All Day – Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff
All Day – Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

All Day – Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

They say “Good thing take time”. This recipe for an all day, slow cooked beef stroganoff is a good example. It’s a dish that is happy to take all the time it need in the slow cooker. It will develop rich meaty flavours. The time at such a low heat also allows the meat and connective tissue to get that fabulous “melt in the mouth texture”.

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker Giveaway

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker Giveaway

You can rush the dish along a little by cooking it on high. It will then take a mere 5 hours in the slow cooker. Personally I like to give the meat all day so that when I return home, the house is filled with the most wonderful rich aromas.

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Happy Winter everyone!
Winter has arrived in my part of the world which is why I’m cooking some warming comfort food. My slow cooked beef stroganoff has been adapted from one of the first proper recipes I ever learned to cook in home economics class. So I have been cooking this recipe for about 30 years! It’s definitely a favourite of mine and the family seem to like it too.

Close Up Beef Stroganoff Submissions

Close Up Beef Stroganoff Submissions

The kids aren’t that fussed about the mushrooms, but any dish that’s served with pasta and garlic bread is a win for them. If I let them pick out the mushrooms everyones happy. Especially me, because cooking this dinner, and the clean up is a cinch. I can start the slow cooker as I walk out of the house at 8.00am and when I return at 6.00pm a delicious dinner is waiting.

Cosy Beef Stroganoff

Cosy Beef Stroganoff

Can you tell I’m in love with my slow cooker? Each winter it becomes my most prized possession. This winter I am partnering with Russel Hobbs to bring you a delicious slow cooked recipe each week.  Every Sunday morning you will find a new slow cooker recipe featured on the website. I’m hoping this will give you time to shop for the ingredients and set the slow cooker up for Monday nights dinner.

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker

Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker

But, what if you don’t have a Slow Cooker? Gourmet Getaways and Russel Hobbs is also featuring a slow cooker GIVEAWAY as part of the series. Just read through to the bottom of the story for more information about this great prize. Make sure you enter your details for a chance to win.

All Day – Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

All Day – Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff


  • 600gm Blade Steak (cut into strips 1.5cm thick approx)
  • 200gm finely diced onion
  • 200gm button mushrooms sliced
  • 200gm large flat field mushrooms sliced
  • 6 cloves garlic grated
  • 400ml beef stock
  • 2 Tbs tomato paste
  • 1 tsp mustard powder
  • 5 sprigs thyme or 1 sprig rosemary
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 125gm sour cream
  • 1/4 cup cornflour
  • 1/2 cup white wine
  • 1/2 cup chopped parsley


  1. Add the beef, onion, garlic, mushroom, beef stock, tomato paste, mustard, thyme and salt to a large capacity slow cooker.
  2. Combine the ingredients and cook on low for between 8- 10 hours depending on the time you have available.
  3. Once the stroganoff is cooked combine the wine and cornflour in a cup. Mix until a smooth paste is formed.
  4. Add the cornflour paste to the stroganoff and stir until the dish thickens.
  5. Stir through the sour cream and served topped with parsley.

As I said, I like to serve my Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff with thick pappardelle pasta and garnished with fresh chopped parsley. Everyone loves dipping garlic bread in the sauce. I feel it qualifies as a comfort dish as it has two delicious sources of carbohydrates and a nice serving of sour cream.

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

If you were trying to trim some calories you could serve the dish without the sour cream and just allow the cornflour and wine to make the sauce. My family would not be happy with the option as the cream makes the sauce extra rich.

Ingredients Beef Stroganoff

Ingredients Beef Stroganoff

All my recipes for the slow cooker series have been tested using the Russell Hobbs 6 litre family slow cooker.

Finished Beef Stroganoff

Finished Beef Stroganoff

If you would like a chance to win your own Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker take a look at the giveaway. Russell Hobbs is giving one lucky Gourmet Getaways reader the chance to win a 6L Family Slow Cooker VALUED at $105.

Overhead Beef Stroganoff

Overhead Beef Stroganoff

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*Please see the full terms and conditions on the entry form. Entry is to Australian residents over the age of 18 years of age. Winners will be announced via the Gourmet Getaways Facebook on the 28th June 2016 so please make sure to follow.

So I hope you enjoy the Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff recipe. For a “slow cooked meal” I find it’s a FAST way to get a winter warming dish on the table.

