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As a child there are some moments and memories which just stick in your mind no matter how many years pass.  Naturally these memories are based around the most important people in our life, namely our family. With fathers day coming up the memories which still give me great joy are the picnics my sister and I used to have with my dad. I was about 8 and my sister was 6, periodically dad would take us on a special picnic to give mum some time to herself. These were so much fun; we would go somewhere different each time.  Dad would buy food along the way which was completely foreign to us.  My sister and I would feel so sophisticated trying these “grown up” food items. Since then we have always shared a love of food and wine, for this reason I will be giving my father a wine magazine subscription for father’s day.

I remember the first time my sister and I tried pickled onion. It may seem a little strange for this to be such a fond memory but that was when I first realized what a Gourmet dad I had. Please remember readers that this memory is straight out of the late 1970’s.  I had my first taste of REAL cheese on one of these picnics. Real cheese, which didn’t come out of the cupboard, but out of the fridge! Dad would buy sparkling mineral water and my sister and I would pretend that it was champagne.

After our picnic my sister and I would sit in the back of the car and sing at the top of our voices to the radio.

As the years go by, nothing much has changed, my father still loves the finer things in life, although we have progressed a little further than cheese and pickles.  We still enjoy a quiet picnic, but more times than not we have my children and extended family joining us. Instead of sparkling mineral water we enjoy a bottle or two of wine. A subscription to Australian Traveller Wine would make the ideal gift for my dad.

On father’s day he will be notified of the Gourmet Traveller Wine subscription and I will bring dad a beautiful picnic hamper, and bottle of Pinot for our family picnic.

After all, my best memories are centered around food, wine and family.

So what do you have in mind for your father on his special day?  Why not surprise dad with a travel magazine from Magshop’s

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Now wouldn’t that be a great father’s day surprise!

My dad gave me the love of gourmet food and wine, and it is something that we are still sharing today!