This is my second article on Vinomofo wines. I have to say I just love the “mofo’s” taste in wine! This is very important when you’re asking someone to select a wine for you.

Just a bit of background information, Vinomofo is an online wine retailer. The guys operate a website which sources fabulous wines from producers in winemaking regions around the world. Their aim is to find the BEST wines for their customers.  They only select wines they themselves enjoy, and naturally these wines are matched to their customers individual tastes. If you want to know more about the company take a look at my first Vinomofo story. I have included a coupon code in that story for customers.


Today I want to talk to you about two fabulous wines I received from the Vinomofo site. I asked to be sent two bottles of wine. I told the guys that I love bubbles but not sweet. (I really can’t drink Moscato!) The second bottle I asked to be a surprise.  I told them I like both Red and White wine, but again, nothing sweet.

I kept my description quite broad because I was open to trying something new.  I have to preference this article by saying, I’m a bit of a wine snob. I usually have moderate to expensive tastes in wine #sorrynotsorry and I have particular producers that I lean towards most times I purchase. I don’t usually branch out very much because I don’t want to be disappointed. Suffice to say this was a big leap of faith for me.

Bisous Bisous Vinomofo Wines

Bisous Bisous Vinomofo Wines

I was sent a bottle of bubbly called “Bisous Bisous”. I have to admit, the wine snob in me took one look at the label and literally put it aside. Seriously… this was not an elegant looking bottle of sparkling wine.

Next I took the second bottle of wine from the case, it was called “The Art of War.” Again… really, The Art of War, what sort of name for a wine is that???

I sighed and wondered what to do. Neither of the Vinomofo wines looked like something I would ordinarily purchase. Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” I could not have been more wrong about both of these wines.

I started with the Bisous Bisous, Sparkling white.  This wine is from the Yarra Valley. Bisous Bisous means Kiss Kiss in French. Bisous Bisous is  NV Blanc de Blanc and is a light straw colour. The strings of tiny bubbles were very impressive as this is always a sign of a good sparkling wine. Upon trying the wine I was even more impressed.  Lovely soft bubbles, a delicious zesty lemon flavour and an overall beautifully balanced bottle of wine. I absolutely loved this bubbly.  Dare I admit, that I loved it more than the bubbly I currently purchase.

Vinomofo - Bisous Bisous

Vinomofo – Bisous Bisous

Bisous Bisous retails on Vinomofo for just $15. I can honestly say that the flavour and quality of this wine far exceeds wines I have enjoyed for double that price. I only hope the guys have many more cases of Bisous Bisous because this will be a regular in my personal shopping cart.

With the success of the Sparkling wine I was interested to sample the red. I took this bottle, “The Art of War”, along to a dinner party to get some group feedback.

Art of War Vinomofo Wines

Art of War Vinomofo Wines

The label that I had initially thought was very avant-garde (not necessarily in a positive way) was warmly received by everyone. I was fairly confident in the wine after trying the Bisous Bisous and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Art of War is a 2014 Shiraz from the Barossa Valley. It’s deliciously rich and full bodies with lovely blackcurrant and plum notes. The wine has a fat mouth feel and perfect finish. We were very sorry to see the bottom of the bottle.

Vinomofo - The Art of War Shiraz

Vinomofo – The Art of War Shiraz

Oh, and about the label and names, I totally didn’t “get” the artist license or Vinomofo’s sense of humour when I opened the box, but now I love that the bottles have a bigger personality than regular wine. I love the wines I tried and I can’t imagine having them with any other label. They also made a fabulous talking point amongst my friends. It seems it was only me that was the wine snob. The general consensus on “The Art of War” label was that it was “really cool”.

As I was purchasing my next shipment I noticed that some of the wines in the mixed boxes have received 96, 97 and 98 in James Halliday wine rating!

Anyway, I will see you next month with another review of more Vinomofo wines. In the meantime, click the picture above and take a look at the website.

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