BBQ Style Beef Jerky Recipe & Giveaway!

BBQ Style Beef Jerky Recipe & Giveaway!

Beef Jerky seems to be a food that can unite or divide men! In a gathering of guys, when beer is involved the conversation will always go through the usual topics of conversation such as football, beer, chilli sauce recipes and, inevitably, the beef jerky recipe.

BBQ Beef Jerky with Beer

BBQ Beef Jerky with Beer

Making beef jerky is a topic I have heard discussed many times. It’s surprising how many of my husband’s friends have a favourite way to prepare their meat. It’s never just a matter of placing the meat in a dehydrator, there are marinades or spices to add… and then there’s always the question of texture. Do you make chewy, soft or crunchy jerky?

It’s funny, but it actually wasn’t even me that made the purchasing decision to buy the dehydrator. It was all my husband, and it was a decision made purely in the name of beef jerky.

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe

We know that guys being guys will always think their method is best, so there is bound to be a bit of healthy competition about when guys discuss their technique. The other day after a similar discussion, and a few beers Mr GG decided he and his mates needed to hold a “beef jerk off.”

It was about this time I thought it would be wise to excuse myself and leave this one to the boys, after all beef jerky is secret man’s business.

Feed the Man Beef Jerky

Feed the Man Beef Jerky

As a result of this event I now have some amazing beef jerky recipes to share.  Hubby’s beef jerk off got me thinking, I should hold a similar competition on Gourmet Getaways!

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe FoodGawker

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe FoodGawker

In conjunction with Crazy Sales Gourmet Getaways is giving two lucky readers the chance to win a White Maxkon Food Dehydrator with 5 Removable Trays & 2 Bonus Trays.  

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Naturally you can prepare more than Beef Jerky in a dehydrator. I have also used this dehydrator to make my Beetroot Chips and many other products over the years and found that it captures the flavour and nutrition of everything I’ve put into it. The dehydrator is simple to use and works by removing the moisture from food whilst locking in the freshness.

Beetroot in Dehydrator Rack

Beetroot in Dehydrator Rack with Truffle Salt

What I am looking for in judging this competition is the most creative way you would prepare your beef jerky. After the winners are announced they will be asked to upload a picture onto the Crazy Sales website.

Since the way you prepare your jerky is the mark of the man I am also sharing one of Mr GG’s recipes. This is a recipe for a Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky which has the flavour of a Texas BBQ.  If you are going to try preparing your own beef jerky you will need a dehydrator with multiple layers, so a reasonable amount of food can be processed at once.

BBQ Style Beef Jerky Recipe & Giveaway!
Recipe Type: Snack
Cuisine: American
Author: Julie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
The ultimate football and beer food. Beef Jerky!
  • 1kg Scotch Fillet Steak
  • 1 Tbs crushed chilli (or to taste)
  • Marinade
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup sweet chilli sauce
  • 1 Tbs onion powder
  • 1 Tbs garlic powder
  1. Cut the steak into strips of the desired size.
  2. Combine the ingredients for the marinade in a non reactive container, a glass is good.
  3. Place the steak strips into the marinade and refrigerate overnight or at a minimum 4 hours.
  4. Remove the meat from the marinade and place the beef strips on the dehydrator shelves. Ensure there is adequate space between the pieces to allow airflow.
  5. Once the meat is in the dehydrator sprinkle with dried chilli flakes to the level of heat you prefer.
  6. Set the dehydrator to 70 degrees and allow the steak to dehydrate overnight.
  7. The length of time you dehydrate the meat will determine the texture of the beef jerky. Somewhere between 8 and 14 hours will usually give good results but test the jerky and turn the dehydrator off when the desired result is achieved.
  8. The beef jerky can be stored in a jar in the pantry and does not need refrigeration.


I’m not sure who was the eventually winner of my husbands jerk off, but it certainly wasn’t the cow. There were so many cuts of beef consumed in the quest for jerky supremacy. A good cause of course!

