Feta Ciabatta

Whenever we visit somewhere new I inevitably return home with lots of yummy new products and possibly a little too much wine. Our gourmet getaway to Mudgee is no exception. My pantry is now full to bursting, but I have been so busy writing up my adventures that I have forgotten to feed the family on more than one occasion.

I thought I would share one of my favourite snack foods, which has a times doubled as breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the need of the day.

I usually serve it with a quick salad made from our herb garden. The salad consists of mixed Asian greens, parsley and coriander and I add some balsamic vinegar dressing and sliced Spanish onion.

Feta Ciabatta-2


4 slices Ciabatta toasted and buttered

½ avocado sliced

50gm marinated feta crumbled

Juice from ½ lemon freshly squeezed

Cracked salt and pepper to taste

High Valley Cheese

This ciabatta was made using the delicious High Valley marinated feta from our recent trip to Mudgee.  So next time you want something simple and tasty give this combination a try.

Avocado and feta ciabatta