Celadon Thai -Contemporary Thai Manila
Celadon Thai -Contemporary Thai Manila

Celadon Thai -Contemporary Thai Manila

Today’s restaurant review is written by Alesah.  My wonderful marketing manager has also been able to secure a fantastic giveaway for the Gourmet Getaways audience. So enjoy the Celadon Thai review, and good luck with the competition at the end of the story.

Alesah -Gourmet Getaways

Alesah -Gourmet Getaways

Celadon Thai- Contemporary Thai Cuisine

I first saw Celadon Thai Restaurant advertised on local TV.  I told myself, “Oh, just another Thai Restaurant jumping on the bandwagon…”

Celadon Thai Restaurant

Celadon Thai Restaurant

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself going for a routine check-up near Celadon Thai, at a medical centre in Makati, Philippines. Having fasted for 12 hours, you can imagine how loud the borborygmy (my new favourite medical term, lol!) was during and after all the tests had been done. For the benefit of those who are curious, borborygmy is the medical term for stomach rumbling, growling or gurgling. My tummy was doing all those things very LOUDLY!

Celadon Thai Restaurant

Celadon Thai Restaurant

After the test I decided to go for some predictable Thai food – or so I thought! ! I had been told Celadon was located outside the mall.  Thankfully it was less than five minutes of strolling. I didn’t want to prolong my hunger agony so I asked for directions.  My tummy rumbling were growing louder and I was getting embarrassed.

Celadon Thai Statue

Celadon Thai Statue

I turned to the right seeing a row of restaurants, then to the left with more restaurants in sight! Intuitively, I went right and after just a few steps, Thai decor caught my eye. Finding Celadon Thai wasn’t difficult, it’s located outside the mall, near a main entrance.

For one second, my stomach stopped complaining.

Inside I was greeted by a smiling waiter, but was astonished by his question.

Celadon Contemporary Thai Restaurant

Celadon Contemporary Thai Restaurant

“Do you have a reservation, Ma’am?” I glanced at the time which said “11:30 AM”. Still puzzled, I answered no. The kind gentleman immediately took two chairs and a table from a previous setting and led me to a seat. It all made sense when I looked around. Two tables were occupied. Around six more tables had no occupants but were all labeled “RESERVED”.

Thai Lamp Decor

Thai Lamp Decor

That early and all tables expecting guests soon? I was impressed!

Celadon Thai Menu

Celadon Thai Menu

Having seen the ad on TV, I already knew I wanted to try the Pad Thai and a few other dishes.

I ordered quickly and meals were promised in 15 minutes, thankfully the time flew.

Pandan Juice Syrup

Pandan Juice Syrup

I was pleased to be able to drink some cold, refreshing, sweet thirst quencher. Pandan was no doubt the perfect choice based on my parameters. What’s great is that this drink doesn’t come sweet. You control the sweetness by doing the honour of pouring sugar syrup served in a separate short glass.

Pandan Juice

Pandan Juice

As I waited on my meal, the room filled with people.

Mango Apple Salad

Mango Apple Salad

Then came my salad. This Mango Apple salad is by far the best salad of its kind I have tasted in my life, I swear! We chose the topping – crispy pork flakes that complemented well with the sweet-sour-spicy salad. I could finish 2 plates in a row of this!

Celadon Thai - Pad Thai

Celadon Thai – Pad Thai

I instantly straightened up when I saw the Pad Thai being brought from the kitchen. Right before my eyes was such a creative presentation of the dish. The noodles were enclosed in a delicate egg net! The waiter then proceeded to mix everything for me.

Close Up Pad Thai w Egg Net

Close Up Pad Thai w Egg Net

My first serving of the Mieng Kam was exploratory, explosive and extraordinary. It was my first time to try this dish and I could say that all the flavours introduced by mankind were in my mouth at that moment :). Though a bit overwhelming, I liked the experience!

Celadon Thai Mieng-kam

Celadon Thai Mieng-kam

At this point I finished my Pandan drink and requested some warm water. It’s time to clear the palate and smile. Do you remember Julie’s write-up on my favourite food motto? STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards! Time for some Thai sweet stuff, yey!


Celadon Dessert Menu

Celadon Dessert Menu

There weren’t too many to choose from, but since I love tapioca and coconut cream, we ordered two variants of the same ingredients – the Tapioca Coco Pearls and the Takhoo Sakhoo. As it takes a while to layer the pearls, water chestnuts and coconut cream in small pandan cups, the menu is specific that Takhoo Sakhoo is served after 15 minutes.

Celadon Thai Dessert

Celadon Thai Dessert –  Takhoo Sakhoo

Both desserts tasted very similar. But the good news is – it’s so addicting you won’t mind scooping over and over again! With just the right amount of sweetness, creaminess and crunchiness courtesy of the water chestnuts, I was plain delighted.

Celadon Dessert

Celadon Dessert – Tapioca Pearls

Towards the end of the meal I realised I had judged too fast. This Thai restaurant is definitely not mainstream, not simply jumping on the bandwagon, and certainly not predictable.

Thanks to the lovely and generous Julie Carlyle for allowing me to share this gastronomic guest review for my beloved, Gourmet Getaways. Till my next getaway!

Oops, I nearly forgot, for my first post I would like our dear readers to experience the same gustatory delight I had with Celadon. Celadon Contem-porary Thai Cuisine and Gourmet Getaways are giving away not one but TWO gift certificates worth P2,500 (approx. AU $60) each.

