Balinese Corn Fritters & Thai Salad
Balinese Corn Fritters & Thai Salad

Balinese Corn Fritters & Thai Salad

Balinese Corn Fritters & salad

This tasty, healthy dish was inspired by my recent trip to Bali. We were shown how to make the most delicious spicy corn fritters in a cooking class, best of all, we were also given the recipe. During the same class we learned how to make a traditional peanut sauce to go with the fritters. This time I have decided that instead of eating the corn fritters with peanut sauce as we did on holidays I would freshen the dish up with a salad for a more complete meal.

Either way they taste fantastic, and certainly give regular corn fritters a run for their money. You can make the dish more or less spicier by adjusting the number of chilli used.

Corn Fritters, balinese corn fritters-3


Corn Fritters:

2 x 440gm can corn

4 eggs

5 Tbs flour

½ cup fried shallots

Corn fritter ingredients

Balinese spice paste

6 shallots chopped

5 cloves garlic

5cm ginger root chopped

5 cm galangal root chopped

4 birds eye chilli

1 long chilli

5 lime leaves sliced

2 squares shrimp paste

3Tbs Palm Sugar

5cm turmeric root chopped

1 tsp salt

Balinese Corn Fritters & salad-2


Place the Balinese spice paste ingredients in a mortar and pestle or a food processor and process until a paste forms. Add one can of corn and continue to ground.

In a large bowl mix the remaining can of corn and all the fritter ingredients to form a batter.

Frying Corn fritters Frying Corn fritters-2

Fry the batter in batches.  The fritter can be deep friend for a crunchy fritter or pan fried as a healthier alternative.

Corn Fritters, balinese corn fritters-4


1 cup bean sprouts

1 cup snow pea sprouts

2 cucumbers sliced

1 red capsicum sliced

1 bunch coriander roughly chopped

1 red onion sliced finely


Thai Salad

Toss the prepared vegetables in a bowl and add the dressing prior to serving

Thai Salad-2


2 limes juiced

1 ½ Tbs sweet chilli sauce

1 tsp palm sugar

1 clove garlic grated

3cm ginger grated

1 Tbs Mirim


Combine the dressing ingredients in a sauce jug and allow to stand until ready to serve the salad.  Pour the dressing over the salad and toss lightly.

I hope you enjoy this dish.  I will be sharing a lot more recipes from my Balinese Food Safari with readers over the next few weeks. Don’t be worried about the long list of ingredients, it is a simple dish to make.

So readers, do you make dishes inspired by your holidays or a meal in a restaurant?

Balinese Corn Fritters & Thai Salad

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  1. This sounds great. Yum!

  2. i heart corn fritters yours look delish!

  3. Lucky you to have been to Bali. I have been intrigued with Balinese and Indonesian food lately. I’ve just bought a couple of recipe books to start research and this is a great addition to my recipe collection- thanks!

  4. I love having a warm and cooked component to my salads. Just makes it a more substantial and filling meal to even out the lightness of the vegetables. Love the combo of spicy/sweet in the dressing too. Very interesting and exotic flavour! =)

  5. A wonderful meal! Both the fritters and the salöad look mighty delicious. I love Southeast Asian food.



  6. I am fond of cooking corn fritters but this is the first time i know that corn fritters could also be partnered with Thai Salad.

  7. very delicious recipe. thanks to the salad that can pull the fatty deep fried fritt balancing with vegetables

  8. Indonesian food, the small treats I have tried at least, I would describe as ‘Thai Foods Spicy Big Brother.’

    Think I found tonights dinner menu..


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