Douglas Vale Vineyard

Oxley Highway

Port Macquarie

The next vineyard on our tour of the North Coast Wine Trail is the Douglas Vale Historic Homestead and Vineyard.  Surprisingly the vineyard is located in Port Macquarie. I don’t know how we have not stumbled upon it previously.

Historic Douglas Vale

The property is spread over 8 acres and is managed by the Douglas Vale Conservation Group. I decided to do the tour of the homestead and learn a little about the history of the place prior to participating in the wine tasting.

Douglas Vale Vineyard-2

It seems in the 1800’s Port Macquarie was a large producer of wine.  There were over 40 vineyards in the area and Douglas Vale Vineyard consisted of 45 acres of land under vines at its peak.  A downturn in the economy, accompanied by a fungal disease in the vines, decimated the local industry.  The disease destroyed the majority of grape varieties in the area.

Douglas Vale Wine

In 1995 the historic society noticed the house was to be demolished.  As the property represents one of only 5 remaining 1800’s buildings in the area, a group established to save and restore the property.  The restoration was completed using old family photos.  Fences and sheds were reconstructed in their original locations in the original manner.

Douglas Vale Wine-2

Now, 15 years later the property has been restored, and the vineyard is producing a range of limited release wines and port.  The port is being produced from one of the original Isabella vines. In addition to the Isabella grape the property uses Chambourcin and Villard Blanc grape varieties. I have really developed a taste for the wines that are produced on the North Coast and I thoroughly enjoyed the “White Cockatoo” and the Chambourcin Red.  Mr GG could resist a bottle of the Isabella Port so we left the vineyard well stocked.

Douglas Vale WIne Range

Tours of the property and wine tasting are conducted Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am 3.00pm.

For more information or group booking email or phone 02 6584 3792