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe with Sichuan

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe with Sichuan

So please get your entries in to the great Crazy Sales and Gourmet Getaways Online Jerk Off. The more you share the competitions on social media the more entries you get into the giveaway.

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe - Simple & Tasty! Great with Beer

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe – Simple & Tasty! Great with Beer

Gourmet Getaways would like to thank Crazy Sales for providing this great prize. Please support this great Aussie website by checking out the range of products they sell at “CRAZY PRICES”

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  1. My first recipe will be Kangaroo Jerky. Tried it once in a fan forced oven, ok but this time less salt and more bush foods like wattle for a true Aussie snack.

  2. I love dehydrators, but haven’t used one for beef jerky OR beetroot chips. This must be rectified. 🙂 If I had this dehydrator I’d like to try the Feed the Man jerky. It looks rather interesting to me. The beef jerk off is hilarious, by the way. 🙂

  3. I’ve never made beef jerky and I don’t have a dehydrator. I do think beef jerky is something blokes seem to love. I can’t wait to read everyone’s suggestions xx

  4. I love beef jerky. It’s my little treat I keep hidden from he rest of the family. This BBQ jerky is right up my alley!

  5. Would love a dehydrator – my Sister got one and was telling me how awesome they are. They dehydrate all their fruit so they can create awesome healthy snacks. I’ve never eaten beef jerky myself – I picture it being really salty.

  6. Adele Smith :

    Pastrami Jerky would be pretty amazing to give a go.

  7. Oh man, I’d be a JERK not to try this!!! Yummo 🙂

  8. I have made beef biltong a few times in the oven, but it is a long process and it isn’t quite the same. So this would be great.

    As for what I would make first I saw a recipe for salmon jerky… I think I would give that a go as both my boys are salmon crazy!
    Or I might start with some mushrooms as I want to try and make my own dried mushrooms.
    I think I could go on all day! 😉

  9. I would love to make Asian style sticky honey glazed pork jerky. It’s absolutely delicious, finger lickin’ good!

  10. Pastrami Jerky with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, cracked pepper and coriander seed

  11. A great recipe for the boys (and girls, too, of course!)…Lucky winners you would be with these dehydrators!!! Get creative, guys!

  12. I have a dehydrator, but use it mainly to dry the fruits. Must give this a try soon!

  13. Oooh I’ve never had a dehydrator before, they sound like so much fun! I would make pork bakkwa which is similar to a jerky from my home province of Fujian -they’re sweet and salty and oh so moreish.

  14. I have a family that is crazy about chilli so a simple chilli beef jerky to start with but I’ve seen recipes for venison jerky and I’d definitely be graduating to that!

  15. A Beef jerky flavored with soya sauce, ginger lime, Worchester sauce, pepper, and red pepper, a flavor explosion in the mouth, my hubby loves it.

  16. Ann M Sculley :

    Soy sauce and honey with a dash of chili powder would be delicious my husband loves it !

  17. Haha I’ve been *this close* to buying a dehydrator so many times! I even thought about hooking one up to a solar panel for free dehydration!

    I think my first would be a salty and slightly sweet teriyaki beef jerky.. shortly followed by a hot and spicy one!

  18. I’m a huge fan of making dried fruit chips and vegetable chips, but I’ve never attempted any jerky’s. Hmm. I might have to give deer jerky a go!

  19. My beef jerky recipe would be a little fruity, a little spicy & a little salty! Pineapple juice, chilli, ginger, cracked pepper & Celtic salt!

  20. Sounds amazing 🙂 I would marinate mine with honey, garlic salt and pepper 🙂

  21. This is one easy peasy recipe to make! And I absolutely love BEEF JERKY!!! 😀

  22. Michelle Chadwick :

    I really like this recipe and it is a recipe I am going to try, but a favourite of mine to make is Terriyaki. Masterfood bottled marinade used to soak beef overnight.

  23. Hello, I think I’d marinate in Guinness!! I had a real love affair with beef jerky in the past and then have veered more towards veggies, lots of good stuff you can do with them in a hydrator I believe. The beetroot looks tops.

