Australia Day Cake Pop Ups

Australia Day Cake Pop Ups

Australia Day Cake Pop Ups, Australia Day Food

I don’t know about you but all my original plans for Australia Day have gone out the window.  The weather is playing games, and camping on the beach no longer seems like a really good option.

Even with the lousy weather I am always up for an Australia Day BBQ with friends.  So the Australia Day celebration has now been relocated to a friend’s hinterland property just outside Coffs Harbour.

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Given the weather I have also changed my mind on the menu for the day. I will keep the main event a secret until tomorrow but here is what I thought I would make for the kiddies.

Australia Day White Chocolate Cake Pop Ups! How cool are these!!! Kids can eat them, there is no mess, and they are really easy and fun to make.

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You could use any cake recipe for this treat.  I like the white chocolate because it is a dense cake and holds together well while you cut it and put it into the cake pop holders.


250gm butter

190gm white chocolate

2 cups caster sugar

1 cup milk

1 ½ cups plain flour

½ cup SR flour

1 t/s vanilla

2 eggs

Red colouring

Blue colouring

1 ½ tins Betty Croker Vanilla Frosting

Lollies to decorate


Cover a large baking tray with baking paper.

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees.

In a saucepan melt the butter, sugar and chocolate over a very low heat until just melted.

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Remove from the heat and add flour and milk stir until combined and then add the eggs and vanilla.

Australia Day Cake Pop Ups, Australia Day Food-5Divide the mixture in half and separate into to bowls. Add blue colour to one and red to the other.  Pour the red mixture into one side of the baking pan and the blue into the other.

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Bake for approximately 45 minutes, or until cooked.

Remove the cake from the pan and allow to cool.

Use the cyclinder of a cake pop up to cut circles from the mixture.

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Press the cake into the cake pops. Layer the two colours of the cake with a heaped spoonful of frosting in between the colours. Add more frosting and lollies to the top to decorate.

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These are so delicious! There is the perfect amount of frosting to cake. I kept mine in the freezer and the coolness of the treat was even better. Plus it travel better as a lunch box treat.

This recipe makes about 20 cake pops

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On another note, have you ever been let down by a supplier?

The lollies that I have decorated the cake pops with were originally bought for Christmas. I had a story planned and I was also going to add the red and white ones to gifts I was making. The lollies were ordered and paid for the lollies at the beginning of December. After numerous emails they were finally I received on the 29th December. Naturally at this time they were totally useless to me.  I now have three kilograms of jelly beans that I am eating my way through. NOT HAPPY!

The cake pop up cylinders are a similar story. This time the package arrived promptly but one item was missing. I have now been emailing backwards and forwards for over a week with the company not prepared to admit that a mistake may have been made. All this for a $4 item!  Seriously, would I lie about something so trivial. I just want to have the item I selected for a story.

Have you had a similar incident? Should I name the companies? I always like to write positive things so I won’t name names, but come on people, customer service please!

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  1. OMG where do you get these crazy, amazing ideas. How cool is this latest idea of yours Jules. Clever, Clever LOVE IT.. What a hit for kids birthday parties. This would go down a treat at the next “Made with Love” markets at Pacific Bay in March.

  2. I love these 🙂 Especially the colours and the jelly beans!

    Are you celebrating Australia Day for the first time with the students?

    Happy Australia Day!

  3. Love love love these. Happy Australia Day!

  4. I would, people need to know when they stuff up! Especially when they realise they could be named on a popular website…….incompetence is not an excuse. On a better note awesome pop cakes, yum!

  5. What a clever idea. They look amazing and so patriotic! Yes, the weather is wrecking havoc on our plans as well. This has to be the summer that never was. Happy Australia Day!

  6. Happy Australia Day to all!
    Thanks for the comments, I loved the look of these two, seems though the little ones have been into them and there is only ONE left for Australia Day! LOL!!

  7. This is really a creative post, love the layering in the push up pops! Happy Australia day! I can understand why the little ones went crazy over these-delicious as well as eye catching.

  8. Beautiful cake pops, so perfect to celebrate you Australian Day. I love the color you achieve, it’s noe easy to have the right one, at least the ones you want.
    And that cases…I want them…!!!

  9. I am a white chocolate cake fanatic and I’m super excited to try this recipe, thank you soooo much! And I don’t know why I haven’t bought any pop up containers yet, silly me. Great post and pics!

  10. This is brilliant! I’ve only ever had ice cream pop ups what a fun idea 🙂 Looks very, very Australian 😉

  11. wow! they look amazing! Happy Australia Day. Shame about the un-Australian attitude that company took to your issue 🙁

  12. Now I can bake a cake while bubba is sleeping using your method without having to use the mixer. GENIUS!!! You paid $4 for a pushup pop container? I get mine from cakesaroundtown for about $65 per 100 and they’ve been nothing but great. Also, where did you get the holder/stand? Thanks!

  13. Hi Karen I got them from the same supplier but i had a few issues. It is a delicious cake recipe, I hope you enjoy it.

    Sandra, I love white chocolate cake and caramel mud! Yummy!

    Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments, and I hope you all had a great Australia Day x

  14. These are so clever!! I’ve never seen those cake pops holders before, what a cool idea!

  15. Wow absolutely ingenious! Looks like you had a wonderful Australia Day!


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