creaming soda macaroon

I have been experimenting with macaroon flavours recently and came across a post by Rasberri Cupcakes  who had been busy trying to create a creaming soda flavoured macaroon. Her attempt did not end up in a successful macaroon but instead she decided to make the most awesome looking ice-cream soda cupcake.  Her post got me thinking of how I would go about producing a macaroon with creaming soda.

Creaming Soda Cupcakes

Steph had said in her post that she was having difficulty in getting the flavour of creaming soda into the macaroon or the filling, as creaming soda has quite a mild flavour.  I remembered having a “soda stream” when I was a kids, and mum buying a creaming soda concentrate.  I went in search of the creaming soda mixer, and then set about making a macaroon with the syrup.

I was really hoping the syrup would be the candy pink colour I remembered as a child but it seems the mixer is an iridescent green so my styling didn’t go according to the initial plan.

Creaming soda Macaroon-2

Image concept from Rasberri Cupcakes

Anyway, here is my experiment in creaming soda macaroons. I hope Steph at Rasberri Cupcakes and everyone else enjoys the recipe. The macaroons are very sweet, but they all disappeared in one sitting, so I am taking that as a success. I have included three alternate fillings for the macaroon so if the creaming soda jelly is too much of a sugar hit, you could use a vanilla cream instead.

The dusting of Wizz Fizz is another leftover from my childhood.  It just felt like the appropriate finishing touch to this sweet treat.



3 egg whites

¼ cup caster sugar

1 ¼ cup sifted pure icing sugar

120gm ground almond

1 T/s creaming soda concentrate syrup

6- 8 drops yellow food colouring 

Creaming Soda Jelly Filling

120ml boiled water

1 T/s Unflavoured Gelatin Powder

80ml creaming soda concentrate syrup

150ml cold water 

Ganache Filling

360gm white chocolate

120ml cream

2 T/s creaming soda concentrate

10 drops yellow colouring

Vanilla Cream

300ml cream

1 t/s vanilla bean paste

2 T/s icing sugar

Wizz Fizz for dusting


Boil water and measure 120mls into a glass bowl.  Sprinkle gelatin powder over the hot water and combine so that there are no lumps, and the liquid is smooth.

Creaming soda

Add the creaming soda concentrate and cold water and stir until combined.

Pour jelly into a square or rectangle vessel at about ½ – 1cm thickness, refrigerate to set.

Creaming soda jelly

Melt white chocolate and cream in a glass bowl in the microwave on high for 2 minutes.  Stir until vigorously until smooth, add food colouring and creaming soda concentrate until the desired colour and taste is achieved. Refrigerate until needed.

Combine the cream, vanilla and icing sugar in a bowl.  Use a stick blender to whip the cream until stiff, refrigerate.

Beat egg whites in a small ball with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.  Slowly add the caster sugar and a few drops of colouring. Beat until the sugar dissolves.

Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and gently fold through the almond, sifted icing sugar and creaming soda concentrate in batches.

Macaroon Making

Once combine fill a piping bag with the mixture and pipe on to a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Preheat oven to 140 degrees.

After the macaroons have been standing for 20-30 mins bake in the oven for 15 -20mins, cool on the tray.

Macaroon Making-2

Using a circular implement the same size as your macaroon cut circles from the jelly and use an egg flip or cake slide to place on one half of the macaroon.

Creaming Soda Jelly-2

The macaroons can be filled with ganache, jelly, cream or a combination of all three.

Once the base macaroon has been filled, use a second macaroon to sandwich together.

Dust with wizz fizz for a final sugar hit.

Creaming soda Macaroon-3

So tell me, what flavour macaroon would you like to try??

Macaroon Creaming Soda

Creaming Soda Macaroons