Gnostic Mana Cafe – Woy Woy NSW
Gnostic Mana Cafe – Woy Woy NSW

Gnostic Mana Cafe – Woy Woy NSW

The Gnostic Mana is located in the hippy precinct of Woy Woy on the Central Coast… “didn’t know Woy Woy had a hippy precinct” I hear you say, nor did I until today. Even as we park the car I can smell the incense in the street, and there is a definite feeling of peace love and happiness in the air.

Sign "You make me happy"

Happy Thoughts 🙂

This bustling corner just off Railway Pde is home to shops such as the Gnostic Forest, Gnostic Bunch, Gnostic Hemporium, Gnostic Organics and the Gnostic Healing Centre. Everything alternative or spiritually enlightened is available is available here in this thriving epicenter of activity.

Tarot Reading Sign

…oh, now I know why I am tired all the time in this life!! It’s my past life catching up with me 😉

It is so busy here, even on this slightly cool and windy Autumn Sunday. Mr GG & I were a little concerned that we may not get a table at Gnostic Mana.

We were right to be concerend, the Gnostic Mana was buzzing when we arrived. The tables outside were already taken. The garden area was also full! Inside we found it much warmer but also quite full, thankfully we managed to get a stool each at the bar.

Gnostic, the gaining of knowledge.

…so what does Gnostic mean?

The roasting coffee bean aroma had my eyes open instantly! It is the most alluring smell first thing in the morning. Especially knowing the beans here are roasted in house, fresh daily.

Reading through the menu I know we have found exactly what I was looking for. The menu includes a refreshing mix of traditional breakfast items and lots of interesting vegan and gluten free options. Although I am not a vegetarian or a vegan traditional breakfast don’t interest me, I find them indigestible.

Passionfruit Smoothie

Passiona Smoothie

First thing is first, we order our drinks, Mr GG is a smoothie type of guy and orders a Pasiona. It is made with passionfruit mango, milk, honey and yoghurt. When it arrives the drink is so thick his straw leaves swirl marks in the smoothie. Real fruit has obviously been blended through the drink as the passion fruit seeds are visibly broken up throughout the drink . I take the first sip and find the flavours quite delicious. I do think the drink is rather warm however. Later in the meal when I ask Mr GG his thoughts on the smoothie, he said that the fact that the drink was lukewarm had spoiled it. He said it was like drinking warm yoghurt. I agreed that it would have been perfect chilled further or with ice cubes added.


Freshly Roast Coffee

My coffee was amazing! It had perfect thick creme and lovely full coffee flavour. Absolutely what is to be expected from somewhere that roasts there own beans.

The juicer run constantly throughout our breakfast. Churning out fresh fruit juice blends such as “The Liver Cleanser”, “The Ranga”, “Iron Beets” and “Cold Relief”. Each blend looked delicious!

I am very partial to homemade baked beans and here they are cooked with with a spicy chorizo sausage and served on sourdough. I know I have to order this dish and reading on I see it includes a serve of Hommus and spinach! Yum

Baked Beans Brunch

Homemade Baked Beans w Hommus, Sourdough and Spinach

When my brunch arrives my beans include about five different varieties. I can easily identify chick peas, kidney beans, broad bean and white beans , and I note the dish also benefits from a generous quantity of yellow mustard seeds for added flavour. Perched atop are two perfectly poached eggs with the most gorgeous runny centres.

I loved the feeling of eating something which is delicious and comforting for the soul, which also gives me the feeling of nourishment. I really felt like I was giving my body a bounty of nutrient rich food. I enjoyed everything about this dish from the crunchy sourdough to the comforting beans and the tangy hommus.

Gnostic Mana Woy Woy

Vegan Breakfast

After photographing hubbys meal I tried the first bite. I say to him “GOD! Garlic makes everything good doesn’t it?!” Mr GGs had ordered the vegan breakfast which was served with toasted Turkish bread smothered in Nutlex butter and copious amounts of garlic, and it was good! I piled a fork high with the garlic Turkish bread, roasted pumpkin and mushrooms and took a huge bite, YUM! The flavours were delicious. Looking at my huge breakfast I slide the Vegan Breaky back to Mr GG and allow him to get started on is vegan sausage and hash brown.

Vegan Cake display

Vegan,Gluten Free Cake Display

We ate in silence as the cafe continued to buzz with activity. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the meals were churned out at an impressive pace. I couldn’t help noticing the array of gluten free and vegan cakes and slices in the cake display. There were more alternative treats than regular cakes, which I am sure is a refreshing change for someone on an alternative diet. The vegan carrot cake caught my eye as it looked absolutely moist and lush, alas I knew I would not be able to make it through my brunch, let alone make it to a treat. Next time :0

Gnostic Mana

31 The Boulevarde

Woy Woy NSW

Ph: 02 4344 1444

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  1. What a great find! The food looks wonderful and such a fun atmosphere!

  2. I like the sound of the passiona smoothie… but I agree, it would have probably been a lot better if it was cold!

  3. I would love to visit this delicious looking place my friend, especially all those sweet goodies 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Cool! Am always looking for vegan places to go to thanks for introducing us to Gnostic Mana 🙂

  5. Oh this place sure sounds good!I love your coffee and the breakfast with the baked beans with hummus and spinach!!The vegan and gluten free option sounds great 🙂

  6. What a cozy looking place. I’m all game for that passion fruit smoothie and my eyes honed in on that hash brown (I love potato-anythings!). I’d have to sample some treats from that dessert case for sure. We need a cozy cafe like that…

    Have a lovely week! 🙂

  7. Vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants are opening up everywhere and I am super impressed with how good everything looks and tastes 🙂 It’s no longer bland steamed veggies and I couldn’t agree with you more hehe Garlic makes the world a better place 😛

  8. I’ve been to Woy Woy but I never knew it was hippy in the way let’s say, of Byron Bay or Nimbin. 🙂 Iced smoothies are always better and now they’ll be a perfect restaurant. 🙂

  9. Everything looks so good! I am slightly jealous…lol! 😉 That smoothie is really calling my name 🙂

    • Lol!! How funny Suzie!! I get jealous when I see the yummy places I want to eat in… So much great food, so little belly space :0!

  10. What a great find Julie! Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been away for the past week 🙂

  11. My grandmother used to live in Woy Woy but it sure wasn’t this trendy back when I used to visit her! Some lovely sounding items for sure!

  12. If I lived near this cafe I would always want to stop by. All of the food and drink look so appetizing. If I ever make it to your side of the world this has to be on the list of places to eat.

  13. I had no idea that Woy Woy was full of hippies either! It has certainly changed over the years.

  14. A wonderful set of shops in Woy Woy. I love browsing around all the Gnostic offerings.
    It would be just perfect if I could enjoy a cup of Crio Bru (roasted Cocoa Beans you can brew like coffee. A superfood) and buy some to take home too.

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