Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Delhi
Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Delhi

Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Delhi

As soon as I knew we were traveling to Delhi I booked a lesson at Gourmet Desire Cooking Class. One of my favourite ways to learn about a countries culture is through their food. I love Indian food, but eating and enjoying the local food is fleeting. Booking a cooking class allows me to take the flavours home. By learning to prepare the dishes I’ve enjoyed I get an amazing souvenir of my holiday. Every time I prepare the dishes at home, the flavours transport me back to our trip.


Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Delhi

Gourmet Desire cooking class is operated by Jyoti in her family home. Jyoti greeted us at the door and straight away said. “My niece is getting married and we have the tailor and dressmaker here. You will see what madness an Indian home can be.”  We felt immediately welcome.

I booked the class because we wanted to learn how to make authentic homestyle Indian food, I was confident I was in the right place.

Masala Dabba Box - Ground Spices

Masala Dabba Box – Ground Spices

Jyoti explained that food in India has three qualities:

  • it’s generational
  • the flavours are regional
  • the produce is seasonally

Generational because the newly married wives go to live with their husbands family. It’s the mother-in-laws who teaches the daughters to cook. The new daughters want to please the family and learn to cook the recipes to the families taste.  


Whole Spice Box – Masala Dabba

Regionality is important very important in Indian cuisine. The menu changes drastically depending on what area of Indian you visit. North India uses a lot of breads in the meals. The south is more rice based as it’s nearer to countries that eat more rice. In the south you will also see coconut milk used in curries. The regionality of flavours was due to people eating foods found in the area.


Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Delhi Fresh Ingredients

Even I had noticed the seasonality of food is very pronounced in India. In Australia we can get most vegetables all the time, whereas in Indian there is a surplus of stock when a vegetable is in season, so meals a designed around that vegetable.


Making Masala Chai

We had this discussion as we learned to make Masala Chai. I was surprised at how easy this chai is to make. Ordinarily I wouldn’t look twice at Chai in a cafe, the teas are usually over spiced and overly sweet. The masala chai we learned to make was comforting and homely.


Masala Chai

Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Menu

Another fabulous aspect of the class is participants are able to request specific meals to cook. The following is our menu;

  • Masala Chai
  • Aloo Tikki
  • Rice Pulao
  • Paneer Kofta
  • Roti
  • Paneer Tikka Masala
  • Saag Kofta
  • Daal
  • Butter Chicken

Aloo Tikki and Paneer Kofta

I think everyones favourite dish was the Aloo Tikka. These were surprisingly easy to make! The little potato burgers were filled with a tasty pea filling and served with a chutney.


Anais at Gourmet Desire Cooking Class

After our entree it was time to do some serious prep-work for the upcoming feast. Anais was my mini masterchef, she total enjoyed the whole cooking experience.


Tomato Based Curry Sauce Preparation

We were shown two different techniques for making a tomato based curry.

Indian Thali Lunch

Indian Thali Lunch

The meal came together quicker than I imagined with the assistance of our teacher. Before too long we were taking a seat at the dining table, ready to sample the home cooked flavours.


Indian Butter Chicken

The kids loved the butter chicken as expected but I really enjoyed the saag malai kofta. Everyone throughly enjoy the daal and chapati.


Indian Thali Meal

The meal was complete with some home made sweets share by our host.

Gourmet Desire Dessert

Gourmet Desire Dessert

We left Gourmet Desire Cooking Class with a full belly and a handful of recipes we will be trying again when we return home.

Gourmet Desire Cooking Class Delhi

Contact: Jyoti


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  1. I love doing cooking classes especially when I’m travelling, it adds a whole new culinary dimension to the adventure. Everything you made looks delicious, especially that malai kofta!

  2. What a fantastic way to learn about a culture. I love all of the ingredients and the delicious dishes. Sounds like an amazing experience. Cooking holidays are on the rise. As a matter of fact, we are looking for some options this coming up new year for a cooking holiday. I want to let you know I was so happy to get your comment on my blog, thanks for touching base. Life has been a little challenging and just getting back in the groove. Hmm..why am I not getting your e-mails when a blog post is posted. Can you check to see if you see me? I will try to add myself again.

    • Hi Bam, I remember you said you stopped getting notification, I think that has happened to everyone on my site after a wordpress update 😕 I will add you to my newsletter. It gives a weekly summary of the stories published. Thanks so much for popping by xx

  3. What a fun and great experience! And I love all those spices!

  4. How fun!! What a great way to learn more about the Indian food culture while enjoying some regional cooking.

  5. Hi Julie, what a fantastic way to travel and see a country. Would love to see some of the recipes. Love, love Indian food. Take care!

  6. Julie, thank you for documenting the process so beautifully, they have great selection of dishes.
    Could you share, what have been your favourite cooking classes so far – and not only in India? We are looking for recommendations of the most inspiring cooking classes, to invite them to join our new project.

    • Hi Anastasia, I’m pleased you enjoyed the story. I will send links to my favourite classes. There is two in Bali and two in India I would thoroughly recommend.


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