Deluxcious Heritage Hotel Penang
Deluxcious Heritage Hotel Penang

Deluxcious Heritage Hotel Penang

Our first night in Penang was spent at the Deluxcious Heritage Hotel, Spa and Restaurant. It had appealed to me online because the hotel was a bed and breakfast style property, which is housed in a restored 19th Century English Colonial Mansion. I had felt it was time to try a more cosy style of accommodation, and restored old buildings have such an elegant homely feel.

Deluxious Hotel Spa & Restaurant

Deluxious Hotel Spa & Restaurant

I was not disappointed, Deluxcious is a  UNESCO World Heritage listed building.  It has been lovingly restored to it’s former beauty, and is now an elegant testament to the colourful history of Georgetown. The hotel itself is simply furnished in a manner fitting for a  period property. The walls are a creamy white, dark woods are featured in the furniture and linen is crisp, white  and fresh.  We were  transported into the cool, calm beauty of this lovely building instantly.

Deluxious Heritage Hotel Decor

Deluxcious Hallway Flowers

We were shown to our rooms, the  staff were welcoming and friendly.  Again I had booked two rooms for the family, a “Family Room” for hubby, myself and Anais, whilst the boys had the “Superior Queen” room next door. Both rooms were gorgeous, spacious and most importantly air-conditioned!  Free internet was provided, which by this stage in the trip was very welcomed by all.

Deluxicious Heritage Hotel Room

Deluxcious Heritage Hotel Room

We all enjoyed a complimentary drink at the bar that afternoon and Anais instantly made friends with the managers children and disappeared after her drink to “play”.

Deluxious Hotel Welcome Drinks

Deluxcious Hotel Welcome Drinks

Included in out tariff  was a set breakfast with three choices.

Deluxicious Heritage Hotel Breakfast Area

Deluxcious Heritage Hotel Breakfast Area

Mr GG chose the first option of Nasi Lemak which included a very spicy dry fish curry served with fragrant coconut rice on a banana leaf with a boiled egg and side salad.  It was a delicious, spicy, full flavoured way to start the day.

Nasi Lema

Nasi Lemak w Coconut Rice

The teenager and I chose a Roti Cania with Curry Gravy.  The curry was more a dipping sauce for the fried Indian bread.  The Gravy Curry was creamy, hot and spicy.  If breakfast was always like this I would be tempted to indulge more often. I had my usual coffee which was surprisingly strong and definitely had the effect of opening my eyes. I had been bracing myself for instant coffee that seems to be the preference in some countries but thankfully this was a fate I didn’t need to suffer through.

 Roti Cania with Curry Gravy

Roti Cania with Curry Gravy

 The little ones have been fantastic eating the local food without fuss. For breakfast I decided to order the third option of toast with jam and orange juice. Anais still insisted on “trying” (eating half) my roti, she thoroughly enjoyed the bread but the curry was far too hot.

Deluxicious Hotel Breakfast

Children’s Breakfast at Deluxcious Hotel

It was lovely enjoying breakfast in the garden, such a tranquil and pretty oasis in and otherwise busy part of the city. I enjoyed looking at the restored colonial buildings yesterday, and we did see some unique temples, but on the whole the city of Georgetown doesn’t seem to have a lot to offer tourists, especially those with children.

Deluxcious Heritage Hotel, Spa & Restaurant

17A Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

10050 Penang

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  1. Julie, It looks like the Hotel sign says ‘Deluxious’ and you are calling it ‘Deluxicious’- is that because the hotel is deluxe in quality plus has delicious food? If so, that’s a good play on words! I imagine that the simple children’s breakfast of toast and jam is just what the kid’s wanted- no fancy dishes wanted here! Can’t wait to see what your next exotic place is!

  2. Oh, and one more thing- I was so stoked to see that you included my blog on your ‘Foodie Friends’ blog list. That is the first time anyone has placed my blog on their ‘blogroll.’ Thanks so much!

    • My pleasure Fran! … And the Deluxious mistake is probably a Freudian slip on my part, I am obviously thinking with my belly again because everything was deluxe and delicious! Lol! It is an apt error 🙂

  3. The roti and curry gravy speak to me!

  4. I just got back from Asia and the first thing we did was book another trip there! I love it so much and not just because it’s warm there and it’s freezing here! 😛

  5. Pristine, pure and perfect for R & R is what I glean from your post, Julie. (Couldn’t resist popping all those “p”s.) Seriously, the Deluxcious Hotel seems like a great place to restore serenity and sanity…..And the food – especially the coconut rice – looks and sounds very tasty =)

  6. This all looks so lovely indeed Julie! The building, the rooms, and of course- the delicious breakfasts 🙂

  7. What lovely photos, it looks a good spot. I could practically taste those rotis too.

  8. The hotel looks beautiful but the children’s breakfast does look very tame! The setting for the breakfast area is stunning xx

  9. Such a beautiful place to stay. I’d feel very special staying there.

  10. Deluxious does seem to be the perfect word. 🙂 Everything looks lovely!

  11. What great pictures, it looks like it was a lovely time. I think I would order what you did for breakfast…yum! Great pictures 🙂

  12. Dear Julie,

    The hotel looks beautiful and I can totally devour a nasi lemak AND roti canai for brekky.

  13. Penang! I always want to visit there (especially to eat). Such a beautiful hotel and I love peeking inside the hotel rooms and facilities (not only the online pictures from the hotel website). Glad you shared this hotel – will keep it in mind for the day I visit! 🙂

  14. Great photos! I’m really craving a roti now 🙂 x

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  16. Alesah Villalon :

    Julie, I’ve been to Penang, too in 2011, I believe. But we just stayed in a backpackers inn along Love Lane where we met people around the world. Did you go “streetfooding” along Gurney Drive? I like the garden setting for outdoor dining at your hotel 🙂 And the flower…ohhh so lovely!


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