Blooming Tea Giveaway
Blooming Tea Giveaway

Blooming Tea Giveaway

Blooming Chinese Tea, Tea, Gourmet Getaways

Good Morning and welcome to Monday morning.

I am sure we all have mixed feelings about Monday. After all it is back to work, back to school and back to the rush of a normal week. Today I would like to share a cup of tea and have a little chat with readers.

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I have some news, after nearly twelve years of living in the same house, a house that I designed and built myself, my family and I have moved.  We didn’t go far, but the move has taken two months!!! So firstly let me apologise for the spasmodic posts.

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We also haven’t exactly completed the move yet!  There is still so much left in boxes, and so much more which remains cupboardless. My kitchen is smaller, and a little on the ugly side, but the view more than makes up for this.

We have moved into a slightly smaller house on the beach! I have to admit, I love listening  to the sound of the waves as I drift off to sleep each night.

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So tea today is on the deck overlooking Diggers Beach Coffs Harbour.

I have chosen a blooming tea, this is something my SIL introduced me to last time we visited. Those who know me would be aware that I am very partial to green tea and pretty things, so these mysterious little bundles grabbed my attention straight away.

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The tea is sold as individually vacuum sealed balls to maintain freshness. I bought a mixed pack of 16 blooms. A single bulb of green tea is placed into a glass teapot or vessel. Near boiling water is add to the tea and slowly a gorgeous bloom of green tea and flowers unravels to produce a gorgeous visual display.

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Allow the tea to steep for five minutes and enjoy the relaxing effects of tea infused with a slight floral flavour.

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The tea can be topped up with additional hot water without changing the bulb if required.

Have you tried a blooming tea? I have five blooming tea samples to giveaway.  If you would like to try one courtesy of Gourmet Getaways simply leave a comment at the end of the story, letting me know your thoughts on this product.  Oh and “like” GourmetGetaways on FB  too please xx.

Giveaway is open to Australian residents only and the winners will be announced on Monday 4th June 2012.

Have a lovely week.

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  1. Jayne Kavanagh :

    I’m a tea bag, but the ordinary stuff suits earthy Virgo me. Would love to present this to crazy Aquarian hubs after a hard day at work. He has a more sophisticated palate and he would be mesmerised and charmed by this display. We’ve already got the glass teapot!

  2. Trish Murray :

    I would find this so relaxing and drink tea with a lovely book

  3. Sue SHelton :

    Bloomy fantastic! thanks Blooming Tea for something different with the visual effect its sure to be a winner!

  4. Looks and sounds amazing!!!

  5. Sounds very refreshing.

  6. What a gorgeous idea. I’d love to bring this out at a girls luncheon.

  7. These are so beautiful! They’d really make the morning cuppa a treat.

  8. ahh the tea overlooking coffs harbour looks so relaxing! each blooming flower in the tea looks amazing!

  9. This is very good blog for those who love to try different recipes. I will bookmark it for more updates.

  10. Lucky you! On the beach! Good luck with completing the move!

  11. I love the idea of this tea as its a visual thing as well!
    Did you say you have moved into a smaller place? Hahahahahah

  12. I love the fact this tea is visual as well.
    Where do you buy it? Xx

  13. What a pretty tea pot. It looks like it’s housing a garden! That looks like a lovely way to start the day especially when you can enjoy it while looking out at the ocean. Moving is so awful! And it does seem to take a very long time to get unpacked. Good luck with all the settling in xx

  14. Great photos Julie! And congratulations on your new place and surviving moving! I hate moving so much but when you have a view like that I’m sure that makes up for it! 😀

  15. Looks pretty Julie, the photos look awesome. Maybe one Sunday I’ll sit on the balcony with you and have a tea! xx

  16. A great idea for a High Tea would be to colour co-ordinate the menu and china with Blooming Tea!

  17. Oh I love tea like this – it is so pretty and such an experience.

  18. Katrina OConnor :

    wow how delicious does this tea look. mmm and i can only imagine the aroma

  19. carolyn bennett :

    Its like watching something being born. totally mesmerizing!

