Hi everyone, have you ever wondered how people get Pinterest followers? I am writing this article for my blogger friends, but the advice applies equally to those that are in business. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool and it’s one of the best ways I know to drive traffic to a website or blog. I have been blogging for over 6 years, but I was a late adopter of Pinterest. Consequently a year ago I had less than 1000 followers. When I realised how much traffic I was missing out on I took steps to increase my presence on Pinterest and gain followers.

Just one year later, I have over 12,000 Pinterest followers, and I get a significant amount of blog traffic from this social media platform.

So first of all I want to go through the most basic things you need to do before I give you the juicy bits.

Setting up Your Pinterest Profile Page to Get Pinterest Followers

Gourmet Getaways Pinterest

Gourmet Getaways Pinterest

  1. Verify your website address, you need a green tick on your profile page.
  2. Convert your pinterest account to a business page (verifying your website will convert it to a business account)
  3. Choose a profile pic that will let people easily identify the Pinterest account with your webpage or blog. The size should be 160px x 165px.
  4. Write a profile description that tells readers exactly what type of pins they can expect to see if they follow you.
  5. Choose to create boards that fit with your blog or business niche. You should have a board for every topic you write about on your website.
  6. Conversely don’t create boards that are for your personal hobby.  If you want to pin things unrelated to your blog, have a separate personal Pinterest account.  Use this account for topics that are not aligned with your blog. i.e.: I think it can be risky pinning a bunch of bible verses if your a food blogger. Better to use a personal Pinterest account.  I have also seen 20 gun pins in a row from another food blogger… hmm I don’t think I would do this if I was trying to grow a following.
  7. For every board you create you should write a good description with clear keywords that explains what is pinned on the board.
  8. Always start a board with 10 pins or more. You can start the board as a secret board to “hold pins” until you have enough to launch the board.
  9. Make sure the cover pin on every board is the very best image you have for that topic. This could be the most repined image for that subject matter.
  10. Always have a board for your blog stories or brand updates. I have a board called Gourmet Getaways Recipe. This board only has recipes from my site on it. That way followers can easily find my recipes all in one place. Also, if they just want to follow that board it will lead them directly to my website.
  11. Arrange your boards carefully. Initially I started with my boards in alphabetical order but this makes no sense. Nearing Halloween my Halloween boards should be at the top. Nobody is going to look all the way down to V for Valentines day in February so I periodically re-arrange my boards so that the first boards reflect the season. I also keep my Gourmet Getaways board on the top and then I change around the other boards to suit my mood.
  12. Take a look at your Pinterest Profile and see how it looks as a whole. Does give an accurate picture of your brand or blog and what you write about.

Make Your Blog or Website Pinterest Friendly

  1. Add a Pin button to your website so people can pin directly from your page
  2. If you’re a foodblogger make sure you set up “Rich Pins” This will show more information about the recipe to people looking at the pin.
  3. Add a Pinterest Widget to your sidebar so people can follow you on Pinterest easily from your website. This can be as simple as a Social Media follow button. When your starting out it might be nice to a pinterest widget to your sidebar which shows pins from a board you specify – I would chose your blog board.
  4. Remind people at the end of the story to pin the recipe for later.
  5. Include a choice of Portrait images for readers to pin. All images on your site need to be named a good description of what is in the picture. This helps for Google SEO and Pinterest purposes.

What Makes a Good Pin for Pinterest

Easy Chicken Curry - 30 minutes!

Easy Chicken Curry – 30 minutes!

  1. Your Pins should be produced in portrait in the dimensions 200px x 500px.
  2. Pins should be light and bright and keeping with the style of your blog. Try and use a similar style for all your pins. You will noticed pinners like “Pinch of Yum” have a style that is recognisable without even reading the pinners name. I use a Canva template so that I have consistent template and interesting fonts. Although I only use about 3 fonts.
  3. The Pin should have a good description about the dish, ingredients and how to cook it.
  4. The image and description should be enticing.
  5. Give a sense of urgency to the Pin. Why does the follower need to pin this picture.
  6. Don’t giveaway the secret to your dish in the pin, it may get a lot of repins but it won’t bring traffic.
  7. Try making a pin in Canva. The software is fabulous and it automatically converts the file to an optimised web format so the colours are bright and clear etc.

Help with Pinterest Software – What I use to get Pinterest Followers & Why!

