Oh my! Gourmet Getaways is one year old!

It has been a wonderful journey of discovery. I have enjoyed so many wonderful food area’s, cooking classes and quiet romantic little getaways.  I have also come to know what I want from my website. I have found that it is a powerful tool and it can be used for so much good!

Champagne Sunset

Outback Champagne Sunset Tour

But firstly, now is probably a good time to mention how this website came about. You all know that I have a love of food, but I also enjoy photography and travel. Two years ago we set off on a three month adventure driving from Coffs Harbour to the very tip of Cape York. I chronicled our adventures on a website called “This is Where We Are.”  Initially the website was to be for friends and family to follow our trip but we gathered a lot of interest along the way, and have continued the site to detail other trips.  I discovered at this time how much I enjoyed writing and sharing stories with readers.

Crocodile tour west of Airlie Beach

Crocodile on the menu is better than face to face with a crocodile in the Proserpine River

Whilst we can’t get away for three months at a time very easily we do travel a lot. The trip to Cape York also showed me how unique each little town can be.  The logical progression of photography, food, travel and writing was a website showcasing the great food finds and quaint little towns that we find in our travels and Gourmet Getaways was born.

Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Cradle Mountain Tasmania

Regional areas don’t tend to have the same consumer traffic afforded to businesses in the cities, as a consequence marketing, service and a great product is essential for a business to survive.  I love finding a gorgeous little vineyard, restaurant, micro brewery, coffee plantation, festival art gallery etc and shouting out to the world what a great job they are doing. I like the feeling that perhaps all my lovely city readers will take a second look at some of the gorgeous areas we have either by the sea or in the hinterland.  If that results in my readers spending a weekend exploring for themselves then I am very happy.

Greek Hellenic Dancers In townsville

Greek Hellenic Dancers at the Townsville Greek Festival

I hope that I am also reminding the locals that we live in a great area of the world.  I want to encourage everybody to support local events, products and locally owned and operated businesses. So people, experience more of what you love, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Naturally if you are hosting an event or have something you feel I should be telling the world about, I would love to hear from you. Please use the contact page, and if I can assist, I will.

Greek Hellenic Dancers at the Townsville Greek Festival

Ferrero Rocher Promotion inspired cheesecakes

So what about the home cooking I do for Gourmet Getaways? Photographing food that I have made at home originally came about because I would see an item on a menu somewhere, and I would want to try to re-create the dish.  I have since found it’s helping me to develop a feel for food styling, and keeps my studio photographic skills tested.

Japanese Cooking

Lately I have been sharing favourite recipes of mine or dishes that people have taught me whilst we have been on a food adventure.  Our family also host international students so we are privileged at times to receive a very authentic taste of their country of origin, via a home cooking lesson.

Japanese Cooking-2

Mana & Tomo giving a Japanese Cooking Class

Best of all, this is a record for me of my food and travel adventures with my family and friends.

I love hearing from people who have read my stories. Feedback lets me know that I am loved 😉  Please let me know what you think of my recipes, stories and images. I don’t mind if it is just a word or two. My stats let me know that you are visiting, but how about letting me feel the love!