Adina Apartments Family Accommodation in Brisbane
Adina Apartments Family Accommodation in Brisbane

Adina Apartments Family Accommodation in Brisbane

Regular readers would know a lot of my getaways are with the family.  For everyone’s comfort and sanity we need family accommodation with enough room and adequate facilities for everyone.

I was admiring the view of the Story Bridge in Brisbane when “husband” said to me, “You did well honey.” Referring to my choice of accommodation.

I said “Thanks,” although I realised all I had done was choose a hotel… I didn’t actually build it!

Story Bridge Brisbane

Story Bridge Brisbane

That started me thinking, what do I look for in family accommodation?

Family Accommodation “Must Haves”

  • 24 hour check in
  • Central location (walking distance to things is very handy)
  • Room service (always handy when arriving late and tired into a new city)
  • Mini Bar (essential when traveling with even the best children!)
  • 1, 2 & 3 bedroom options
  • Good kitchen facilities
  • Washing machine & dryer in the room
  • Pool & Spa

I am taking you for a walk through my accommodation of choice for our latest trip to Brisbane.

I chose the Adina Apartments because we quite often stay in either the Adina or Medina Executive branded properties when we traveling with children.  I find it reassuring to know exactly what standard of quality I can expect, and that all my “must have” boxes have been ticked.

Family Accommodation at Adina Brisbane

Family Accommodation at Adina Brisbane

The lounge room is spacious and I had know complaints about the furniture or decor. The view from the lounge was absolutely gorgeous.  I found it so relaxing to gaze at the view of the Brisbane city lights reflecting on the river.

Main Room Family Accommodation Adina Brisbane

Main Room Family Accommodation Adina Brisbane

Once again plenty of space in the main bedroom, and a door through to a connecting bathroom.

Adina Bathroom

Adina Bathroom

You can’t go past a clean white bathroom, although it’s always difficult to photograph!

Adina Brisbane Twin Room

Adina Brisbane Twin Room

The children shared the second bedroom.  It was furnished simply, and featured twin beds and a connecting door to the two way bathroom pictured above.

I find that a kitchen is always useful when I book family accommodation.  I never cook when I am a way from home, but when I travel with the children I like to start them off with a typical breakfast.  Their breakfast is simply a bowl of cereal or piece of toast and perhaps some fruit. I find the buffet breakfast holds too much temptation for little eaters. If we are staying just one night I don’t mind the morning feast, but when we are away for longer the buffet breakfast is not an eating habit I encourage for the children.

Kitchen Adina Hotel Brisbane

Kitchen Adina Hotel Brisbane

In the Adina Apartments the kitchen also includes a washing machine and dryer. Very handy if you are like me and travel with the minimum luggage possible and the grottiest kids! The dryer is also handy for drying swimwear prior to packing the bags for checkout.

Whilst you would never describe the rooms as luxurious they are comfortable, affordable and have all my “must have” boxes ticked. The Medina Executive branded apartments provided the next step up in quality.

So readers, let me know what I have missed? Do you have any family accommodation “Must Haves” that aren’t on my list?

Oh, and one more look at the beautiful Story Bridge in pink lights!

Story Bridge Brisbane

Story Bridge Brisbane

Adina Apartments

15 Ivory Lane

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Tel: +61 7 3218 5800

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  1. They’re really great tips! And I never thought that the buffet would encourage bad habits but of course you are right, I mean adults have enough trouble resisting temptation let alone kids!

  2. That’s pretty slick. I’ve only been to the pub under the bridge so I need to do some investigating. obviously. 🙂

  3. Oh I also look for similar accommodation whenever we travel and this looks fab!Love the view outside and a water view is just the thing you need to relax after a busy day!Lovely!

  4. I love the Storey Bridge. It’s eye-catching even when it’s not lit-up. And yes, you do see all manner of behaviour when it comes to a buffet! When I was on a P&O Cruise there were some very large people on board and one of them, instead of putting her food on her plate, just piled the food straight onto the tray! xx

  5. When the boys were little, kids activities were high on our list. Now that we travel alone, my main priority is a decent kitchen 🙂

  6. I could not agree more that there are some requirements in accomodations when traveling with children. A pool and a mini bar is a good place to start. The mini bar might be for me when the kids start driving me crazy… LOL

  7. Looks good. I actually love the breakfast buffet as the kids eat heaps of fruit and usually eggs and it often ends up being their best meal of the day. Know what you mean about kitchens… we’re off to stay in some hotels soon in normal rooms and I must work out some emergency snacks… A must for me is a decent sized tea cup or coffee cup. I can’t bear thimbles – there’s a blog post in this I’m sure!! Often take my own mug and Earl Grey tea bags.

    • LOL Seana! I agree, I bring a keep cup and tea bags so that I am only counting on the milk… oh and I cant stand the thimble sized UHT milks :0!

  8. Good tips on what to look for in accommodations when traveling with kids. Since I’m not that fond of breakfast buffets either, I could use one of those kitchens for myself!

  9. There is very confortable apartment for living. Apartment reviews also provides well furnished rooms and apartments. all the rooms have seprate kitchen and washroom.

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