Christmas Rum Balls & Truffles
Christmas Rum Balls & Truffles

Christmas Rum Balls & Truffles

Rum Balls are a Christmas tradition in our house.

Rum Balls on white platter

Rum Balls on white platter

Every year we have rum balls right through out the month of December. This year I have started a little earlier so you too can have them ready for gift giving, or devouring as you put up the Christmas decorations.

Rum Balls with Milk

Rum Balls with Milk

These rum balls are the easiest I have ever made, and I will be sticking with this recipe as it makes the most moist and delicious treats.  The recipe uses fruit cake crumb and melted chocolate which is why its so moist.

Rum Balls for Christmas

Rum Balls for Christmas

They can be dipped in melted chocolate for an exceptionally decadent treat or simply rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

If you want to make more “child friendly” rum balls just omit the rum and call them Christmas truffles.  I didn’t want the children to get confused so I dipped the adult rum balls in dark chocolate, and had the children roll their truffles in chocolate sprinkles.

Christmas Rum Balls & Truffles
Recipe Type: Christmas Treats
Cuisine: Christmas
Author: Julie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 40
These “no bake” rum balls are so quick and easy. They make the perfect gift for teachers or neighbours.
  • 1 Dark Christmas Cake (Homebrand)
  • 2 x 200gm dark chocolate (good quality)
  • 1/4 cup rum
  • 1 pkt chocolate sprinkles (or extra dark chocolate for coating)
  1. Line a tray with baking paper or glad wrap.
  2. Crumble cake by had in a large bowl.
  3. Melt both blocks of chocolate and stir through the cake crumbs.
  4. Add the rum and combine. The mixture should be very moist and sticky.
  5. Place sprinkles in a bowl.
  6. Form balls with your hands and roll in sprinkles.
  7. Place on the tray. Once finished refrigerate until needed.
  8. These are best served at room temperature.

Have these treats in the fridge ready to serve at Christmas or to give as gifts to neighbours and teachers.  Simply package them beautiful in a tin or box lined with baking paper add a ribbon and you are all finished.

Christmas Gifts Rum Ball

Christmas Gifts Rum Ball

We will be making these treats again for the children’s teachers…. perhaps with an extra dash or two of rum!

Rum Balls & Milk

Rum Balls & Milk

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  1. Yum Jules! They sound delicious! It’s starting to feel very festive already, isn’t it, and it’s not even December yet! 🙂

  2. Looks like this could be the street’s Chrisse present from me!

  3. I love cake balls that are at it’s easiest! I tend to do this when i have cake cut offs – nothing ever goes to waste!

  4. What a great idea using left overcake for cake balls! My kids would love this!

  5. Yum these look great. And well done on the pictures they look straight out of a food magazine!

  6. These look tasty!

  7. These look gorgeous. Why bother with store bought when you can make your own looking this good?!

  8. These should be given to the teachers at the start of the year, not at the end- guaranteed perfect grades! 🙂

  9. Boy, these are really easy to make! And I’ll bet their flavor is excellent. I love rum balls, but it’s been a few years since we’ve made them. Need to again – thanks.

  10. I am so glad you posted this recipe and used store bought cake because I am starting to look or Xmas present ideas and was stressing about having to make everything from scratch!

  11. I cannot drink rum so I will have to try the children’s version 😉

  12. Ooh I bet you have a lot of people wanting to “drop by” and see you guys knowing that there might be a rum ball in it or two! 😀

  13. Your rum balls are going to ensure a happy Christmas! Very fun (and delicious) to use fruit cake and chocolate together =)

    P.s. Great going on differentiating with the sprinkles.

  14. These are easy ! And delicious (well, minus the rum for me) They look really festive and perfect gifts!

  15. Ooh I love your easy truffles and cannot wait to try it with my kids omitting the rum of course!For us though the rum would be essential 🙂

  16. Yum, these look so easy to make. I recommend you triple the rum content for your kid’s teachers. They will need it by the end of the school year!

  17. Awww it’s been ages since I’ve had a good homemade rum ball! These sound delicious and so easy to make too!

  18. How lovely! Such a nice tradition.

    And I love your presentation – so cute!

  19. Nothing like truffles for perfect gifts, desserts and midnight snacks 😀
    Your recipe looks lovely!


  20. I’m drooling. Cake does make the best rum balls. Actually I love whisky balls best… except am doing a year off alcohol, oh bugger… does it extend to festive treats?? Whatever, I love these treats and relish the annual making of them, and the scoffing even more. I think I will try to make them in the Thermomix this year, see if it can take the strain. Thanks for simple, easy recipe.

  21. Oh, Julie! What pretty, pretty pictures – I love the black-and-white theme, with a pop of red! I also just love that you made these BEFORE decorating so you could eat them WHILE decorating – now why didn’t I ever figure that out before!?!?!? Why wait until after the decorations are up to start making Christmas treats?!?! Ha – lesson learned! 😀

  22. Oh, how pretty – they remind me a lot of a type of cake they have in Sweden, although these definitely look more decadent! A lovely treat in the run-up to Christmas :).

  23. So few will get wrapped up for gift giving… Amazing to snack on them year round Julie!

  24. oh YUM! Can you please bake me a batch?

  25. i love this kind of recipe very delicious and Christmas is come so best gift for my family to make them and enjoy this holidays thanks ,,,


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