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I received a lovely surprise this morning. A courier arrived with a tasty package from Bakers Delight.  In case you didn’t know Bakers Delight has released a range of Fresh Pizza Bases for those of you who enjoy making your own gourmet pizza.

Since this delicious package arrived it has been sitting on my desk as I write, teasing me with that lovely fresh baked bread aroma. I can wait no longer… I need to create a pizza! I have decided to dedicate the following week to a Baker’s Delight Gourmet Pizza week.

My delivery included two plain bases and two herb coated bases so this suggests to me that I should make two savoury pizza’s and two sweet dessert pizzas. Also included in my little parcel were 5 x $5 gift vouchers to giveaway to my lovely readers.

Bakers Delight Vouchers to be won

What I would like to know is, who is interested in holding a Bakers Delight Pizza Party?

I would love to start you off with a Bakers Delight Gift Voucher and a recipe for one of my signature pizza’s.

Smoky Steak & Cheese Pizza with Sweet Caramelised Onion

I have two savoury pizza’s that I always make for my friends and family. The first is a Smoky Steak & Cheese with Caramelised Sweet onion and the second is a good old Garlic Prawn & Fresh Herb Pizza.

Garlic Prawn with Fresh Herb Pizza

My two favourite sweet pizza’s are a Berry Delicious Breakfast Pizza served with fresh strawberries and vanilla mascarpone and a Caramelised Pear & Macadamia Dessert Pizza with a Praline Crunch.

Berry Breakfast Pizza with Vanilla Mascarpone and fresh strawberries

I will be showcasing these pizza’s and of course sharing the recipes on this site over the next week and asking that you come up with your own pizza creations.

What I would like from you guys is for you to help me show Baker’s Delight that Gourmet Getaways is the queen of Gourmet pizza’s. I have sent my “Berry Delicious Breakfast Pizza” creation to the Bakers Delight Fan Page and I need everyone to “like” it for me.

You will need to “Like” Bakers Delight and then “like” my pizza.

Bakers Delight Competition-3

So this is the first of five Bakers Delight, gourmet pizza posts I will be making this week. In the final post I will share my Bakers Delight Pizza Party with you and show you what flavours my friends have come up.  I will also announce the winners of the Bakers Delight vouchers so that you can sample the Bakers Delight Pizza Bases yourself, and hold your own Gourmet Pizza Party with friends.

Now quickly over to Facebook and vote for my Pizza!