Chef Works Aprons- It’s Getting Hot in the Kitchen
Chef Works Aprons- It’s Getting Hot in the Kitchen

Chef Works Aprons- It’s Getting Hot in the Kitchen

Every so often we find something which is kind of ordinary, like restaurant and cafe aprons, that has been transformed into something EXTRAORDINARY !

Urban Collection Chef Works Aprons

Urban Collection Chef Works Aprons

Chef Works Aprons are awesome! Funky designs that match the personality of the business and would give a chic edge to any cafe or restaurant.

Manhattan Chef Works Apron

Bronx – Chef Works Apron

The range is named after foodie cities in the US and aims to capture an edgy, urban vibe.  Even the photo shoot that accompanies the aprons is HOT! Chef Works aprons are causing a real shake up in the kitchen.

Memphis Chef Works Apron Range

Memphis Chef Works Apron Range

So let’s turn the heat up in your favourite restaurant or cafe. We have ten chef works aprons to give away to some lucky Gourmet Getaways readers. To add a little fun to the promotion I want readers to nominate their favourite restaurant or cafe and tell us which Chef Works apron would suits this venue.

Sante Fe Apron

Sante Fe Apron

To be eligible you need to tag the restaurant into your answer via FB or Twitter or Instagram, and use the #chefworks.

Chesapeake Chef Works Aprons

Chesapeake Chef Works Aprons

The Chef Works range isn’t all edgy and inner city, they also have some more feminine, romantic options in the range.

Charlotte Chef Work Apron

Charlotte Chef Work Apron

So I am going to get the competition started. We have a restaurant called the Shearwater. Gorgeous blond waitresses, buff male wait staff. I would love to see them in the Portland range.

Che Works Apron -Portland

Chef Works Apron -Manhattan

I also enjoy having a meal at an Italian Restaurant called Cafe Alfresco and I think the Manhattan Range would be ideal here.

The Urban Denim range is available at Chef uniforms and aprons for sale and retail from $27.95 for the cute 3/4 waist aprons through to $42.95 for the full length bib aprons.

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So here is our reader competition. I need you guys to check out the range of Chef Works Aprons and tell me firstly which apron you would like to win for yourself and which restaurant you would like to see in one of these aprons. Then using your social media skills, tag your favourite restaurant into either a tweet, FB share or Instagram post. I want to see more restaurant staff wearing funky work gear!

Also, it gives me a dining guide, all my readers favourite restaurants on one page.

Chef Works Australia

8/77-79 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015
Phone: 1300 362 228

Chef Works

Chef Works

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  1. Wendy Christidis :

    These aprons are so cute! The Santa Fe apron is so cute!

  2. Fun post! Love a good apron! Best of luck to the entrants.

  3. I am really picky about aprons, but this company has some terrific options!

  4. Cute aprons Julie! Manhattan Chef Works Apron for Citizen Public House Restaurant.

  5. Wow, cool aprons!

  6. I used to sell Chef Works products a long time ago. I have a few of the chefs pants put away and this reminds me that maybe I should turn them into pj’s 🙂

  7. Funky, edgy and chic. Love the creativity of these guys at Chef Works!

  8. I love the Sante Fe Apron for a bit of Southwestern flair.

  9. I could see myself in one of those Manhattan Aprons! Love these.

  10. Manhattan! Looks unisex so my husband can use it too!

  11. I like the girly one 🙂

  12. Love the Menphis chef and Manhatttan one ! So sexy 😉

  13. How cool! I love the Manhattan aprons.

  14. Santa Fe would be my choice!

  15. lea Anita Black :

    I would love Bronx for my Son who loves to cook for his family!

  16. I think my favourite is the Manhattan but there are plenty of great-looking aprons in this range xx

  17. The Bronx apron. It looks so cool!

  18. How gorgeous are these aprons!!! I love the Charlotte one the best – so pretty!

  19. I love the Manhatten. I’ve never seen one like that before.

  20. The Memphis Chef Works Apron with its durable material and lots of easy use pockets

  21. I love NYC, so the Bronx apron would be my choice! These look great — thanks.

  22. Love the Manhattan… So funky and cool. 🙂 Love me a good apron!

  23. They are a great looking apron. If I didn’t have a 1000 brand freebies in my cupboard I would definitely run out and get one.

  24. My favourite is the Charlotte Chef Work Apron.

  25. The Bronx apron is really funky – makes me want to cook something different and exciting to match!

  26. The ‘MANHATTAN’ full apron would be ‘SO-HO’ perfect for my husband!

  27. The Portland Bib Apron gets my vote. (Actually, I have to confess to an apron fetish)

  28. The Manhattan apron is my style, I love that denim lived in look!


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