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Venice Beach Surfers

Venice Beach Surfers

After just finishing the Mexican leg of journey you might have thought we would have had our fill of Mexican food. Nope… not even close.  We arrived back in America and headed straight for our second home, Venice Beach to satisfy our craving for more Mexican food.

Venice Beach Cabo Catina Mexican

Venice Beach Cabo Catina Mexican

Cabo Cantina in Venice Beach is one of those places you can’t help but notice! The red railings, brightly coloured signs and grass thatched roof makes it stand out from the other cafes and restaurants along the street.

Venice Beach Cabo Cantina Taco Bar

Venice Beach Cabo Cantina Taco Bar

The place has a huge “presence” before you even take a look inside. The vibrant atmosphere continues inside with large screen Tv’s showing sports, music and an electric range of furniture and design styles.  Two large groups of people were enjoying an afternoon of Margherita’s and beer and there were plenty of tables with couples grabbing a bite to eat.

Venice Beach Cabo Cantina

Venice Beach Cabo Cantina

I was pretty confident we had made a good choice so we went back out the front to snag the last bench seat in the sun. I quickly made myself comfortable, soaking up the rays and more of the Venice Beach atmosphere.

Nachos Sign Cabo Cantina

Nachos Sign Cabo Cantina

While we looked over the menu Brett showed me a sign advertising the beer of the  month for just $2.75 a bottle… not bad. Then I saw a Margherita being delivered to the table next to us, I promise, the glass was as big as my head! It even came out with two straws in it!  WOW! I just didn’t know if I could manage anything that big!

Locky's Massive Coke!

Locky’s Massive Coke!

Maybe I’m weak but I decided against drinking a bucket full of Margarita for lunch.  Instead we all ordered soda’s.

Venice Beach -Cabo Cantina

Venice Beach -Cabo Cantina

I didn’t even need to ask the kids what they wanted to eat. The only item on their radar was the Nachos. At Cabo Cantina they do a Muchos Nacho’s with moist pulled steak, it was monumental!  The dish included a mountain of homemade tortilla chips, the choice of slow cooked pulled beef or chicken, black beans, refried  beans, tomato, onion, cheese and jalapeño served with guacamole and sour cream. Delicious!

Mucho Nachos - Cabo Cantina

Mucho Nachos – Cabo Cantina

Given that the children always choose something predictable Brett & I decided we would select some items we don’t really see in Australia. The Boneless Buffalo Diablo Wings were calling our name. These chicken wings were breaded and deep friend then smothered in the hot and spicy Diablo sauce. The sauce soaked into the chicken coating creating a mouth watering combination of fried, spicy goodness.  The dish was served with ranch dressing and celery, but I didn’t need anything except the chicken, it was perfect.

Diablo Chicken - Cabo Catina Venice

Diablo Chicken – Cabo Catina Venice

Through out our meal I watch as one after another of the huge Margherita’s were served to the tables around us. It was a huge temptation, but I knew if I finished one I just might not ever move from the table.

Sunset Rolls - Cabo Catina

Sunset Rolls – Cabo Catina

The next item ordered were the Sunset Rolls.  I had seen them on another table and couldn’t resist ordering them. They were described on the menu as four crispy flour tortilla filled with chicken, black bean, cheese, pico de gallo and jalapeño’s. I’m so pleased we ordered these! The tortilla’s had been filled, and deep fried to create a crunchy taste sensation. We smothered the rolls in guacamole and ranch dressing and munched in silence. I couldn’t help wonder how we were going to live without these food items in our lives when we returned home.

Cabo Cantina - Free Burrito Monday!

Cabo Cantina – Free Burrito Monday!

It wasn’t Monday so I’m not sure how you claim your free burrito. I also noticed the tacos are half price on Taco Tuesday, and Cabo Cantina has a Happy Hour serving 2 drinks for the price of 1 between 4pm – 8pm every night!


Cheesy Dip W Salsa - Cabo Cantina

Cheesy Dip W Salsa – Cabo Cantina

We really didn’t need any more food, but as usual I over ordered.  I have a soft spot for Quesa Dip so I couldn’t leave without trying it at Cabo Cantina.  I had chosen the hot roasted tomato salsa and the Quesa (cheesed) topped with onion, tomato and cilantro served with more home made tortilla chips. The dips were fabulous, the salsa had a nice kick of heat and the cheese dip was so cheesy and creamy.

My 2 Gourmet Getaways Men

My 2 Gourmet Getaways Men

After eating we were feeling very lazy and very comfortable. I would have happily stayed on until dinner watching the passerby’s in the street but the kids had other ideas. We paid the bill and were surprised when the total came to just $US49, definitely a bargain, and another of the best meals we have had in America.

Entree - Cabo Cantina Menu

Entree – Cabo Cantina Menu

I have included a few pages of the Cabo Cantina Menu.

Taco & Burrito - Cabo Cantina Menu

Taco & Burrito – Cabo Cantina Menu

Most of our dishes came from the menu below.

Starters - Cabo Cantina Menu

Starters – Cabo Cantina Menu

Before I knew it we were wandering the streets admiring the murals. When I saw all the kegs under this painting I had to get a picture with the kids.

Venice Beach Street Art

Venice Beach Street Art

I don’t think we could have picked a better time of year for our Mexico and USA trip. We had gorgeous weather for the whole trip, and had no trouble slipping right into the US spring break atmosphere.  The beach lifestyle of Venice Beach and Santa Monica was a perfect fit for the type of getaway we enjoy. It’s relaxed, fun and full of delicious places to eat.

Cabo Cantina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cabo Cantina Venice Beach

30 Washington Boulevard
Venice/Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
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