Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup Giveaway

Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup Giveaway

I am having a little celebration and I would like to give some gifts to my lovely, loyal readers.

As you may have noticed I have recently had a website revamp.  During this process I found that I have written a whopping 450 stories about food, wine, travel and festivals over the last 2 1/2 years.

When I realised this fact I felt very proud that I am able to do something I love,  and proud of the way my blog has grown with all my gorgeous readers. I am constantly rewarded by good people making lovely comments. Each comment I receive warms my heart and puts another smile on my face.

So I think it is time I returned the favour. I think we are in need of another giveaway!

Pink Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup

Pink Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup

These days most of my competitions are run by sponsors and PR Companies but this one is my very own promo!

One of my favourite products at the moment is the reusable cappuccino mug. I even use one for my morning coffee in case I have to run the children to school mid beverage.

My Karma Kup comes with me shopping, in the car, and on my travels. Anytime I head out I grab it “just in case.”

Red Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup

Red Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup

Why I love my Karma Kup

  • I am saving the environment one cup at a time
  • Less rubbish in my car from used cappuccino cups
  • Feels better to drink out of a Karma Kup
  • Kids can’t spill drinks I give them in the Kup
  • Unbreakable
  • Cute

So I decided that instead of walking around advertising for a football club (my orginal Karma Kup was hubbies football one) I would have my own Gourmet Getaways Karma Kups printed.

So now back to the giveaway. I want to give away 10 Karma Kups to my loyal readers.

I hinted at this giveaway on Facebook last week and three readers responded straight away to my question so I am fast tracking three of the cups directly to them. If your name is listed below please let me know what colour you would prefer.

Black Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup

Black Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup

This was the FB question

Tell me readers, when you buy your coffee do you BYO a reusable cup, or do you use the supplied cup? I have a Karma Cup and a Keepcup that I love, but what do you use…

Three Gourmet Getaways Karma Kups

Three Gourmet Getaways Karma Kups

The Website Question

If you would like a chance to win the remaining 7 Karma Kups please let me know how you will be using your Karma Kup to let more gorgeous people know about the Gourmet Getaways website.

Please use the comment section below to answer the question (remember to choose a colour) and ensure that you are an FB friend. Extra credit for those readers who pin, tweet and share this story.

Competition closes Saturday 28th October with winners announced the following day. Competition is only open to Australian residents.


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  1. I would use the kup in beautiful Mudgee promoting gourmet getaways to all foodies and winos!! I could take it wine tasting lol

  2. My Coffee on the go.. As I have hectic mornings and I can’t go without my Morning pick me up I have to make my Coffee to go this would be great it has a Lid and Peeps will look as they pick on me about my current cup lol

  3. Fan on FB and Tweeted and Pin 🙂

  4. This topic has really been on my mind lately! I am a coffee-holic and when I’m out I am very guilty of acquiring far too many paper cups. Also, I have always felt that some cafes are not willing to let customers use their own reusable cups. If I win a Karma Cup, I would love to conduct a little experiment: I’d take the Karma Cup to my usual cafes and see how happy they are to let me use it. I’ll write a post on my blog about my experiences. If most of the cafes are happy to do it, anyone would be crazy not to to try it out and save all that waste! Oh, and I’d love a red one – it would stand out better.

  5. To drink coffee while I work,
    It is a great perk.
    I’d use my Karma Kup while lecturing,
    For all the class to see.
    Even on stage while I’m performing,
    For all my fans to see.

  6. I will be using the pink ones to take with me when i drop the baby off at day care and head to my 8am uni classes.

  7. Kimberley Belford :

    Everyone including family,friends , teachers and fb pals will hear about my super cute pink Karma Kup
    My daughters teacher is obsessed with her coffee and her favourite colour is red so Im sure would love to see them in action

  8. Love the black! I have a reusable mug at work which the coffee shops on campus accept and promote, and if I know I am going somewhere where tea will be served in paper cups I take along an old Starbucks one I’ve had for many years. It’s a great practice to promote!

  9. I would take them to picnics!!

  10. Wow that’s a lot of stories! Isn’t it funny when you do a count and realise how much you have written over the past few years 🙂

  11. renee hermansen :

    pink please.
    i will use it on my walk to work in the mornings.

  12. They are gorgeous colours.

    If I am buying a take away coffee, I will never take my own cup. I use their supplied one. But these cups are super cute. The red would match my handbag. Perfect accessory.

  13. I’d send it to work with my hubby as he often has a coffee break at the local cafe. What an ideal way to lead by example when caring for the environment.

  14. Taking it with me wherever I go morning school runs etc … no one spreads the words faster than mums gathered haha…

    I love the red

  15. Karen Edwards :

    I’ll be taking mine with me each morning I visit my Drive Thru Coffee shop I don’t even have to get out of the car 🙂

  16. You are very sweet my friend and congrats on such an incredibly awesome blogging career 😀
    I knowI am unfortunately too late, these cups areFABULOUS but if I had one, it would be red lidded one to take my hot chocolate on the bus in the winter mornings to school 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. Congrats Julie on so many posts in 2 and a half years. Well done! These are great looking cups and I believe it’s good to use things that are reusable. I’d use my Karma cup in the car!

  18. This is SUCH a fantastic idea! Although I don’t drink as much coffee outside (actually I lie, I get one whenever I’m out :P) I’m thinking of getting a coffee machine at home so this kup would be great for take away home coffees! Haha and of course, being takeaway and totally awesome, it would definitely attract a lot of attention. 😉

  19. Congrats Julie on 450 posts, fantastic work! I’d use the cup around Coffs to support you. x

  20. Wow to 450 posts! Amazing!
    I’m a coffee addict and I only have one reusable cup that is a babycino size! It’s great for espressos but not so good for lattes! I’m well known for walking into our million and one appointments, roller derby training sessions, school drop off/pick ups and any other scheduled weekly event (social usually!) with a coffee in hand. A homemade coffee in fact. We have one the best espresso machines in the world and an impressive list of suitable coffee nooks to visit in between. Your Karma cup would be awesomely well traveled in my hands! 😉

  21. Renee Ballantyne :

    I take a coffee cup from home to work and get it filled either in the cafetera or in the kitchen. On the go I use a travel mug I purchased from the supermarket.

  22. I would take my Red Gourmet Getaways Karma Kup to work where it would sit proudly on my desk which gets lots of passing foot traffic!
    It would also be seen out and about at conferences (so many don’t have green options…) and also to picnics and other outdoor events eg film screenings.
    Plus it would be visible on any inter-state car trips I take.
    (Do you think air lines would mind filling it up on planes? Hmmm?)

    • I love you answer Tina 🙂 I’m not sure about the airlines.. But at least you would get a decent sized cup of coffee if you used it! There cups are tiny :0

  23. I use my own cup…which is looking a little sad and sorry…I love making a cuppa to take grocery shopping! Its nice wandering the food isles with a hot cuppa!

  24. Michelle Gray :

    I always use the cup supplied but I feel guilty that I’m adding to landfill 🙁

  25. I take my cup full of coffee with me in the car in the mornings… then I have it with me all day to refill!

  26. I’m a FB friend and a lover of all things RED!

  27. I have to take my own milk to work in the morning as it’s not provided. So I’d take it in the bottom of my new Karma Kup and just add milk and sugar and water.

  28. I need to travel a lot for medical reasons, coffee is my friend that keeps me company & alert…. KK would come with me too! Of course it would have to be red… cheerful & alert like me 😉

    I have shared on FB!

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