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  1. Oh fantastic. And thank God Winter has FINALLY arrived. Nothing more comforting than slow cooking, my favourite thing.

  2. This looks so delicious!
    I love cooking and would love one of these to make meals for my family of 8. They make very attractive appliances in this brand and they last for years too.

  3. Thankyou I have been looking for a stroganoff recipe that my whole family will enjoy ,that’s what its all about in Winter – Comfort food .

  4. Michaela Gillies :

    The time is nigh to begin our slow cooked favourite – lamb shanks in stout

  5. Mandy Graham :

    Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff. mmmm

  6. Nothing beats a warming Green Chicken Curry, slowly cooking away in the kitchen, filling the house with warm exotic fragrances!

  7. I have this wonderful slow cooker breakfast where it cooks over night and you have bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, onions and cheese. The only problem is the smell flows through the house during the night and it makes it so hard to sleep with such an amazing aroma in the air.

  8. My all time fav slow cooked Spicy Moroccan Lamb Shanks, succulent falloff the bone lamb and sweet veggies, so delicious and a great winter warmer dish.

  9. Love my slow cooker too. Should give this a try soon!

  10. Scott Crumlin :

    Pork Cutlets. Potatoes, Vegetables and Buttery Pumpkin!

  11. Beef stroganoff was on my menu for tonight before I read your post! You’ve inspired me to tweak my recipe 🙂

  12. I love dishes that take all day to cook! They fill the house with the most delicious aromas, don’t they? Haven’t made beef stroganoff in ages and ages. Of course you’ve got me craving it now. Thanks!

  13. Catrina Murray :

    Lamb Shanks with red wine and garlic

  14. Eamond Tomaszewski :

    Definately Some wonderful Beef Soup bones mixed with all our own ingredients from our garden carrots celery spring onions and corn soaked in my own home made vegetable broth for a Slow cooked masterpiece herbs to taste from our garden of course

  15. Love a Thai Chicken curry!

  16. osso bucco for sure i can just imagine the meat falling off the bone now.


  18. Ashley Beech :

    Lamb shanks and vegies, the best meat for slow cooking just falls off the bone , goes a treat with whatever vegies you have chucked in with the shanks and gravy made from the juices.

  19. Michelle fay :

    We all love cut up sausages and vegetables in gravy because it’s easy and everyone loves sausages plus we have a big family so it feeds everyone and doesn’t cost a lot to make.


    I love Chinese food and Slow cooker red roast pulled pork is fantastic.

  21. osso bucco i can just imagine the meat falling off the bone now.

  22. I love get some breast chicken, creamy chicken soup, and vegetables, like potatoes, peas, carrots. All into the slow cooker. The house smells amazing. And great winter meal.

  23. I love a winter stew made with Lamb shanks and lots of different vegetables, cooked all day in a slow cooker and an hour before serving I add small fluffy dumplings all over the top and turn on high, Perfect comfort food for winter.

  24. Beef vegetable & red wine slow cooker delicious

  25. Andreea Nicolescu :

    I loved a beef and vegetable casserole, but I think the slow cooked beef stroganoff has become the whole families favorite

  26. Robyn Palmer :

    I really miss my slow cooker that died last year, RIP. I always put oats in my cooker before bed & wake up to creamy, yummy, warm porridge in the morning.

  27. katrina stubbs :

    I love slow cooking a whole chicken with vegetables in the slow cooker. I add lots of different herbs and spices to add flavour and top it off with butter on top

  28. Diane Pendlebury :

    I love Apricot Chicken cooked in a slow cooker and corned silver side delish

  29. I love my slow cooker! Hope the winner of this prize makes your stroganoff – it looks amazing! The Hungry Dad would faint if I served this up 🙂

  30. I love making a delicious, sweet and indulgent pulled pork with amazing BBQ sauce stirred through, pop that on a roll with some slaw, delish!

  31. my mums chicken and rice would cook perfectly in a Russell Hobbs slow cooker

  32. Jessica Ashbrooke :

    I’m slow cooking a hearty soup at the moment borrowed mums slow cooker and it’s a beef stew with plenty of chilli and garlic for fighting these flus

  33. I tried to cook this once for New Year’s Eve, but didn’t know until now that it’s an awesome idea to use thick pasta. Love the look of it, looks really yummy 🙂

  34. Cecilia Warrick :

    Osso Bucco with an Asian twist adding chilli and Hoisin sauce.

