Wood Fired Pizza

Di Lusso Estate is dubbed “an Italian Experience, in the heart of Mudge.”  The vineyard specialized in producing wine made with traditional Italian grape varities such as Pinot Grigio, and Sangiovese.  The vineyard also continues the Italian tradition of growing figs and olives for use in cooking, on the table, and in condiments and oils.  These products are available to be tasted at the cellar door.

We were visiting di Lusso to experience the restaurants gourmet wood fired pizzas. We were pleased to notice a table at the lakes edge which was big enough to accommodate our large group.

We had a look over the menu and decided to order all five of the savoury pizzas. This way we could all have a slice of each pizza. I was pleased with the decision as I was struggling to choose just one pizza from the range.

Wine Bottles di Lusso

We intended to do a little wine tasting while we waited for the meal, and perhaps choose a bottle to enjoy over lunch.  Unfortunately the cellar door was busy the whole time!  We were unable to do more than sample the olive oils and figs which are available on a tasting table.

Our table by the lake was an ideal spot to watch the kids play bocce and run around on the grass. My curiosity got the better of me and I wandered over to where the pizzas were being made.  The set up was all outdoors so I watched the pizzas being topped and then loaded into the pizza oven. It was fascinating and it made me hungry all over again.

di Lusso

In addition to the pizza range there’s a menu which is changed weekly.  Two specials which caught my eye were the chicken roasted in tarragon and a pinot grigio wine sauce, and a chorizo and mushroom risotto.  I am pretty confident with our decision to order the wood fired pizza, the aroma while they were cooking was just magic.

di Lusso Restaurant

It wasn’t long before the pizzas started appearing on the table. They were each cut into six slices which suited our group perfectly. The first pizza I tried was the Quattro Fromaggi, or four cheese pizza. I took a deep breath in to inhale all the divine melted cheese smells. With my mouth watering I devoured the slice! It was the cheeseiest, tasties pizza ever! It reminded me straight away of the four cheese panini hubby and I shared in Paris a few years ago.  It’s funny how smells and tastes bring back such clear memories.

Quattro Fromaggi

Once I emerged from my food daze I tried the anchovy and caper pizza with Italian parsely and mozzarella cheese.  It was another immediate favourite, a seafoody, salty and cheesey pizza full of flavour.

Anchovy Pizza

I shared my slice of Tuscan pizza with the kids. It was made with Tuscan salami, olives sundried tomato and mozzerella cheese.  I am always pleased that my kids will eat whatever we are having, it makes dining out much easier.

Tuscan Salami Pizza

The vegetable pizza relies on seasonal local produce and is another changing feature on the menu.  We enjoyed a pizza of roasted pumpkin, olives, zucchini, eggplant, cherry tomato and mozzarella cheese. This seemed to be a favourite pizza of the kids.

Spring Vegetable Pizza

I had been looking forward to trying the pear, proscuitto and gorgonzola pizza. I love strong cheese and I thought the combination sounded perfect.  Whilst the pizza was nice, it wasn’t quite what I had hoped. I couldn’t taste gorgonzola at all, and it seemed it had been given a sprinkle of parmesan instead.  As a result it was a little dry.

Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza

Not to be deterred we decided we would be able to manage one more pizza.  We ordered the dessert pizza special.  It featured apple and rhubarb with slivers of almond and Mudgee honey in a double cream. I have become a real fan of the dessert pizza lately.  This pizza was moist and lush with a beautiful fruity flavour and a great note to end our meal.

Apple and Rhuburb Pizza

We called the kids over to try a slice of the dessert pizza and it was devoured in seconds, so it is safe to say they gave it the big thumbs up also.

The kids continued to play bocce and the adults enjoyed a quiet moment relaxing by the lake.

Bocce di Lusso

Di Lusso Estate is located at 1094 Eurundee Lane, Mudgee.  It is open Mon- Fri from 9.00 – 5.00pm and from 10.00am -6.00pm on the weekend. For restaurant reservation phone: 02 6373 3125