Australia Day Message
Australia Day Message

Australia Day Message

Hello lovely Gourmet Getaways readers!

Australia Day Beach Ball

Australia Day Games

No I am not the queen but I thought I’d send an Australia Day message anyway.

I hope you are having a wonderful Australia Day, and enjoying the great Aussie privilege… a public holiday!

Kangaroo Rissoles-3

Kangaroo Riberry & Macadamia Rissoles

So throw a gourmet snag on the barbie for me, and I will see you with more delicious food and travel ideas when you return from your Australia Day celebrations.

Australia Day Cake Pop Ups, Australia Day Food-2

Australia Day Push up Cake

Take care!


Australia Day Food Ideas

Below is a gallery of food ideas here are the links:

Kangaroo & Riberry Rissoles

Aussie Hot Dogs

Australia Day Cocktail

Kangaroo Pie

Australia Day Push up Cakes

Lamington Macaron

Kangaroo Triangles


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  1. Have a lovely long weekend, Julie.

  2. Happy Australia Day to you !! Enjoy the holiday!

  3. Happy Australia Day to you, Julie!

  4. Happy Australia Day!

  5. Happy Australia Day 🙂

  6. Happy Australia Day lovely Julie and Mr GG! I hope you’re having a great one! 😀

  7. Happy Australia Day to you!!

  8. Happy Auzzie Day!

  9. Happy Australia Day! Hope your day is wonderful. Enjoy — you deserve it!

  10. Happy Australia Day to you! I love your line-up of fun, celebratory food ideas – so festive! My daughter (who was looking over my shoulder after I announced “It’s Australia Day!” was very intrigued! It prompted a discussion (and a bit of research) of exactly what Australia Day is and how it’s celebrated. So from halfway around the world … hope you have a fun, relaxing, lovely, long weekend! 😀

  11. A bit late for the wishes but I hope you had a great one! Awesome food ideas…all of them! And did you say….Lamington Macarons? The Aussie in me wants to dive into the screen:-)

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