  24. I’ve never gotten into the making or consumption of beef jerky, but those that do are passionate about it! Should really try making it one of these days. Fun post — thanks so much.

  25. My first recipe would be this one! How fantastic! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  26. Beef jerky as I love the taste and in Summer I’d make lots of dehydrated mango as the mangos fall from the trees faster than we can use them. (okay, slight exaggeration but we do need another use for them)

  27. lynne lillington :

    Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky , sounds delicious and a little different or those camping trips.

  28. classic beef jerky

  29. Narelle Rock :

    garlic and chilli, love hot and spicy food, this would taste amazing!

  30. Lucy Robins :

    My first jerky would be honey bbq beef jerky! I want to make it tastes like the BBQ from Texas USA!

  31. Becky Palmer :

    I love all things Asian, so for me it would be Chinese food jerky!

  32. Oh wow, I’m a beef jerky virgin but not because I want to be, I’ve just never had the opportunity to try it! I’m a huge fan of teriyaki beef with sesame so I’d give that a try first!

  33. I’d try Worcestershire sauce, honey, & soy sauce. My dad loves it so I would make it for him!

  34. Hubby looooves his jerky and has been asking me for a while about finding a good home-made recipe. Your scotch fillet recipe sounds super-duper yummy, now I just need a super-duper dehydrator to be able to make it for him. Only problem is that it looks so yummy there might not be much left for hubby once I’ve got stuck into it haha..

  35. First thing I think I will
    Make will be biltong

  36. Rosemarie De Bari :

    I’d try to re-create my favourite ribs recipe – Sticky Balsamic, with lots of garlic and rosemary. Yum!

  37. Garlic Chilli Beef Jerky

  38. Xzavia green :

    mustard goes so well with beef so that has to be the main flavour.
    Other layers would be honeycomb, paprika, onion and garlic.
    So it’s honey mustard beef with a bang of flavour.

  39. michelle plapp :

    I will try to attempt a Mexican style beef jerky with thin strips of beef fillet, dried chill-is, garlic, home made tomato salsa and,onion. Yum! Sounds good to me!!

  40. Julia Mason :

    BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe with Sichuan!!

  41. This is interesting, I don’t mind a bit of beef jerky and hadn’t thought about the process of making it. Any decision made in the name of beef jerky is a good one!


  43. This recipe looks good! My friend’s family used to make the best Laotian beef jerky, I would love to find a recipe for it and make it myself if possible!

  44. I will make garlic chilli recipe.

  45. Teriyaki beef for sure!

  46. Tali Claire :

    The Texas BBQ Beef recipe – it sounds delicious!

  47. BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe with Sichuan sounds like it would get be mooing!

  48. Something extra spicy, to give to my hubby as revenge for when he said i couldn’t cook meat!

  49. I am surrounded by hungry eating men in my house. One of my little men has gone to Alaska for a month to live in the wilderness and I bet he would have loved a little of this delicious jerky to help through the days…

  50. My mom has a great recipe that is fail safe. I would do that one first.

  51. Id love to make a version of Biltong, its my favourite jerky recipe but often harder to come by

  52. Belinda Mouk :

    The BBQ beef jerky would be what I’d try first.

  53. I would make a beer flavoured jerky – the perfect combo!

  54. My husbands!! He is the creative one and lover of Beef Jerky

  55. Wouldn’t mind trying the BBQ Style Beef Jerky as described above.

  56. Beef jerky! So easy, so delicious, so MUCH better with a dehydrator than in the unpredictable oven in my opinion. I certainly would love to win one, and if so, promise to put it to very good use. thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    Doc Chuck

  57. Sharon Markwell :

    Feed The Man Beef Jerky would be my first recipe. My husband is only ever happy when he is not hungry!

  58. George Horton :

    I would love to try the bbq beef jerky it sounds delicious!