    1. Boardbooster – Schedules my pins to group boards. It loops the pins on my Gourmet Getaways board so that I always re-pin at least 2 of my pins per day. If I find a bunch of fabulous pins I put them in a “holding board” Boardbooster will release these pins onto the board of my choice at intervals that I have pre-set. Board booster does heaps more and I will write a story on this Pinterest tool shortly. Free for the first 100 pins per month. I have a $5.00 per month plan for 500 pins.
    2. Canva – Pretty Pins – Free if you use your own images.
    3. Followers -iPhone – Lets me find those people that deleted me when I returned followed them.
Followers App on iPhone

Followers App on iPhone

  1. Pin4Ever – Allows me to “Power Follow” other Pinners at a rate of 300 per hour. (Currently the website is down…) Having said that its been fabulous and I’m hoping it resurrects itself.

Pinterest Ettiquette – How To Make Friends & Followers

    1. Never add and then delete someone when they add you back… on any social media platform. It’s just bad form, very rude.
    2. If someone repins your pin, go and heart it too. SO I know this seems like a lot of work, but every morning I look at my notifications and see who has repinned my blogs pins. I open the notification and I “heart” the pin. As I do that, I take a look at the other pins they have recently pinned. If that persons tastes are similar to mine I follow that pinner. Making someone feel good is just good karma.
    3. Open one of your boards up to contributor that follow you. I have a board called Recipes- All Things Bread & Dough It’s attractive for bloggers to follow me and pin to this board because the board is followed by 12,000 people. Even if you only have 300 people following your board it’s more than someone who is just starting out on Pinterest. So don’t think your following is too small to open up a group board.
    4. Find Pinterest Group Boards and ask to join. Follow the rules and pin to a much larger audience. I use PinGroupie to find the best boards with the highest re-pin rates.
    5. Take a look at PinJunkie for more group boards. Perhaps even add your own Group Board
    6. Join FaceBook Pinterest Group Boards and join in any Pin round ups.
How to get invited to Pinterest group boards

How to get invited to Pinterest group boards

Final Pinterest Advice

  1. Follow people! Nobody will notice you if you don’t go around following people. When I see someone with only 20-30 followers who is following 6 people I assume they don’t want me to follow them, so I don’t.
  2. Come outside your Pinterest house and say hi! If you’re just getting started on Pinterest it can be hard to get noticed in the crowd, so comment on the recipes you repin or heart them. Once you start getting people following, you might not do this so often, but when you’re new try to stand out, commenting works.
  3. Target one Pinner or Blogger that you love and go to their Pinterest Blog Board and like all the recipes in it that you think are yummy. Leave one or two comments and then follow them.
  4. Don’t think just pinning loads of good pins will get you followers. I keep seeing the advice to pin quality pins and you will attract followers. But, I also see accounts with 50k pins and only a handful of followers. You have to say hi, follow people and be social.
  5. Space your Pins throughout key pinning periods. Remember to check the time zones of your audience and pin at a convenient times for them.
  6. Only pin 2-3 pins in a session and don’t pin the same pin to multiple boards at the same time. This is where board booster comes in handy. You can pin to a nominated board and it drip feeds your pins at time frames you have specified.
  7. Pin other peoples content too. I’ve seen all different ratios but I pin about 50% for each.
  8. Pin new content from the websites you visit. It’s boring having the same pins circulating. Be an originator. Let that person know you pinned the content from their website.

My Absolute Final Sneaky Way to Get Pinterest followers

So if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this long article I have a reward for you. My sneaky way to get Pinterest followers. I’m kind of a little embarrassed but it works and I use it any time I feel that my Pinterest numbers are stuck in a rut.

Here we go;

  1. Find another food blogger that you like.  It should be someone that has a similar food style or niche group as your blog.
  2. Go to their followers list. Follower their followers. My assumption is that if they’re enjoying the content from say Tania’s Kitchen, who makes delicious dishes similar to mine, then they may like the food I cook too. I will usually go through and like about 300 per day for a week. Pinterest will block your “follow” button for an hour when you hit between 2-300 new like in an hour.
  3. When I follow this procedure I notice a large increase in people following my page. It’s not just the people I initially followed, but for some reason others must noticed the mass following and follow me.
  4. I then check the Followers App on my iPhone each day and make sure I follow all the new followers that have liked my page. After all, I’m not famous, I’m an ordinary person so it makes sense that I should return the follow.
  5. About a week later I take another look at my Followers App and start deleting anyone that didn’t have the manners or interest in following me back. It takes just a little while each day.
  6. I never unfollow people that followed me. That’s just mean.

Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic to your website or blog. I have written the following articles which will help you to get more comments on your site or to find recipe submission site to contribute to. Other useful tips for bloggers can be found in the navigational bar under Blogging Tips.

I hope this article helps you to get Pinterest followers. In the coming week or so I will explain in more detail how I use the Pinterest software to get more followers.

Get Pinterest Followers Fast

Get Pinterest Followers Fast

Oh, and… please feel free to pin this story or share it on your favourite social media platform. You can find me here on Pinterest, stop by and say hi on one of my pins.