  20. How magical! My children would be awed by this and I’d get to enjoy a cuppa in peace 🙂

  21. I love the idea of drinking tea that not only tastes wonderful but looks beautiful as well. Coffs Harbour – a beautiful part of the world!

  22. Looks to me like that very special cuppa for special moments- like those precious minutes of solitude you get every now and then.

  23. Charisse Childs :

    Looks really interesting and would look great on the table for a high tea with friends!

  24. Courtney Dettman :

    Its like something out of a fairy tale.

  25. I am so pleased to see that my readers are as excited about this product as I am 🙂

    It is the perfect theatrical high tea moment. It is like watching a birth, and the intricutness that must go into each tea bloom just astounds me. I am pleased to see the comments and I am looking forward to sending some tea out to interested readers 🙂

  26. To be honest I have never seen Tea like this before… looks really lovely and I hope I get some samples. I am not a normal Tea drinker just the occasional herbal tea. Thankyou.

  27. rosemary devine :

    this tea looks so interesting .. very unique! would love to have a tea for me time with this brew

  28. excited to try this elegant tea, sure to taste good

  29. This is Blooming gorgeous! I would love to try this tea. Such a unique product, it looks absolutely tea-licious!

  30. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, it really is a special tea, I can’t wait to send out these gorgeous little bulbs to readers

  31. Not only does this tea taste and smell divine, it’s absolutely mesmerising to watch the leaves unfurl in the pot. Wish I could have the Coffs background too =)

  32. That is amazing!!! Its like a beautiful floral display that you can drink, fantastic!

  33. alesha mcrobertson :

    Looks fabulous, obviously unique, I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t wait to try it. Hoping I win.

  34. Amazing how my eyes transfer the image a delicious floral tea flavour to my tastebubs. Mmmm Thanks for a wonderful way to brighten any day.

  35. Roberto Colombi :

    It looks ‘Tea’rrific!

  36. marie pohnetalova :

    Very original and creative – I’m full of ‘Infusiasm’!

  37. What a great centrepiece this would be at a get together with the girls. Sure to be a focal talking point too. Bonus is you get to drink it!

  38. Love the articles tea looks and sounds devine cant wait to try it mmmmm

  39. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney :

    It looks almost too good to drink!

  40. This looks tea-riffic and fan-tea-stic!

  41. I’m 29 and only JUST started drinking tea..and now I can’t stop! The other day I had a craving for some sort of taste, and surprised myself when I soon realised that it was tea! Blooming beautiful stuff it is 🙂

  42. Tea totaling ,essence of my existence

  43. This would be a wonderful talking point when friends come over. I would love it!

  44. That tea looks beautiful. Good luck finishing the move 🙂

  45. Oooohhhh these sounds enticing. There is nothing more relaxing than a delicious pot of tea, but now with a gorgeous display.

  46. This tea would certain take away my Monday-itis.
    Reviving and revitalising me,
    And giving me a whole new outlook on tea.

  47. Christine Williams :

    So beautiful. It would morning tea a “High Tea”e

  48. Blooming Tea looks so special! Have never seen this before.Is visually stimulating, beautiful, delightful and reminds me of how stunning nature truely is! Love it, Thanks for showing! Is very Gourmet indeed!

  49. Wow, what a gorgeous idea. I love the idea of starting my day watching the blossoms unfold as I slowly wake up, it’s so symbolic of how I wake up, and how that first tea of the day warms and brightens me.

  50. Oh wow!! I’ve never seen this before and it would be the perfect way to WOW my friends when they’re over for morning tea next time. I love this!

  51. And so the ceremony of tea becomes evident, magical, mystical and engaging, thank you for sharing!

  52. It’s definitely “art in a teapot”! Looks divine!!

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