  59. Texas BBQ beef jerky.. Im literally craving it right now *think unhungry thoughts* *think unhungry thoughts*

  60. Love beetroot chips. Great jerky recipe.

  61. I’ve never tried jerky though 3 out of 4 boys in my house go crazy for it!

  62. I will attempt a Teriyaki Beef Jerky. The strips of beef are marinated in teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and a blend of pineapple and garlic!

  63. V8 Jerky; it has teriyaki sauce and a good helping of V8 juice. Yumm!

  64. Peppered beef jerky, I love everything with cracked black pepper on it, and this would be no exception!!!!

  65. christopher h :

    I always buy teriyaki flavor jerky, so I suppose that’s what i’d start with

  66. I love jerky. My first attempt would be a chilli one with lots of punch..YUM

  67. Chilli beef jerky for my husband. He had it years ago and I can’t find it in any shops anymore!

  68. I would love to try a lemon pepper jerky recipe if I was lucky enough to win this great prize!

  69. Doreen Lamoureux :

    Feed the Man Beef Jerky will be the first thing I try. This must be so good, especially making it at home. Yum 🙂

  70. Organic Beer Beef Jerky a real winner at BBQ too.

  71. Ashley Prendergast :

    Absolutely, some smokey Beetroot and Vegetable Chips. Sounds very delicious!

  72. A peanut butter coated jerky, with a slight spicy sting in the tail! 😉

  73. the Beetroot and pineapple daughter would like but the mans jerky would be wonderful

  74. i would try beef jerky or some fruit!

  75. i would try some jerky and some fruit

  76. I would try a good chilli jerky with a good boutique beer and share it with friends and family.

  77. Salt & Pepper Jerky will be the first one served with Friday afternoon drinks

  78. Feed the Man Beef Jerky

  79. Would love to make some delicious fruit jerky for my fussy 3 year old.

  80. Tandoori Jerky. Love spicy

  81. I would definately experiment with all ingredients & produce , I have made 3 new organic garden beds with lots of veges so that would be my first job, dehydrating things that I will need for my pantry

  82. Some beef with chili Mexican Style and of course a lot of veggies and fruit to enjoy with a healthy life style

  83. christine morris :

    Wow, thanks very much for the recipe, have not tried Jerky as yet, however i know my sons love it so i will give it a shot, Thank You 🙂

  84. Karen Turner :

    The BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe with Sichuan sound delicious

  85. Cristi Andreea :

    beef jerky

  86. Texas BBQ Beef Jerky sounds like a good place to start

  87. I’d make a delicious honey soy flavour perfect for tantalising hubbies taste buds

  88. Bbq beef jerky sounds delicious! I’d give that one a go for my husband’s birthday.

  89. I will make my delicious corn beef hash but instead of canned corn beef I will
    use mild hot beef jerky to give it a better healthier taste

  90. Alison Weidman :

    Hands down you cannot beat Homemade Jerky! My first creation with a new Maxkon Food Hydrator would be Cream Soda & Bourbon with Maple Syrup Beef Jerky!

  91. Tabasco Beef

  92. Something South African as they took all the beef jerky I had at customs!!

  93. I can’t stand Beef Jerky but my partner lives off it. I would start with the basic BBQ Style Beef Jerky recipe and then experiment with different flavours. For myself, I’ll be dehydrating apples – I find it so hard to find Australian Dried Apples in the shops.

  94. I will be making the BBQ beef jerky first as my husband loves jerky and nowhere local sells good jerky. He would be in heaven if I owned a dehydrator to make jerky regularly!

  95. Fire Hot Jerky
    5 Birdseye chillies pounded into a paste
    1 cup Worcestershire sauce
    1 cup soy sauce
    1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    2 tablespoons brown sugar
    2 tablespoons hickory smoke bbq seasoning, or similar
    1 clove garlic

  96. Alyssa Robertson :

    BBQ Beef Jerky with Beer look amazing and would be an absolute hit at a AFL grand final party! (although it’s always good to test recipes first, so I might have to make a few batches before then 😛 )

  97. Alicia Lollo :

    Chili Beef Jerky for sure! The hotter the better I say, and with the dehydrator it will be super simple and easy to do!!

