Authentic Mango Chicken Recipe
Authentic Mango Chicken Recipe

Authentic Mango Chicken Recipe

Have you ever tried to cook an Indian Curry and it’s tasted exactly like the restaurant dish?  My authentic mango chicken tastes as good as the best mango chicken you’ve had, in your favourite Indian restaurant. I know that sounds like a huge claim, but it’s true.

Mango Chicken Close Up

Chicken Curry Close Up

I was actually given this recipe by the owner of Guru’s Indian Restaurant in Coffs Harbour. Guru’s Indian Restaurant owns the local Indian specialty grocery store called “Om Namah.”  I visit Om Namah regularly to purchase spices, frozen pakoras, stuffed naan’s and other “essential” grocery items. Whilst I’m making my purchases I quiz the staff for Indian recipes. They share their recipes, or help me with tips for cooking authentic Indian dishes.

Indian Mango Chicken

Indian Chicken with Mango

The staff are always so helpful. On a previous visit the lady behind the counter showed me a video of her cooking chapati with her young daughter.  She then gave me the recipe and sold me the ingredients so I could make my own that night.

Mango Chicken Curry

Mango Chicken Curry

Making the Mango Chicken was surprisingly simple once you know how. I was shown two products which are essential to the dish. The first is the mango puree.  The brand I have picture below produces a sweet mango puree which tastes exactly like fresh mango! The second essential item is the Tikka Paste. I purchase the “Mother Brand” from Om Namah. I found this Tikka Paste was almost identical to other tikka pastes I have purchased previously, so if you can’t find this brand I’m sure a substitute would be fine.

Mango Chicken Ingredients

Speciality Ingredients

The Mango Chicken can be prepared on the cooktop or in the Thermomix. I have given instructions for both methods in the recipe below.

Authentic Mango Chicken Recipe


Authentic Mango Chicken Recipe


  • 1kg Chicken Thigh Fillets (diced)
  • 160gm Tikka Paste
  • 100gm Natural Yogurt
  • Mango Curry
  • 30ml oil or ghee
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 20gm fresh ginger
  • 1 Tbs whole coriander seeds
  • 10 green cardamon pods
  • 4 cloves
  • 7 star anise
  • 1 tsp garam masala
  • 300ml tomato puree
  • 400ml mango puree
  • 250ml thickened cream
  • 1/2 tsp honey


  1. Combine yoghurt and tikka paste in a large glass bowl.
  2. Add the diced chicken and coat the meat thoroughly in the marinade.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.
  4. Mango Curry - Thermomix Method
  5. In the TM dry roast the star anise, clove, green cardamon pods and coriander seeds. 3min/varoma/speed2
  6. Mill the spices 1min/speed 9. Repeat if necessary.
  7. Remove the spices from the TM and reserve for later.
  8. Mince the onion garlic and ginger in the TM 15sec/speed 7. Repeat if necessary.
  9. Add the oil to the TM and saute 3min/varoma/speed 3.
  10. Add the spices to the TM bowl with the onion mixture saute 3min/varoma/speed3.
  11. Add the tomato puree to the mixture in the TM. Cook for 10min/varoma/ speed 3.
  12. Add the mango puree to the sauce in the TM. Cook for 10min/varoma/ speed 3.
  13. Add the cream, garam masala and honey to the curry sauce. Cook 5min/100 Deg/speed 2.
  14. Cooking Chicken In Oven
  15. Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.
  16. Line a baking tray with paper.
  17. Spread the chicken out over the tray and bake for 20minutes.
  18. Assembly
  19. Add the drained chicken, and the curry to a large serving dish.
  20. Combine and serve with rice and pappadams.
  21. Mango Curry - Cooktop Method
  22. In a dry fying pan add the star anise, clove, green cardamon pods and coriander seeds. Dry fry the ingredients until fragrant.
  23. Place the spices in a motar and pestle and crush into a rough powder.
  24. Reserve for later.
  25. Grate the onion garlic and ginger into a frying pan.
  26. Add the oil and cook until soft.
  27. Add the spices to the onion mixture and saute for 2 minutes over a medium heat. 3min/varoma/speed3.
  28. Add the tomato puree to the mixture cook over a low heat for 5 minutes.
  29. Add the mango puree to the sauce, cook over a low heat for a further 5 minutes.
  30. Reduce the heat, add the cream, garam masala and honey to the curry sauce. Cook another 2 minutes.
  31. Combine the cooked chicken with the sauce in the frying pan just before serving.

Mango Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Mango Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

The best tip I received from the chef was not to add the diced chicken to the sauce until you’re ready to serve the dish. The chef said in the restaurant and in Indian homes, they marinade the meat in a tikka paste and cook it in the oven.

Indian Mango Chicken Submission 1

Indian Mango Chicken Submission 1

Cooking the marinated chicken in the oven gives the meat more flavour. It also helps keeps the chicken stay moist and tender. The sauce is then made whilst the chicken is cooking in the oven. Once the dish is ready for serving the chicken is stirred through the sauce.

Indian Mango Chicken Curry

Indian Mango Chicken Curry

You may have noticed I have been sharing quite a lot of Indian recipes. As soon as the whether turns cold I crave warm comfort food. I think Indian cuisine is the ultimate winter comfort food.

Easy Chicken Curry w Yoghurt

Easy Chicken Curry w Yoghurt

If you’re considering cooking an Indian Banquet take a look at some of my favourite dishes.  This Chicken Curry takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.  My favourite Indian dish is this creamy  Lamb Korma. I have a few more dishes to add to the collection such as chapati and biryani, so make sure you check back.

Indian Lamb Korma Recipe

Indian Lamb Korma Recipe

In the meantime please feel free to pin this dish for later.

If you do have a Thermomix feel free to join our FB Thermomix Kitchen Group Page. The page has some fabulous contributors who are sharing more delicious Thermomix recipes and links daily.



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  4. That looks and sounds so delicious even when using canned Mango puree! It’s a big job cooking Indian food. Have to admit I’d rather let someone else do the cooking.

    • Hi Elaine, I used to think Indian was difficult to make but once you nail the technique and flavours it’s really simple. This is a very easy recipe, I hope you try it. Thanks for stopping by xx

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