6 Australia Day Recipes
6 Australia Day Recipes

6 Australia Day Recipes

What do you bring to an Australia Day BBQ?  Do you hold an Australia Day party each year?

Australia Day Beach Ball

Australia Day Games

With Christmas a distant memory I am starting to get into the Australia Day spirit! After all, it’s another holiday centred around food and booze! Two of my favourite things. We usually spend the morning at the beach and then head to a friends BBQ.

Australia Day Cake Pop Ups, Australia Day Food-2

Australia Day Push up Cake

I was looking for some menu ideas for this years Australia Day so I went back through Gourmet Getaways recipe archives.

I found some great ways to show our Australia Day patriotism through cooking and eating and I would like to share these with readers.

6 Australia Day Recipe Idea

1/ Lamington Macaron

Here we tarted up the good old lamington, she was given a chic new look in the form of a Lamington Macaron. I think the old girl liked her makeover.  She was certainly very well received.

2/Kangaroo Puff Pastry Pockets

Kangaroo has feature heavily in our past Gourmet Getaway Australia Day BBQ ideas.

These Kangaroo Puff Pastries Pockets make a great finger food and can be made ahead of time and heated on the day. If you are enjoying a picnic they can also be packed and eaten cold.

3/ Kangaroo, Riberry & Macadamia Rissoles

There is nothing more Aussie than the good old BBQ. Again we are not afraid to throw our cute and cuddly wildlife on the grill.  These rissoles are delicious and the flavour of the Riberry works perfectly with the gamey kangaroo meat.

4/ Kangaroo Pie

Over the years there has been controversy about the Aussie Meat Pie.  What meat is used, the ratio of pastry to meat etc.  There is no controversy over this pie, kangaroo is the meat of choice, and you don’t get any more Australian than Kangaroo.

5/ Red Velvet Push Up Australia Day Cake

A little bit more dessert in the Red, Blue and White.  These Red Velvet Push up cakes have a delicious lemon cream cheese frosting and are decorated with jelly beans.

6/ Australia Day Ice Blocks

Its always hot on Australia Day so have an Aussie Ice Block ready to cool down after some beach cricket.

Australia Day Recipes Pin

Australia Day Recipes Pin

I have made this neat little pin so if you would like to upload it to your pin board you have a nice visual reminder of the story.

So there are a few idea’s for your Australia Day BBQ.

What are you planning to make for Australia Day?

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  1. Aussie ~ Aussie ~ Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! 🙂
    I love Australia day, it is one of my fave holidays. I’m not particularly patriotic the rest of the year, but that day… All the way. My friends and I always go camping, we have BBQs and make damper, drinks beers and play cricket. Such fun!
    I love your cake pop ups, will have a crack at them for this years trip I reckon. That’ll wow the gang. 🙂

  2. Nicely crafted! I haven’t tasted kangaroo, but the pies look good!!! The push up cake is amazing!!

  3. Looks like you’re ready for Australia Day! Thanks for sharing all the ideas. I could go for a BBQ in a hot climate right about now — it’s supposed to get down to -1F here today! That’s cold! Thanks — and Happy New Year!

  4. I’ve never had kangaroo before, but now I’m curious. Those push pops are SO fun and festive!!

    • I love kangaroo, its slightly gamey but is the leanest meat with the highest iron levels. So it is VERY good for you. Try the Macro brand mince kangaroo as a substitute for any recipe you would use mince beef in, you will barely notice the difference.

  5. Sounds like a great holiday, looks like you celebrate it just right.

  6. So many tasty recipes for the holiday! Having just left New Zealand, I wish we could have hopped over to Australia and continued with the summer weather versus the frigid temps we’re going to experience in just a few hours!

  7. Have you tried pulled kangaroo bbq? No? Try it in a ravioli! OMG it’s to die for.

    I love all these recipes!

  8. Love the look of that cake Julie 🙂

  9. The lamington macarons are so cute and I love kangaroo so this post is ticking all the boxes for good Australian Day food 😀

  10. Sounds like the perfect plan ! Beach, friends and BBQ ! I would like been there rigth now !!

  11. This will be my first Australia Day not in Australia – I think I might have to make some lamingtons 🙂

  12. Lots of lovely ideas here for sure Julie! Yay for another public holiday 🙂

  13. Yep, food and booze…I’m with you Julie. I might be stealing lamington macaron idea!

  14. Such great idea for Australia Day! And it is coming up so soon too! 😀

  15. You just reminded me that I have to bake for Australia Day! 😛
    Great recipes here, definitely that macaron idea!

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. You are an adventurer, Julie! Your kangaroo pastries do look scrumptious…If I ever try kangaroo – it’d have to be in one of your variations…As for your desserts, oh my goodness, I might convert to Australian so I can claim those goodies as my own! Tee hee. =)

  17. Book me in for those rissoles, they look divine. I used to eat kangaroo a fair bit and haven’t for ages. I used to make a spag bol with half beef and half kangaroo. You’ve reminded me to stop and pick some up at that part of the shop – ta… and a very happy New Year.

  18. Happy Australia Day! With all the great lineups of food, it sure looks like you are ready to party!!!! 😀 Lamington Macarons are so pretty! And I got to try Kangaroo pie!!

  19. Oh I am sold on those lamington macarons! I could easily down 20 of them!


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