  98. Marianne Shelly Gamba :

    Chili BBQ Beef Jerky!!

  99. Beef Sliders Jerky – based on gourmet mini beef burger sliders.

  100. Kerryanne bourke :

    Hot and spicy Beef Jerky!

  101. Becky Downey :

    Honey Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky!

  102. Extra Spicy Ring Stinger Jerky

    1 kg of extra lean corned beef (slightly frozen, easier to slice thinner strips)
    1 table spoon onion powder,
    1 table spoon garlic powder
    1/2 cup soy sauce
    1/2 cup Worchestire sauce
    1/4 cup bbq sauce
    2 teaspoons of liquid smoke
    2 teaspoons of my Carolina Reaper chilli flakes. (hottest chillies in the world)
    2 teaspoons of cracked black pepper

    Trim of any visible fat off meat, cut in thin strips no thicker than 5mm.
    Mix all other ingredients (except black pepper) in a bowl.
    Place meat in marinade stir and covering meat completely, cover bowl with glad wrap and place in fridge overnight, stirring when you can.
    Place marinaded meat on trays, sprinkle with black pepper then dehydrate.
    *Warning* You may want to have a roll of loo paper in the freezer for this one.

  103. I would make smokey jack Daniels bourbon glazed beef jerky – those two flavours go hand in hand

  104. Laura Scriven :

    I’d make an Asian inspired one,
    As experimenting with strong flavours is fun!
    Garlic, Ginger and Lemongrass combined,
    It will be divine.

  105. Would have to be BBQ Beef Jerky with Beer!
    Ultimate for the Football!
    Thanks Crazy Sales!

  106. Southwest Jerky – heaps of chilli and other spices for a fiery mouth

  107. Chocolate covered chili jerky – the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and savoury! Mmmmmm

  108. My hubby is currently addicted to Tabasco green pepper sauce (made with jalepenos) so it will be Tabasco green pepper beef jerky for us!!! Yum!!

  109. Cracked pepper and whiskey would be awesome 😉

  110. Amanda Casalanguida :

    I’d give a hawaiian twist to my jerky! Base of pineapple juice & soy sauce, with a little cayenne pepper.

  111. Coriander and black pepper

  112. worchetershire sauce, light soy sauce, liquid smoke, pepper, onion / garlic powder and a healthy dash of tabasco for a little kick! I’d also love to dehydrate root veges to make chips, gosh they are pricey to buy!
    1 t

  113. tracy wedding :

    BBQ style beef jerky

  114. Karen Thompson :

    At the moment I am loving Ayams Thai Massaman Curry paste. The aroma is devine so I would love to try marinating the meat in this paste and making a jerky with it . It is a lovely mild curry that suits me just fine.

  115. Jalapeno & Lime Beef Jerky

  116. Lesley Needham :

    I have wanted a dehydrator for ages, well mostly since one of my boys discovered dried mango. He can polish off a $50 bag of dried mango in two days. Gasp. Really need to make my own.
    And having four boys beef jerky would be very popular too. I have a lime tree full of fruit so I think a lime beef jerky would be nice. Otherwise BBQ beef jerky would be popular. But they are boys so would eat any flavour of beef.

  117. Thai Beef jerky
    1kg beef, sirloin or another lean cut
    450ml light soy sauce
    10 tablespoons palm sugar
    1 teaspoon white pepper, finely ground
    4 tablespoons coriander seeds, roughly crushed
    so easy and very tasty marinate over night then dry off cook at 150c for about 2 hours then fry up when ready to eat yum yum

  118. I’d try a Tuscan Herb beef jerky, kind of what you get on a herbed crust roast beef. Ingredients such a parsley, sage, rosemary, oregano, garlic, wine vinegar and seasonings would make a great variation to traditional beef jerkey!

  119. Cherry and maple syrup flavoured jerky would rock my world!

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