Chicken Caesar Muffuletta
Chicken Caesar Muffuletta

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta

Regular readers would know that I love Bakers Delight products.

Bakers Delight Logo

Bakers Delight Logo

I have used their lovely fresh baked bread products in recipes such as;

Pizza Bases:

Creamy Garlic Prawn Pizza

Smokey Steak & Cheese Pizza w Caramelised Onion

Berry Delicious Pizza w Mascapone


Vegemite Scrolls for Australia Day


Muff Burger

With this in mind I have been asked to come up with some more delicious recipes using Bakers Delight products.

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta Roll

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta Roll

My brief was to come up with a lunch recipe. My mind immediately went to thought of food suitable for a packed lunch or a picnic.

One of my favourite picnic foods is the Muffuletta which I shared with readers in Nov 2010!! Wow, how time flies, two and half years ago! I really wanted to revisit this dish with some new flavours.

Muff Burger

Muff Burger & A Glass of Wine

So I scrolled through the Bakers Delight product menu to find some inspiration. I have a tendency to just buy my regular products when I am in store so I thought this would be a good opportunity to broaden my bread horizons.

Then it hit me, I wanted to make mini muffuletta and I was going to try them in both the traditional “Authentic Sourdough Artisan Rolls and the Pane di Casa Olive Rolls.

Bakers Delight Pane di Casa Olive

Bakers Delight Pane di Casa Olive

The traditional filling for a Muffuletta is antipasto but I wanted to make something a little different. Mr GG loves Caesar Salad so the idea was born for a Mini Chicken Caesar Muffuletta.

The perfect picnic food or packed lunch!

Layered Chicken Muffuletta for lunch

Layered Chicken Muffuletta

Mini Chicken Caesar Muffuletta


  • 3 Bakers Delight Authentic Sourdough Rolls
  • 3 Bakers Delight Pane di Casa Olive Rolls
  • 1 Roast Chicken striped (see tip)
  • 200gm short cut bacon (pre cooked)
  • 6 eggs (fried and place on kitchen paper)
  • 12 slices Jarlsberg Cheese
  • Mixed lettuce leaves
  • Cucumber (thinly sliced)
  • Anchovies (if desired)
  • Thick Caesar Salad Dressing (Paul Newman)

TIP: If I buy a roast chicken for lunches I always strip it down and place it in a container ready for use whilst putting away the groceries. It comes off the bone more easily when it is hot, and the family uses the meat for sandwiches if this is done for them.

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta Ingredients

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta Ingredients


Cut a lid off the top of each of the rolls with a serrated knife.

Bakers Delight Rolls for muffuletta

Bakers Delight Rolls for muffuletta

Cut a lid off the top of each of the rolls with a serrated knife.

Remove the bread from each of the rolls leaving just the crust. (Reserve the bread for yummy breadcrumbs)

Layering Cheese & Dressing in the Muffuletta

Layering Cheese & Dressing in the Muffuletta

Start layering the muffuletta with the cheese so that it provides a liquid proof barrier for the bread.

Add a tablespoon of dressing to the cheese, then a thin layer of chicken. Continue layering up the ingredients and pressing down firmly in between each layer.

Layering the Muffuletta Ingredients

Layering the Muffuletta Ingredients

I used two layers of chicken and finished with a second layer of dressing and then cheese. The Muffuletta should be overfilled so the lid needs to be squashed on and wrapped firmly with plastic wrap.  This help compress the fillings.

Muffuletta Rolls

Muffuletta Rolls

Now I  need some reader assistance, can you come up with another delicious lunch/picnic recipe using Bakers Delight bread??

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta

Chicken Caesar Muffuletta

It can be simple, complex, sweet or savory – but help me choose another dish to make.  …any ideas??

Gourmet Getaways would like to thank Bakers Delight for supplying the product for this sponsored story.


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  1. Jenny Andersen :

    I’m thinking a pizza inspired one although that might be the traditional antipasto one! Shaved salami, seeded marinated olives, semi dried tomatoes and capsicum with shaved Parmesan some BBQ sauce on the kids one, eggplant on mine. Yummy . I’m going to bakers delight tomorrow!

  2. I love muffuletta sandwiches because they seem to have the bread to filling ratio just right! 😀

  3. What a brilliant idea! And it’s less messy too!

  4. I would love one of each of these! Delicious.
    I cannot find where to signup for email notification of your posts, am I missing it somewhere?
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Oh Gee, I probably haven’t set that up Mandy, I will have to look into it… Thank you for visiting, I have added you to my Fiodie Friends Blogroll 🙂

  5. Seriously there are so many things you could create with this..awesome!

  6. Wow, I have to say muffuletta is something new to me, thanks for sharing! It looks soooooooooo good.

  7. I like your twist on a traditional muffuletta…chicken caesar sounds terrific.

  8. Great idea in just love the different combinations, and they could be endless. Thank You.

  9. Oh, my gosh, your mini-muffulatas look fantastic! Love all the yummy layers…and I’ll take mine with an olive roll, please 🙂

  10. This post is packed with amazing ideas, and I really love each of them. That Muff Burger looks mouthwatering and so delicious. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

  11. Yum….this looks good! I’ve never made anything like this before. I wouldn’t mind trying.
    Love your accompanying photos – really makes me want to eat and try this recipe even more…minus the anchovies (lol)

  12. That looks brilliant my friend, Bakers Delight is awesome 😀


  13. Oh wow!I love all these wonderful ideas for mini-muffuletta!Love all the layer ingredients and they look perfect for any picnic!Bookmarked 🙂

  14. love this! your mini-muffulatas look amazing, will definitely be making this to take into the office for lunch!

  15. I’m doing a recipe for Bakers Delight as well 🙂 I thought of a similar recipe but wasn’t sure how I’d go about it so didn’t do a savoury recipe but these are lovely! I love how this little roll has everything in it chicken, bacon and lettuce yum! I’m gonna have to try this out soon for myself xox

  16. This was TOTALLY an eye opening recipe for me. I’ve never had Muffuletta nor seeen it before, but this is so pretty! I didn’t expect something is actually inside of the bread! I love the side shot where we can see what’s in it. VERY VERY pretty and of course delicious!!!

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