Father’s Day is just around the corner. With this is mind Gourmet Getaways has been doing some special gift planning.

Bloke Boxes Headers

Firstly we’re hosting a series of Father’s Day Competitions over the next two weeks. Plus, we have produced a Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide. This guide is aimed at all the wives and daughter out there who are struggling to the perfect gift.

"New Dad" Bloke Box

“New Dad” Bloke Box – Everything except the baby!

I don’t know about you but I find Father’s Day is one of the hardest occasions to find a decent gift.  I hate the idea of giving sock or undies but the closer it gets to the big day the more I fret I will be forced to succumb to the inevitable boring gift.

Golf Nutter Bloke Box

Golf Nutter Bloke Box – With Bikini Lady Tees and EXPLODING balls!!

To avoid Father’s Day disappointment we have scouted everywhere for cool, interesting and fun gift ideas. We wanted to help readers find that perfect gift.

The "BBQ Lover" Bloke Box

The “BBQ Lover” Bloke Box

One of the great gift ideas we found whilst putting together the Guide was Bloke Boxes. The tagline is “Awesome Gifts for Awesome Blokes.” The men in my life are pretty awesome and these boxes are super cool!

Inside the "Gone Fishing" Bloke Box

Inside the “Gone Fishing” Bloke Box

Bloke Boxes and Gourmet Getaways are giving one lucky reader the chance to choose a Bloke Box for their father.

Beach Bum Bloke Box

Beach Bum Bloke Box

There are 9 different Bloke Boxes

  1. New Dad Bloke Box
  2. Dog Father Bloke Box
  3. Golf Nutter Bloke Box
  4. Gone Fishing Bloke Box
  5. Clean Shaven Bloke Box
  6. Old School Bloke Box
  7. Fitness Fanatic Block Box
  8. BBQ Lovers Bloke Box
  9. Beach Bum Bloke Box

The contents of each bloke box arrives in a wooden crate, marked “Bloke Boxes” and is supplied with a mini crowbar for easy entry.

The "Dog Father" Bloke Box

The “Dog Father” Bloke Box

For a chance to win this great prize for dad simply follow the instructions below.

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Stop by the Bloke Boxes website and take a look at all their great gift ideas.

We have three more great competitions running for dad;
1/ Photobook Giveaway
2/ Sabre Pirate Sword Umbrella
3/ Yacht Club Lunch

Keep visiting Gourmet Getaways for more great ideas for dad!