Creamy Garlic & Dill Prawns
Creamy Garlic & Dill Prawns

Creamy Garlic & Dill Prawns

Creamy Garlic & Dill Prawns

Week 33


This is a dish I make all the quite a lot, it is my “low fat” version of a classic as it doesn’t have any cream.  I make it all the time because it is quick and easy.  If you substitute the prawns for smoked salmon and capers it makes a great pasta sauce too.


2 x 250gm 5% fat Philly cheese in tub

500ml Vegetable Stock

3 cloves garlic

½ Bunch Dill

4 Shallots

2 red birdseye Chili’s

400gm Green Garlic Prawn

Juice of half a lemon

Cracked pepper to taste


Put the cream cheese and stock in a saucepan over the heat.  Using a stick blend combine the two ingredients while heating until the liquid is smooth and creamy. Continue to simmer uncovered on the stove while you chop the garlic, chili and shallots finely.  Add these ingredients to the simmering pot stirring occasionally. When stirring scrape the creamy buildup from the sides and stir back through the sauce.  Chop half the dill and add to the cream sauce. Continue to simmer until the sauce starts to thicken, usually 15 – 25 mins.  Once the sauce is to your desired consistency stir through the green prawns, Heat prawns through in the sauce for 1 minute and then turn it off.

Add the Dill, lemon juice and pepper to taste. Serve with rice or pasta.

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  1. I mentioned I am not the hugest seafood fan on my blog, but this looks quite delicious! Great photography too!

  2. I just made this recipe for my children’s dinner. I didn’t add the chilli though. My kids requested pasta with it, but personally I think rice is the better option as it would soak up the creamy sauce. The flavour was delicious and my children gave rave reviews too. My tip is to make sure you only use garlic cloves and not the pre-crushed stuff in the jar (wouldn’t taste very good). A little white wine in the sauce would add even more flavour! Overall I will definately be using this recipe again. Thanks!!!

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