  35. Helga Grenkowitz :

    I have no idea since I never owned a slow cooker. But I would do a Beef Vegetable Stew as you can variate the ingredients depending on what’s in season.

  36. Debra ogilvie :

    Devilled sausages would be great in the slow cooker.

  37. Gregory Bell :

    My wife uses a pan in the oven to slow cook lamb pieces, with carrot and rosemary..that one is a favourite. She would really like to have an actual slow cooker that has controls to turn on and off by itself.

  38. Rita Maguire :

    Lentil soup with smoky ribs like mum used to make! A real rib sticker!

  39. Hi Julie, there is nothing better in the winter time than to come home to a meal that has been slow cooked all day, looks like a meal my family would love.

  40. My mom gonna love these hoping to win for her it helps a lot because she loves cooking anything. thank you for the chance ^^

  41. Bethany Allen :

    Slow-cooker pulled pork, with sweet and sour barbecue sauce and a handful of chillies thrown in for good measure – makes you feel like you’re eating out on even the gloomiest days!

  42. Tricia Leonard :

    Chicken thighs, cream, can of mushroom soup, diced bacon, sliced potatoes, garlic and flour to thicken. Served with rice and vegetables. The whole family loves it and my house smells so good!

  43. My favorite slow cooker dish is a roast with a pkg. of brown gravy mix, pkg. of au jus, a hand full of sliced peperoncini peppers with some juice and a stick of butter. Cooked all day and shredded and served on a roll with provolone cheese.

  44. My favourite slow-cooked dish is (now) your Russell Hobbs Beef Stroganoff!
    So that’s how you do it!!!

  45. Love Potato and Bean Tsholent. Yum. Warm and filling for wintry days.

  46. nikki cashion :

    homemade curried sausages for my family

  47. Michelle Gray :

    I think my favourite would have to be roast lamb, I’d never had such melt in your mouth lamb before I tried cooking in the slow cooker.

  48. I love slow cooked porccupines so yummy & warm for the belly in cold months & very filling

  49. Anne McKenzie :

    I love slow cooked beef cheeks in red wine. My slow cooker is very basic and old – would love an update, especially a Russell Hobbs brand.

  50. Lorraine Reid :

    My mum used to make a delicious Irish Stew in her pressure cooker. The meat was so tender, it melted in your mouth. I’d love to make an Irish Stew in this fabulous slow cooker

  51. Cheryl Moulton :

    I have never used a slow cooker but the mind boggles with the many different meals I could cook in one!

  52. Luigi costantino :

    Lamb shanks with red wine!

  53. Lauren Thomas :

    My favourite slow cooked dish is beef stroganoff.

  54. Sue Greetham :

    Slow cooked Beef Madras

  55. Cooking for me is like trying to talk Mandarin…it’s like a completely alien language and no matter how much love, time or effort I put in, nothing turns out how it is supposed to.
    My Mum is a wonderful cook though, and my favourite slow cooked meal is a toss-up between her Beef Stroganoff, which is so rich & creamy and her Stew with Dumplings, which has meat that melts in your mouth and amazing dumplings to siak up all the gravy…I’m drooling thinking about it!

  56. Christine Douglas :

    Our family LOVES our strog, great looking recipe I’ll have to borrow mums slow cooker to give it a go!

  57. Julie Vulin :

    Nothing beats a hearty beef stew in a slow cooker, the perfect winter dish. Fills the belly and makes me feel warm and happy inside and out!

  58. Wow this looks absolutely delish. I have a very simple but tasty lamb shanks recipe that I love to do in a slow cooker. It’s tomatoey, lemony, garlicy goodness! I’ve just been waiting for the weather to cool down enough in Qld to make it!

  59. Pulled pork, it’s delicious and it’s perfect for winter.

  60. Slow cooked beef cheeks. Just melts in your mouth. So easy and everyone loves it.

  61. Katrina Price :

    The best is slow cooked beef vindaloo – made beef checks, some vindaloo spices and a of coconut cream at the end. Amazing

  62. Darren Lacey :

    Chicken and Bacon Casserole goes alright.

  63. Just about anything with lamb shanks is great slow-cooked. The rich meat seems designed for melting after slow cooking.

  64. Chicken casserole is perfect after being slow-cooked all day.

  65. Christopher King :

    Hearty Beef Casserole with carrots, potatoes, parsnip, parsley and pepper!

  66. I love the slow cooked Chicken Soup that my partner made for me. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember how he made it!

