Christmas Cookies for a Cookie Swap
Christmas Cookies for a Cookie Swap

Christmas Cookies for a Cookie Swap

Cookie swap, gingerbread cookies, iced cookies

I am such a lucky girl!

I was matched up with Traci from “Cookie Queen Kitsch’n” for my “Cookie Swap.”

Chocolate Fudge Cookies Recipe, cookie swap

As it turns out Traci is a professional cookie maker and she sent me the most gorgeous iced gingerbread cookies. Traci makes personalised cookies for birthdays, weddings, christenings and party favours and the cookies she sent me were just gorgeous!

Cookie swap, gingerbread cookies, iced cookies-2

I can’t explain the joy it gave me to receive this cookie swap.  There is something very special about a total stranger going to the trouble of hand baking such a beautiful treat for someone they won’t even meet. As much as I wanted to rip open the gorgeous packaging and bite into a cookie immediately I decided they looked just too cute and they needed a special occasion. I decided that I will take them to my mothers house and they will be the centrepiece at our family Christmas lunch tomorrow.

Thank you so much Traci!

Cookie swap, gingerbread cookies, iced cookies-3

Readers can go to Traci’s site and check out more of her amazing creations. She has even included the recipe and a step by step instructional showing how to make the Snow Globes.

Look at this cute little pressy Traci included in her package, it is the most gorgeous little cupcake. I have a little niece that may be the final recipient of this gift. Although… I am awfully tempted to eat it myself and say nothing 😉

Cookie swap, gingerbread cookies, iced cookies-4

Merry Christmas wonderful people!!

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  1. Wow… This Blogger Cookie Swap is such a great event! Thanks for linking Traci’s blog, her creations really are magnificent. You’re right, these would make such a perfect centrepiece at your family Christmas lunch. Sure to get the kids (and also the adults) excited! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Your cookies are gorgeous Julie! And I hope you have a lovely Christmas, full of fun and relaxation 😀

  3. Dear Julie
    Take 2, just spent 10 minutes writing a comment and somehow deleted it! Dont you hate that?

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous write up on my cookies, your photos are amazing, I am only an ametuer with the SLR this year.

    Was worried when you hadn’t received my cookies as I had posted them on the 8th December, boy was Aust Post super slow this year! I received yours right before Christmas Eve, but I am yet to still receive any from the other blogger.

    I will be blogging your cookies I promise, and now Chrissie is over I will get on top of it. I will need to link in your photos you put up as unfortunately the travel wasn’t kind and i think the platter acted as a brick wall as they arrived in approx 650 pieces so I wont put up the pic of what they arrived as. They were delicious, I have been eating them non stop as feet and hands were in tact.

    I can’t wait for next years, hopefully we can help buld a bigger interest so there is more than 3 of us.

    Did you receive your 2nd cookies yet?

    Yours Sincerely

  4. I am pleased you received my cookies before Christmas, but I am so sorry about the packaging… I will know better for next time. Yours were presented gorgeously and all arrived in tack!

    I am only received your cookies 🙁 I don’t know what happened to the other blogger???

    I would definitely participate in a cookie swap again next year. I loved the idea of making cookies and sending them to a new friend xx

  5. Hi again Julie
    I have only just read Yasmeen’s Cookie Swap Post, have you read it?

    Just letting you know I have written tonight to Lindsay and Julie at the swap as she has done a friend swap listing 3 other people she did a swap with! The one from Easy Peasy states they all forgot to register but Yasmeen didn’t and she is the only one that posted under the banner and her cookies/site were in the round up.

    Im totally confused, so I have left me discovery in the hands of Julie & Lindsay as she has received 3 dozens cookies she states she got from 3 different people but doesn’t list the cookies she received from both of us.

    I will let you know how I go. Doesn’t appear very fair from the view I have on it via her post.

    Cheers, Traci.


  1. […] year I was spoiled and received the most gorgeous cookies! Here is the story I wrote after the swap with lots of yummy images. Iced Sugar […]

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