Alfresco Friday -Watermelon Punch
Alfresco Friday -Watermelon Punch

Alfresco Friday -Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch

It is Alfresco Friday again and it is my birthday!  I have already celebrated this birthday once, thanks to my gorgeous husband who organized a big surprise party for me last month. But it looks like I am a little spoilt, and we are celebrating again with a weekend getaway to Red Rock with friends and family.

So in the spirit of Alfresco Friday I was planning to make a Watermelon punch to bring along.

All over the internet there is instructions on how to make this particular punch out of a bottle of vodka or bacardi, and a whole watermelon. It goes something like this;


1 whole seedless watermelon

700ml bottle of Bacardi


Cut a small circle in the skin of the watermelon which is just large enough to allow the neck of the bottle to be inserted.

Watermelon Punch-2

Insert the bottle as far as possible into the watermelon.

Find a cool spot for the watermelon to sit whilst the alcohol empties into the watermelon.  Depending on the size of your watermelon this can take up to 1 week.

Bacardi watermelon

You can cork the hole if (like me) you were intending on traveling somewhere with your watermelon.

Fill the crate containing the watermelon with ice for a cool refreshing punch.

What they didn’t say is after 1 week with a bottle stuck in you melon, it may have only been able to absorb 50 mls of alcohol. I thought this would be a great party trick, but in the end, I don’t think such a small amount of bacardi in such a big watermelon would really get any party started.

So sorry guys, the thought was there but I guess my alfresco friday is a bit of a dud this week.  Maybe I should have called this week MYTHBUSTERS. Because … I think THIS MYTH IS BUSTED!! This seems to be just one of those great internet party tricks which “a friend of a friend” has done.  I don’t think anyone would really call this a punch.

Bacardi watermelon-2

Readers will be happy to know that both the watermelon and Bacardi was put to good use, and the party will continue.

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  1. Ha!! My daughter tried this also for her 21st – but started that afternoon – also failure!!!! Glad to hear this doesn’t actually work – so will never try it again!!!


  2. Oh no. Myth most definitely BUSTED.

    Happy Birthday to you though! Hope the postmixed watermelon and bacardi got the party started.

  3. I have gotten quite inebriated off vodka watermelon before… not sure what the technique was but the effects were certainly substantial. It was during breakfast as well. Dangerous, oh god, it was a long day with a good nap required in the middle 🙂

    It was during my first year at college, so I’m fairly sure the technique was nowhere near as neat as yours!

  4. Actually this does work to a certain degree. I do this every long weekend camping trip. You just need to leave the vodka in the watermelon for 2 or 3 days, but you cant tap it. You need to cut open the top and mush the fruit. Trust me, it will get you pretty messed up. Best if you use watermelon vodka.

  5. this is madd 🙂 how come i missed out on this lol. i love it how it comes out of the actual watermelon … so cool 🙂

  6. Oh I am sure Vodka and watermelon are a great mix but the method I used really didn’t go well. It even made the section of watermelon that had the alcohol in it taste off! BLAH!!

    Gotta love the alcohol at breakfast followed by a nap!! :))

  7. Yes, it was a surprise that it didn’t work… but we recovered the watermelon and made cocktails so all was nt lost 🙂 Watermelon Fizz was born!

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