Get Commando Fit with a Giveaway!
Get Commando Fit with a Giveaway!

Get Commando Fit with a Giveaway!

Sometimes as females we imagine we have a monopoly on trying to coax our body into the ideal shape.  I’m a regular gym go-er and I can attest that there are just as many guys chasing their dream body as girls!

The big difference I think, is females have had generations of diets and exercise programs tailor just for them. Everyone from Jane Fonda to Jennifer Anniston has had something to say about health and fitness for women.

Guys on the other hand, haven’t really had a big strong man giving them pointers on getting buff and lean.

Get Commando Fit 13 Week Program

Get Commando Fit 13 Week Program

I probably don’t need to remind you that men and women are very different when it comes to their daily calories and nutritional needs.  Also the types of work and exercise men do can be heavier than that of the average girl.

So my point is, diet and exercise for men and women is different and needs to be approach as such. After all, there aren’t to many guys ready to try the “Zone Diet in the hope of achieving a Jennifer Aniston figure.

Beef & Quinoa Meatballs

Beef & Quinoa Meatballs

If I was a guy I’d want to look like Steve Willis, or Commando as he is known on “The Biggest Loser”.  You can bet that if I did look like Steve Willis I probably wouldn’t even wear a shirt down to the shops! Luckily Commando has a few tips for guys on how to build the perfect body.

Steve’s brand is Get Commando Fit.  He has released a book by this name and a 13 week online health and fitness program.  The Get Commando Fit Cookbook compliments these programs but also works well as a stand alone healthy cookbook. It’s the perfect start for guys and girls wanting to improve their diet and achieve their ideal body through food and exercise.

You will not achieve your fitness goals if you fuel your body with bad food.

Chicken Tomato & Spinach Curry

Chicken Tomato & Spinach Curry

The Get Commando Fit Cookbook has been written with the assistance of nutritionist Kelly Richardson and Recipe Developer Kim Wiggins. The food pictured in the book is not only a feast for the body but also for the hungry eyes as well.

I was salivating as I turned page after page. The recipes looked amazing, so delicious and satisfying… as were the pictures of Steve!

Roasted Harissa Lamb

Roasted Harissa Lamb

The Get commando Fit Cookbook is broken into chapters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and snacks. It has been well composed to ensure readers enjoy a balanced diet and a wide variety of meal choices. It would be impossible to feel deprived if you were preparing your meals from this cookbook.

Get Commando Fit

Get Commando Fit

Commando doesn’t advocate calorie counting, he prefers the approach of choosing wholesome natural foods in a proportion of 40:40:20 Protein: Carbohydrates and Fat. I like this philosophy of eating nutrient rich food to fuel the body and allowing your hunger to be your guide.

Now for the fun part readers.  Guys, would you like to muscle up, trim some slack, and get abs of steel. Of course you would. Girls, do have a special guy you would like to look like Commando? Gourmet Getaways and Hachette Books is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of “Get Commando Fit” by Steve Willis.

Follow the rafflecopter directions below and good luck!

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Don’t forget that if you miss out on winning a copy of the Get Commando Fit Cookbook you can always pick up a copy for that special someone in your life at any good book store.

One last message to my lovely readers… I hope I haven’t offended any male readers (or Steve) with my objectifying and ogling.

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  1. I love trying new recipes – I’m totally a cook book junkie!

  2. I like the line that says you can’t get fit if you feed your body junk. This sounds really good.

  3. Hehe, nice and fun! It’s time the guys get a giveaway all to themselves! Good luck to all!

  4. Can I skip the book and have Steve? lol. Both he and the recipes are making my mouth water!
    I love that healthy eating is finally starting to gain momentum and is no longer considered a trend but a necessity.
    Great post, Julie! I’m entering – I want that cookbook!

    • Lol Robyn, I’m with you! I would take either the book or the body behind the book. But seriously, the recipes are awesome. High protein and fibre to keep you feeling satisfied . Very nutritional sound!

  5. Looks like a great cookbook, both my husband and I would enjoy it. So exciting that being and eating healthy is becoming more mainstream.

    • I do agree Cheri, it’s nice to have a celebrity endorsing eating good quality healthy, tasty food and not pushing fad diets. There is no magic to good health. Goodluck with the competition, you will love the recipes.

  6. Love these kind of cookbooks where I can read the recipe and know I don’t have to worry about the nutritional value because it WILL be good for me! Looks fabulous, I spied a chicken recipe that looks right up my alley. off to find out more!

  7. My best friend has just signed up to the Commando’s challenge and said the recipes look divine. I would love to give this cookbook a go! To balance all the cakes I bake ofcourse 😉

  8. My husband would love this book!

  9. Sounds like an interesting book. I like the fact that he is not advocating cutting out carbs.

    • Me too, the book actually explains the difference between good, nutritional important complex carbohydrates that we need to be healthy and over processed nutrient poor carbs like chips and cookies.

  10. Sounds like a great book! And eating junk food never leads to a good end. Although it’s so tempting, isn’t it? Anyway, good post — thanks.

  11. How, my wish is to eat that well and look that good!

  12. melanie whittle :

    This sounds like exactly what i need trying to get myself into shape but could use a commanding hand.

  13. I want to get in CommandO My Fitness!

  14. Cecilia Warrick :

    I would love to win this for my daughter, she is passionate about cooking, and about the Commando!

  15. Kimberly Camille Tiu :

    Looks interesting and my sister would love this

  16. My son is an up and coming commando and he’s always at me about making healthy meals, if I give him this maybe he cake them for himself!


    Eating the right foods is an important part of a fitness program. Peanut butter and jam on toast and blocks of chocolate just aren’t helping me get commando fit….so I must be doing something wrong. I need help!

  18. I think this would be great for my husband. He loves to cook!

  19. tracy wedding :

    I love cook books and I need this one

  20. Great, healthy bodies are made in the kitchen.

  21. I have nearly the collection of Michelle Bridges Cook books , would be nice to win Commandos cookbook, to try some recipes.

  22. From what I’ve read in the brief description, rather than just another fad diet that I’m used to, this book would help me make a permanent lifestyle change.

  23. Laura Powers :

    I really need to start cleaner eating to repair my core muscles after the birth of my two sons

  24. Adele Smith :

    Love all cookbooks but would really like one that focusses more on health and fitness.

  25. Making a healthy change to my lifestyle , getting me back on track and enjoy cooking again.

  26. I’d love a copy because my hubby wants to get in better shape and this would be so encouraging and great for him. 🙂

  27. I’m sure this no-nonsense guy would have a recipe book filled with really easy to make meals.

  28. I need Commando to whip me into shape!

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