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Celadon Rockwell

Unit 145 R1 Level Lopez Drive Rockwell
Tel (63) 2 8981305; (63) 9178289115


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  1. Dear Julie / Alesah,

    I have never seen pad thai presented so beautifully before! Beautiful review!

  2. Wow-just like the above comment, I have never seen pad thai like this before. Quite a creative edge on these dishes. Looks like a great restaurant 🙂

  3. Bhing Almeda :

    So yummy! Now craving for the Mango Apple salad and my all time favorite dessert, Takhoo Sakhoo. See you soon, Celadon.

  4. The egg net! I’ve seen a dish used in Malaysian cooking, but this is my first time seeing in the Thai food! It looks very pretty! My Malaysian friend sent me a tool to make egg net thing but I need to improve my skill.. my net is very fat net. =P Very nice restaurant review!

  5. Such a nice experience ! Thanks Alesah 😉 I discover the new things with you, it’s amazing ! Like the celadon thai!

  6. Very impressive restaurant indeed. When next in Manilla with my stomach doing a borborgymy symphony I shall head straight for Celadon Thai =) That pad thai in the egg net truly is a masterpiece…And the coconut tapioca desserts look pretty divine, too!

  7. I remember getting a Pad Thai like that in Bangkok and thinking that it was so creative and pretty! 🙂

  8. Joyce Norada :

    I have never eaten Thai food before. Upon reading this, I would love to try it 🙂 Off to Celadon!

  9. Paula Garcia :

    I’d love to try the Pandan Juice and Tapioca Pearls. They all look so appetizing, especially the Tapioca Coco Pearls! I look forward to dining at Celadon 🙂

  10. It’s always a welcome surprise when you expect predictable food but when it emerges from the kitchen it’s a anything but xx

  11. I love Thai food and this is a very fun destination. Pandan juice and little mango apple sale and I would be in heaven. Nice post Alesah!

  12. too bad you need an FB acct to enter the contest.
    i’ve always known those rumbling sounds as borborygmus. maybe that’s the singular version

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed your meal, it’s always nice to get a pleasant surprise!

  14. I’ve always loved Thai food! I haven’t been to Thailand though, but luckily, we have plenty of really good Thai restos here in Manila. Would love to try Celadon soon, so hope I win your giveaway. Teehee~

    Anyway, Pad Thai, Mieng Kham (if available) and Takhoo Sakhoo are staples whenever I dine in any Thai restaurants! 🙂

  15. I’ve always loved Thai food! I haven’t been to Thailand though, but luckily, we have plenty of really good Thai restos here in Manila. Would love to try Celadon soon, so hope I win your giveaway. Teehee~

    Anyway, Pad Thai, Mieng Kham (if available) and Takhoo Sakhoo are staples whenever I dine in any Thai restaurants! 🙂

    PS: Thanks Julie, for dropping by my blog. Hope you’ll visit the Philippines some time soon. 🙂

  16. Melanie Esponilla :

    I love the Pomelo Salad.

    After reading this article I’m dying to try the mango apple salad which I haven’t tried in the past…

  17. Thai coconut ice cream! woah! sounds delish <3

  18. Love anything Thai and seems like you found a great restaurant!Everything looks delicious and especially that Pad Thai in a net!Yum 🙂

  19. I’m usually after dessert but the Pad Thai and the Apple Salad look smashing. Such a lovely review!

  20. Melo Valena :

    Thanks for making my tummy go crazy, Alesah! I really love Pad Thai and Celadon’s is the best presentation I’ve seen so far. I bet it tastes as good as it looks! I’ll definitely visit this restaurant when I get the time and money! Great blog entry! 🙂

  21. I like Tom Yum Kung & Patbung with Crispy Pork.. Yummy can’t wait to share it with my loved ones & enjoy dining at Celadon Rockwell 😀

  22. havent tried thai food yet. thiw will be my first if i win

  23. i must try this! 🙂

  24. Mango Apple Salad yum! yum!

  25. Sena Gonzales :

    oops! i haven’t try dining at a thai resto. now, i really wanna try pad thai 😛

  26. Pikey Aquino :

    I wanna try Chicken Satay & Mango Sticky Rice. Just saw the pictures in Celadon Fb page and I wanna try them soon
    hoping to be lucky 🙂 Thanks for the chance anyway

  27. Faith Hazel Almario :

    I want to try Pad Thai w Egg Net. This looks delish! I’m hungry already by looking at those pictures.

  28. Tapioca Pearls complete every meal. This is one of my favorite desserts want to try Takhoo Sakhoo looks yummyness
    Celadon Thai is just 30mins away from my house. But haven’t try to dine in hoping to be lucky!!

  29. Pad Thai will always be the go-to dish. Like, who does not enjoy it?! 🙂

  30. I want Celadon Thai – Pad Thai

  31. Maricel Fajardo :

    I would love to experience all their dish especially the Celadon Thai and the Chicken Satai

  32. TOMYUM!!!

  33. marilene rosal :

    the food looks enticing

  34. Karina Alvaera :

    Pad thai is a definite favorite! not to mention, the thai iced tea and iced coffee. 🙂

  35. I love Pad Thai <3

  36. Hope to enjoy Pad Thai w/ my wife.. She loves Thai Cuisine

  37. very very nice !!! Hi al!


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