Hawaiian Pizza

With children home from school and an abundance of leftover ham from Christmas, I decided I would put both to work, and we would make Hawaiian Pizza’s for dinner.

Now I know everyone know what is on a Hawaiian Pizza but have you ever made one from scratch?  I make the pizza dough in my bread maker so it is very simple, yet the flavour is so much better than any base you can buy.  With the children “playing in” oh I mean kneading the dough it was an enjoyable exercise for all.

Hawaiian Pizza-2

I had a second reason for making a Hawaiian pizza, my lovely brother and he gorgeous bride-to-be gave me the most exciting birthday present, it was a pineapple corer. Take a whole pineapple and twist a few times and voila! Perfectly sliced and cored fruit.  Now I got a little carried away, and the fate of four pineapples was to become sweet little golden rings and now I needed to find a use for them. Hence, ham and pineapple pizza!


5 Tbs Leggos stir through tomato and herb sauce

250gm Cheese grated

300gm ham diced

1 red onion sliced

1 pineapple chopped

Pizza Dough

500gm Bakers Flour

10gm yeast

5gm sugar

5gm salt

310 ml warm water

20ml oil


Throw all the dough ingredients into a bread maker and come back to it when the machine finishes. Too easy!

Lightly oil 5 pizza trays 20cm diameter. Divide the dough into five even balls.

Pizza dough

Flatten the dough ball into the pizza trays and allow them to proof again. Once they have proofed as desired they can be refrigerated for later use or topped with fillings immediately.

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees.

pizza bases

Spread the tomato paste over the bases and top with grated cheese.

pineapple slices

Add the onion, ham and pineapple and bake for approximately 10 mins.

Hawaiian Pizza-3

When the pizza’s are ready the aroma is delicious, they may be a simple ham and pineapple pizza but they are so tasty and fun for everyone to make. The children always enjoy making their own food and it is much easier to get them to eat when they have had a hand in cooking the meal themselves.

Gourmet Pizza