  67. Ashley Prendergast :

    Osso Buco – one of the first dishes my dad and I ever cooked together. I”ll never forget how flavourful and tender the veal was after all those hours. It’s a family favourite now.

  68. My favourite dish to make in a slow cooker is a delicious thai curry!

  69. Slow cooked beef stroganoff looks and sounds delicious!

  70. Janet Molloy :

    For my favourite slow-cooked meal – I don’t have to travel to Hungary – just need a Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker and fresh ingredients to create a delicious goulash. Lovely big chunks of beef, fresh peeled / pureed tomatoes, onions, paprika potatoes, mushrooms and some stock. Cooked all day this is superb and the house smells so warm and welcoming. Sour cream on the top and voila – a perfectly cooked heartwarming meal and we’re not “hungary” any more!

  71. Jennifer Robertson :

    Bone with a Hole. Cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth, garnished with gremolata and served with risotto alle milanese. It sounds much better in it’s own language, Italian, where it’s called Ossobuco but tastes ‘bellissimo’ wherever it’s eaten.

  72. I love slow cooked Beef Ragu.

  73. I love anything slow cooked, but my favourite is Lamb Shanks in a red wine gravy

  74. My Fave slow cooker recipe is chicken cacciatore as it is a family recipe and my kids love it.

  75. Melissa Wilkes :

    Golden syrup dumplings, oh so yummy…..add a dollop of ice cream and I’m in love.

  76. Bianca Bonakey :

    I love slow cooked lamb shanks ..lots of roasted vegetables and a red wine garlic sauce

  77. Jenny morgan :

    Apricot chicken. I’ve been slow cooking for 35 years. I still have my crockpot and love it.

  78. Beef bourguignon with parmesan and chive dumplings, rich, delicious and warming and always first on the family dish requests for winter!

  79. Alyce McGillivray :

    Slow cooked balsamic chicken! Its so easy, a whole chook, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard and some sugar. Easy and yum, its perfect for winter or summer!

  80. lamb shanks in tomato ohhhhhhlala delicious….

  81. Jennifer Round :

    Moroccan lamb shanks

  82. This is enough to make me drool!! My favourite dish is beef and red wine casserole…..with herb dumplings on top

  83. Justine Drake :

    Texan style beef brisket for a cold winter night,
    on freshly baked bread rolls,
    makes everyone happy and the left over’s are just as nice!

  84. Jen MacCulloch :

    This slow cooker would be the best for warm heart winter stews and curries! YUM!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Malcolm Wood :

    When my wife’s tied up with all the other things that make life full, I’d love to be able to take care of dinner with a delicious, slow-cooked, old fashioned stew! My specialty!

  86. Always wanted a slow-cooker. I love soups, casseroles and stews so the sky’s the limit with what I can do with my favourite meal… my husband’s mum’s recipe of ‘family stew’!

  87. chris horgan :

    Slow cooked lamb shanks make me purr every time 😉

  88. Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Meatloaf. For a big flavour rush, add stuffing mix and cheese to your meatloaf and have it cook while you work. Mum’s jealous!



  90. Wallaby Stew

  91. Sweet and Spicy Chicken in the Slow Cooker on cold days whilst the rain is falling, is just heavenly.

  92. Vicki McKenzie :

    A beef and vegetable stew. Sounds plain but slow-cooked with herbs and bay leaves, dash of red wine, and it’s a delicious heart warming meal for cold winter nights. Perfection.

  93. Stephanie Whitehead :

    That looks delish! My mouth is watering. I usually cook a beautiful tender beef stew with whatever vegies i can find

  94. Chicken and vegetable soup. Using fresh vegies from our garden, the soup is filling and healthy, perfect for a winters night.

  95. My favourite would definitely be Beef Ragu, so simple to make and yet so tasty.

  96. margie sincoe :

    Creamy Pumpkin soup, with stock, pumpkin, onions, garlic and potatoes (to thicken) and when cooked, a quick blend and a large swirl of sour cream. If any is left over it can be used as a sauce over noodles for another night.

  97. My friend does a beautiful apple cinnamon dessert in the slow cooker so that is my favourite slow cooked “meal” right now – it would make a perfect weekend breakfast too!

  98. I love to make a beef cheek ragu, so rich and decedent!

  99. Shannon Wotton :

    Slow cooker Texas pulled pork is amazing! A hit in winter and great in summer too.

