Blogger Tag

As a relative newbie to the blogging community I was over the moon to be nominated by Conor from “Hold the Beef” to reveal some random facts about myself.  I understand this is sort of like a game of blogger tag! And I’m it! “Whoo hoo”, I never got picked for games as a kid… maybe because I say “Whoo hoo”

Thankfully she didn’t set any really “hairy” questions that I would have to worry about my kids or mum seeing. So lets have a look at the questions, this is so exciting, I kind of want a drum roll, or at least some good emoticons. 

1. What is your first memory?

It sounds really traumatic but my first memory was being pried off my mother by an airline stewardess to fly solo from Sydney to Coffs Harbour as a 2 year old.  I flew in the stewardess care until we reached Coffs where I was unceremoniously thrown at my nan.  I had screamed the whole way. Bet that hostie never had kids!

Baby Crying

2. What is the dish that you most often eat?

My husband cooks the best steak.  He cooks mine perfectly every time, we also have a butcher that I would marry, if I wasn’t already married. He has the perfect meat! So between my butcher and my husband the dish I most often have at home is perfectly cooked, rare, melt in the mouth steak, served with blue cheese on the top, and accompanied by the salad below. I know I am spoilt but life’s to short to eat bad food.

Sumo Salad Roasted pumpkin

3. What were you doing this time yesterday?

Well, funny you should ask… we were having a beer bottling party at the local micro brewery “Your Bru” Hubby was doing a great job bottling a Canadian Pilsner that he had made on a previous visit, whilst draining a keg of Stella with some co-conspiring friends. A great evening was had by all! The guys at “Your Bru” are true champions, they ensured everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time at the “man cave.” I am surprised I got hubby home at all, he had his mates around, the cricket was being shown on the big screen, there was a BBQ and he had a keg of beer at his disposal.

Your Bru

4. Are you a runner? (oooh, a question more polarising than Spano! (“the man with the eyes that POLARISE”, for those unfamiliar with the terrible early 90s TV ads that YouTube is failing to give me any satisfaction on)

Are you kidding!! OMG NO!  I just don’t get it! Why do people do this to themselves.  I secretly feel that this is an unhealthy practice, and later in life we will find out that exercise is truly bad for you. I am just ahead of the game. (…alright I am lazy). I might run for a bus if I was really late… but I would probably just catch a cab and save the effort.

5. What are your thoughts on food at sporting events?

They don’t honestly call that food do they???

The exception to this is I love a good steak sandwich with loads of onion and BBQ sauce at the local football.

6. What was the first, or last, band that you saw live?

The last band I saw live was at the Big Day Out Sydney in January.  It was Muse and they were awesome, I still relive it in the car most days… sad but true.

The first bands were the Chantoozies and Noiseworks supporting James Reyne at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in about 1987.


Chantoozies (I think I had the girl on the far lefts hair!)

7. Did you ever, or do you still currently, wear bike pants?

That was another 80’s mistake, there are probably pictures somewhere but thankfully they haven’t surfaced yet. No I haven’t worn bike pants since the 1980’s, and unless I get dementia I won’t be going there. 

8. If you could have any drink at all right now (disregarding any possible calorie/money/hangover concerns) what would it be?

Disregarding all monetary issues the drink I would choose right now would be a bottle of Bollinger drunk in a chateau in the South of France.  Although… it is cold in France right now, so I may have to swap that dream for the one where I am in the Bahamas sipping cocktails on a fully staffed private yacht.


So now it is my turn to set some questions, and nominate some fun bloggers to share a few saucy secrets about themselves.

Firstly the bloggers:

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Tambourine of Insatiable Munchies

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Shez of One Bite More

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And now the questions:

1. List five foods you could you never bring yourself to eat?

2. Share your happiest food memory.

3. What would be your most embarrassing fashion moment?

4. Finish this sentence, “It drives me mental when….”

5. Finish this sentence, “There is nothing better in life than…”

6. You find a magic lantern and are granted one wish from the Genie of the lamp, what would your wish be?

7. If you had one hour of invisibility what would you do?

8. What made you decide to share your life with the world via a blog?

So get thinking everyone, I am dying to hear the answers?