Hello and kumusta (how are you) dear GG readers! Today is a special day because the Queen of Gourmet Getaways herself is celebrating life and all the freebies that come with it. Yes, it’s Julie Carlyle’s birthday!

Julie the photographer

Julie the photographer

All I want For Christmas

All I want For Christmas

Julie, Eva of Eva et Sandra and I were having fun on Facebook after we noticed Julie posting this ecard on her wall one day. I think this is a valid  “whine” card that only those having their birthdays near Christmas would really understand. It’s like everyone’s mind is set in anticipation for Christmas and the New Year that any birthday happening is just one of those days in the countdown.

Pinoy Barbecue with Pancit Bkgrnd

Pinoy Barbecue with Pancit Bkgrnd

No, we’re not gonna let that happen!

I was supposed to concoct my first attempt of the lipsmacking Filipino style barbecue that Julie had been hankering after. A few days ago Julie had today and tomorrow marked off in our blog scheduler that I thought it would be pretty obvious if I asked her to move stories. But just a few hours shy of her birthday, I examined the calendar only to find out today’s story was moved! I got outsmarted…LOL

Pancit Malabon - serving

Pancit Malabon – serving

So this delicious street and party favourite is what I had quickly delivered at my home for Julie’s birthday. Plus,  Pancit Malabon – a Filipino noodle dish with shrimp, squid, boiled egg and annato oil served in a winnowing basket.

This is just a teaser, but we promise we will re-create these two in our future posts for all of you to enjoy :).

Yummy Barbecue

Yummy Barbecue for Julie

I think judging this special girl from her posts since 2009/2010 you could somehow draw the character that she is. Wholeheartedly, she had shared a piece of herself to her beloved GG readers through the years.



I am a witness to what her clients commissioning her services have to say. The feedback were always beyond the ordinary.



Julie is the type to go the extra mile not simply to impress, but because assiduousness and excellence are a natural part of her ethos.

Birthday Card

Birthday Card for Julie




So for the Queen of Gourmet Getaways who brought avant garde dishes, grandiose desserts, spectacular travel stories and honest, ethical reviews to her tens of thousands of avid readers…HAPPY, BLESSED BIRTHDAY, JULIE!

Here’s a short video I had put together for you, in collaboration with your adorable boys (that includes Mr GG) and charming girl. Hope you like it :).