  100. Great giveaway! I love chicken, bacon mushroom stew in the slow cooker! so good!

  101. I love a creamy chicken korma where the meat is falling off the bone and crispy papadums to serve. A family favourite.

  102. I love a lot of different slow cooked dishes, corned beef would have to be one of my top favourites.. I love the wway the meat just melts in your mouth!..

  103. Charisse Childs :

    I’m always looking for a good slow cooker recipe and yours does sound delicious that I must try.
    My favourite slow cooked recipe is one I discovered at a restaurant and now can’t get enough of. It is beef cheeks in red wine sauce and buttery mashed potato. Perfect on a cold night and leftovers can make a wonderful pie!

  104. jody buhagiar :

    I love a slow cook Lamb Ragu, rich and meaty.

  105. christina mackintosh :

    This is amazing! made this for dinner tonight and its all gone, which means i need to make double next time! YUMMMY! this slowcooker would be a nice addition to my family : )

  106. love lamb shanks

  107. A beef stew with what ever you have in the cupboard or fridge to add so it’s different everytime

  108. Thanks for the recipe.

    My personal favourite is Chicken Chasseur – so hearty and comforting on a cold rainy night.

  109. Matthew Thompson :

    Curry or a stew

  110. Kellie Bright :

    Can’t beat a good lamb shank casserole!

  111. johanna rees :

    Honey Balsamic Pulled Pork – Prepare and set the cooker before leaving home before the kids football match and it’s all ready to feed the team when we get home.

  112. My favourite meal in a slow cooker is a dessert – Apple and cinnamon cobbler. Something warming when you come home to the sweet spell of a winter treat that you will be able to digest after a nice hearty winter soup.

  113. A big hunk of Pork slow cooked to make a delicious BBQ pulled pork is always a favourite here. Pair it with coleslaw on a bread roll or use it to make pulled pork nachos or enchiladas.

  114. adrienne harries :

    slow cooked lamb curry
    so the meat is tender, there’s no hurry
    rich, aromatic and flavorsome
    To the table they will come

  115. Just want the Doctor ordered!

  116. Just what the Doctor ordered!

  117. Our family favourite is slow-cooked Massaman beef curry with lots of root vegetables …. soooo yummy!

  118. I love a slow cooked beef massaman curry!

  119. Any curry … the hotter the better!

  120. Jess Williams :

    Yum I will have to give this a go. I love a lamb korma in the slow cooker especially on a cold winter night 🙂

  121. I love minestrone soup in the slow cooker! So warm and comforting to come home to, and even better for lunch the next day! Mmmm

  122. Looks delish! My fav slow cooker dish is red pasta sauce 🙂

  123. My favourite slow cooked meal would be my mums corned beef, served with a side of mash potato, green beans & white sauce. It is just so moist and tasty and amazing. I do not own a slow cooker, and have yet to be able to replicate her corned beef, she says its because I don’t use the secret ingredient ‘her love’ I think its because she does it in the slow cook.

  124. My favourite just has to be lamb shanks, nothing beats them.

  125. nicole larsen :

    Has to be chilli con carne cooking all day long so it brings out all the flavours and makes it amazing

  126. A rich and decadent beef bourguignon, using a whole bottle of wine and lots of champignon mushrooms. Served with crusty toasted sour dough that’s been brushed with truffle oil.

  127. My favourite slow cooked meal is Beef and Guiness, full of flavour

  128. My favourite slow cooker recipe is creamy chicken and mushroom casserole. Heartwarming, wholesome and delicious.

  129. lamb shanks that melt un your mouth

  130. Lamb and Vegetable soup!

  131. Corned beef is always received with enthusiasm at our home during the cold winter weather.

  132. Sharon Markwell :

    The Russell Hobbs – 6L Family Slow Cooker would make my famous corned beef taste even more scrumptious than ever.

  133. Lamb Shanks.
    Divine fall away, melt in your mouth gormet delight!

  134. Good heart beed strog! Simply delicious!

  135. Phillip Cunningham :

    Beef Stroganoff made with love and extra sour cream

  136. Lamb shanks are my favourite sloe cooked meals. Love the tenderness of the meat.

  137. Lamb shanks are my favourite slow cooked meals. Love the tenderness of the meat melting in my mouth.

  138. Becky Palmer :

    Apricot Chicken, I love how the slow cooking seems to absorb the flavour of the nectar into the chicken!

