CSR Bake A Difference

CSR Bake A Difference

CSR Bake A Difference

I received a big surprise in the mail yesterday, but there is a bit of a story, so I will start at the beginning. Regularly readers may remember that before Christmas I took part in a fund raiser hosted by CSR Sugar and Jeroxie to raise funds for charity. The fundraiser was called “Bake A Difference” and the aim was to bake some of your Christmas presents and donate the funds saved to those less fortunate.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event and bake some delicious treats to share. Here are the links to refresh your memory.

CRS Bake a Difference Rapberry Jam


Christmas Shortbread Tree


Coconut Ice Bake A Difference Christmas cooking


Grand Marnier Jam


So, back to my surprise in the post! I received a thankyou gift from CSR Sugar. The package included three bags of various sugars and a gorgeous Women’s Weekly “Cupcakes” recipe book.

Needless to say the package will come in very handy.  I am sure you can imagine how much sugar I use in my daily baking.

So thank you to CSR Sugar and Jeroxie.  I hope the fund raiser helped many people.

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  1. Now you are even sweeter!!! Can’t wait to see the cupcakes!!

  2. You had some beautiful posts (luv your styling and photography) and so generous of you taking part in the fundraiser.

    That was nice of them to send you a surprise and thank you’s. =)

  3. That’s is a wonderful surprise. Looking forward to see what you make!

    PS…just saw you’ve been nominated for best food blog. Congratulations! Your blog is absolutely wonderful and you deserve it! I’ll be voting for you!!

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