Falls

Now my dad travels much further a field, and he has been on many international holidays. The most recent trip was a family holiday to Fiji for my brothers wedding.  Dad still enjoys sampling everything a country has to offer, which has landed him in a spot of trouble with Bali belly at times. True to dads nature though, the plane has  barely landed back in Australia before he was planning the next trip away.

Inevitable when I am thinking of gifts for my dad, be it birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day, I look to the pastimes we have enjoyed together to come up with an ideal gift. The Gourmet Traveller – Wine subscription hit the mark for me. I know that each month my dad will receive a magazine and he will share the information with me.  We might even try a bottle or two suggested by the magazine, or visit a vineyard that catches our interest.

So what do you have in mind for your father on his special day?  Why not surprise dad with a travel magazine from Magshop.

Magshop competition

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My dad gave me the love of gourmet food and wine, and it is something that we are still sharing today!