  139. Creamy bacon fettuccine; perfect to warm hearts where a tradition of creative culinary expressionism and inspirationally heartfelt love will always be part. Good luck to everyone!

  140. Sarah Shelley :

    Slow Cooked Beef and Red Wine Casserole! So tender and hearty, Perfect for a cold winters day to warm our hearts and hands.

  141. This recipe is my new favorite slow cooked meal. Yum

  142. Catherine Roberts :

    nothing gets my family to the table quicker when beef ragu is on the menu…perfect mid-week winter heart warmer.

  143. I love slow cooked beef stroganoff

  144. Katrina Williams :

    Wow this looks delicious, will definitely be pinning this so I can try this out soon. My favourite slow cooked dish would have to be Mexican pulled pork. Meat so tender just melts in your mouth.

  145. Great time saver that tastes great

  146. Aww pickles! We had beef stog tonight, but it was only a packet mix. This recipe looks super easy. Will definately be trying it next time. Slow Cooked Mongolian Beef is a favourite in our house. 😀

  147. sandra marsh :

    Good old fashioned chicken casserole.not only does it fill your belly, it fights the nast winter germs away

  148. Becky Downey :

    Irish Stew makes my tastebuds jig and reel! SLOW but sure, it’s a real CORKer, love at first BITE and a DISH come true!

  149. Melly Legiman :

    Beef Stroganoff is a family favourite. Love the vibrant flavours of tender beef, onions, mushrooms, butter, olive oil blending beautifully in one pot filled with the most delectable taste.

  150. Lamb and rhubarb casserole – sweet sweet lamb with that tang of rhubarb – AMAZING

  151. Tracey Taylor :

    Coming home smelling a rich,thick soup cooking is heaven,would love to try my hand at desserts next.

  152. Potato, leek and bacon soup is my families favourite. As a nurse who works afternoon shifts, slow cookers allow me to cook in the morning, take some to work with me and a hot meal be left for the rest of the family.

  153. Rebecca Drayton :

    My favorite slow cooker meal is BBQ Dr Pepper pulled pork. Perfect on crusty rolls with slaw.

  154. My Chicken and as many Vegetables as I can Soup is a great favourite and I too, love coming home to the smell of slow cooked meals.

  155. Dianne Kitson :

    A great winter casserole is beef with vegetables, or my favourite a beef goulash, but my mouth is watering after that slow cooked beef stroganoff recipe, so will absolutely try it out.

  156. Aleisha Davidson :

    It would have to be rich, hearty, tomato-based lamb shanks. So perfectly cooked that the meat melts in your mouth!

  157. Danielle Palmer :

    My favourite slow cooker meal is a Hungarian Goulash with dumplings, yum!!

  158. I still own a crock pot so I’d love to find out what difference there is in a slow cooker.

  159. Leanne white :

    When we had a slow cooker it was beef stroganoff that was a family favourite, the tender cut beef, mushrooms and sour cream…yum. Our lid smashed and we don’t have one at the moment.
    It was a godsend for soccer nights!

  160. Tamara Lamb :

    My favourite slow cooked dish is the trusty old lamb shanks in red wine sauce. Cooked on low until the meat starts to come away from the bone. That’s when you know it will melt in the mouth and warm your tummy!

  161. Tess Howard :

    Slow cooked pulled pork with my Alabama nans white BBQ sauce. The best ‘indoor’ bbq you’ll ever have!

  162. Paulina Batty :

    Lamb Rogan Josh
    Slow cooked while I am at work, ready for a delicious family dinner when I get home

  163. Red Wine and Garlic lamb shanks, as they’re so easy to make in the slow cooker. They’re very tasty and hearty comfort food especially in winter!

  164. Love sausage hot pot on a bed of mashed potato! So yummy!! Even the kids don’t put up a fight with this one 😉

  165. Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pot Roast! an all in one crowd pleaser that is easy to make and oh so delicious!

  166. My favorite slow cooked meal would have to be Lamb Shanks.

  167. Apricot chicken – something my mu showed me how to make before i left home

  168. sarahjane noble :

    A whole chicken and vegetables without the stress. Falls off the bone.

  169. Natalie Stoute :

    Nothing beats slow cooked Chicken Tandoori. Throw in the chicken legs or pieces, tandoori paste, water and let cook. End with stirring through yoghurt with baby spinach leaves. Serve on top of fluffy white rice with toasted slivered almonds. Perfect!


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