Coconut Ice

I am on a bit of a roll with the “CSR Bake A Difference” fundraiser.  I have another suggestion, and this time it is a recipe that would be a great to do with the kids in the up coming school holidays. Now I realise that coconut ice is a little old fashion, but these are so easy, and I actually forgot how good coconut ice actually tastes!

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These will make the cutest little gifts.  I will never give a box of chocolates again! These are so much prettier and personal.

Coconut ice Bake a Difference


2 ½ cups CSR icing sugar

¼ t/s cream of tartar

1 egg white

¼ cup condensed milk

1 ¾ cup desiccated coconut

Coconut Ice Bake A Difference-2


Brush a 26cm x 8cm tin with oil and line with baking paper.

Sift icing sugar into a bowl with cream of tartar.

Combine the condensed milk and egg white and mix well by hand.

Add the condensed milk mixture and coconut to the icing sugar and mix by hand until combined.

Press mixture into prepared tin and refrigerate for 1 hour prior to cutting into squares.

Coconut Ice Bake A Difference Christmas cooking-3


I used clear cellophane cut into squares, and a five metre roll of pink ribbon. The cones are made from vellum paper.

Coconut Ice Bake A Difference-3

It was really easy to wrap the coconut ice up as “lollies” and I was really pleased with the result. The original thought was to present them in clear noodle boxes with a pink Christmas decoration attached but being Christmas everywhere was sold out of noodle boxes.

Coconut Ice Bake a difference-4

For more “Bake A Difference” information see my previous post or the “CSR Bake A Difference” website.  Jeroxie will be compiling a collection of the most mouthwatering treats in this fundraiser for all to enjoy.

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