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Gourmet Getaways Competition

Karma Kup out on Field Duty

Yesterday I was sent this image of a Gourmet Getaways reader making the most of her Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup. She wrote and said that she had been on “watch duty” all night in the freeing cold. On my cup it says “I am Dreaming of a Gourmet Getaway.” here is what she wrote

“Out on field. Went to ‘sleep’ at 8 because there was nothing else to do. Tossed and turned and got tangled up in my body bag – I mean bivi bag (cross between a swag and a sleeping bag) and panicked. Several times.
Got woken up at 11 for my picket (security shift) but cut sick at the guy who had the misfortune to have to wake me, basically woke up swinging and kicking – thankfully the body bag was able to contain me.
Temp dropped to about 5 through the night, and that was warm apparently. Haven’t felt my toes – hmm… or feet for that matter – since 7 last night. Up at 530 to a hootchie (the almost transparent tarp they give us instead of a tent) full of condemnation – I mean condensation.
Believe me, I am dreaming of a gourmet getaway.”
Gourmet Getaways Kup

Have Cup… will travel

It always makes me so happy to receive this type of email. So in celebration, I am giving away another five Karma Kups.

Three Gourmet Getaways Karma Kups

Three Gourmet Getaways Karma Kups

All you need to do is add your own title to the picture and post it on your Face Book page and provide a link to the competition. Make sure you comment on the story below so that I know you have entered 🙂

For extra entries press the FB Like button and twitter share buttons at the bottom of the story.

Good luck!

Competition ends on the 3rd June and only Australia residents are eligible to enter.