Heart Cake Pop
Heart Cake Pop

Heart Cake Pop

Heart Cake Pops

Little Miss A turned four recently and at the suggestion of a friend we decided to have a “tea party” theme. It was a great opportunity for me to “tizzy” things up a little and go overboard on the “girly” stuff. After all, with three older brothers it has been a while since we’ve “done” pink!

Little girl party food, tea party

I decided that I would only serve pink, red and white food to keep the tea party looking the part. That meant a table full of raspberry lollies, pink musk sticks, hand selected jelly beans, I am sure you know who ate the offending colours… me!

Tea party food for girls birthday party

When it came to cooking for the party my mum made these gorgeous lolly cups

Lolly Cups

Lolly Cup Recipe

I set pink and red jelly in shot cups with spoons for easy serving, and I made my tried and true Greek Shortbread biscuits.

Greek Shortbread

Greek Shortbread Recipe

Plus… I tried my hand at a Cake Pops.

I have to be honest; this is my second attempt at cake pops.  Last year for little A’s birthday I made a batch but I found them so fiddly I vowed never to repeat the exercise. Since then I have seen a lot of cute cake pops so I decided to give it another go and do things a little differently. They were definitely a lot easier using this method.

Heart shaped cake Pops


1 Madera Cake

¼ cup condensed milk (you may need a little more)

1/4 cup cream cheese

lolly pop sticks

white chocolate


food colouring


Cake pop ingredients

Place the cake into a food processor and process with about ¼ cup of condensed milk and the cream cheese.

Cake pop dough

Allow the cake to come together into a “dough”, add a little more condensed milk if necessary.

Rolling cake pop dough

Remove the “dough” and press onto a sheet of baking paper or between plastic wrap. Roll the dough out.

cutting out cake pops with biscuit cutters

Cut shapes out of the dough and place onto a tray.

Making Cake Pops

Gently press the lolly pop sticks into the shapes and put in the freezer overnight.

Warm the chocolate in a bowl and dip the cake pops into the chocolate to cover all sides. Allow the excess chocolate to fall back into the bowl. The chocolate can be tinted with food colouring. Immediately dip the cake pop into sprinkles or add lollies if required.

  • note only take the cake pops out of the freezer as you are dipping in chocolate, they should be frozen when you work with them so that the chocolate sets quickly.

Place the cake pops in a container and refrigerate until required. Uses various cookie cutter shapes to make interesting cake pops. I made flowers and used Smarties as the centre.

Flower Cake Pops

For something a little different I melted dark chocolate to cover the star shaped Cake Pops.

Star Cake Pops

I used a noodle box with a polystyrene filling to display make cake pops for the party.

Heart shaped cake pops-2

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  1. awww your cake pops are beautiful! love the girly pink theme!

  2. Ahh, that is a much easier way of making cake pops! They look great – and what a cool party 🙂

  3. Oh how cute are those pops..awesome ideas, fantastic photos and looking like a party set for a little princess!:)

  4. How do I get an invite for the next tea party so clever!v:)

  5. Amazing job on these party and the theme is just too precious. The pops turned out beautifully.

  6. Pat yourself on the back you did a great job. Love your pictures too.

  7. Love the lolly cups! So cute!

  8. this looks a great way to do these cake pops – I tried a similar recipe but baking the stars on the sticks today so am in a stick mood – love the heart ones – so pretty – looks like a great party

  9. Julie you always have the best sweet posts. I love all of these cake pops and want to hire you:) Thanks for having participated in June’s YBR:)

  10. What beautiful cake pops, my dear! I hope your daughter had an absolute ball at her tea party. I wish I could have joined because it looked so sweet and fun!


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