Hi readers, todays story is especially for new bloggers. The big question we are tackling is “How to Get More Blog Comments.”  It’s really quite simple. You just put yourself out into the blogging world and say hello.

Before we look at my top tips for how to get more blog comments, lets quickly tackle the WHY!

Why do we care if people comment on our stories?

  • When an article or recipe receives no comments it looks unloved 🙁
  • Bloggers are social people and want to know what others think of our site or our article
  • We want to build an engage audience with a sense of community
  • We get google link juice from the backlinks – even though they are no-follow!
  • Other people reading the story you commented on may notice your comment and website and choose to take a look.
  • PR companies look at comments as proof of engagement
  • Advertisers look at the responses to the article

I hesitated to add the last two dot points, but in reality these are two important reasons why I want articles to have comments. I know we shouldn’t pander to what brands or PR companies think, but so many times I have had PR companies comment on how good it is to see such an engage audience on Gourmet Getaways.

In reality less than 1% of readers actually make a comment on a story! When I saw this statistic I took a look at my own traffic to comment ratio and found it was absolutely true!

Get More Blog Comments Graphic

Get More Blog Comments Graphic

How To Get More Blog Comments

  1. The best way I have found to get more people commenting on my blog is to visit other blogs! Find other peoples blogs in your niche, poke around a few of their stories and leave some thoughtful comments. If you like their photography or their recipes let them know. Bloggers love knowing someone has appreciated their article, images or recipes. You will come to know the bloggers that will pop over to your website and return a comment.
  2.  Write stories that evoke emotion or a response. A blogging friend of mine writes such fabulous stories about her everyday life I find I feel compelled to respond. Take a look at this article by Charlie at Hotly Spiced, she is sharing a custard slice recipe.  The slice is great, but it’s the story, and the way Charlie writes which makes you want to comment and follow her.
  3. Make sure you respond to the comments on your website. If someone takes the time to leave a comment on an article thank them. If you don’t respond to comments on your site it can discourage other commenters from leaving a comment.  It looks like you don’t care. 🙁
  4. If I notice that a comment came from another blogger I like to visit their website and leave a return comment on one of their stories. I think this is a polite thing to do, it’s my way of letting other bloggers know that I really appreciated their comments. Also, I find I don’t tend to go back to people blogs if they don’t return my comments on my website. To me it feels like I’m giving love, only to find its not reciprocated. Unrequited love is never fun, so please remember if someone takes the time to visit and leave a comment its nice manners to “share the love.”
  5. Let your audience know that you want to hear what they think. Ask for comments at the end of your article. Don’t write Please Comment! Instead ask a question that may evoke a response. Take a look at the examples below.
  • “What do you think about …. Tell me about your experience in the comments below.”
  • “I’m probably leaving out some information. If you have any other great tips please feel free to share them in the comments”
  • “Let me know when you make this recipe, I would love to know what you think.”
Funny Blogging Cartoon

Funny Blogging Cartoon

My Favourite Bloggers

Whilst I was writing this article I took a look at who my best blogger commenters were. I want to say thank you to these bloggers for chatting with me on Gourmet Getaways and making me feel really loved.

So I’ve included a list in this article. Please feel free to click on each of these links and take a look at the sites. IF you like what you see leave a comment. Knowing my friends I am sure they will come and take a look at your site too.  Feel free to pop back and use this list as a starting point to your commenting program whenever you like.

My Kitchen Stories

Lavender and Lime

Orgasmic Chef

Simply Fresh Dinners

Hello Sydney Kids

Hotly Spiced

Not Quite Nigella

Angies Recipes

Bams Kitchen

Bizzy Lizzys Good Things

That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Kitchen Riffs

The Hungry Mum

The Surprised Gourmet

My Savoury Spoon

Grab Your Fork

Eva & Torocoro

The Complete Cookbook

Bake Play Smile

Elegant Meraki

Bite Sized Thoughts

Make It Like A Man

The Annoyed Thyroid

Lost in Utensils

I’m sure I’ve left off some names so I will add any other great blogs to visit as I think of them.

Blogging Cartoon Thank You

Blogging Cartoon Thank You

Blogging is a community and the only way to be a part of a community is to chat and get to know other people. Although I love getting comments I don’t feel the need to have hundreds of comments on every article. It’s much better to have genuine comments from people that are truly connected to you and your blog.

I have started to get a collection of articles for new bloggers trying to increase traffic and social media presence. I have decided to give these articles a page under a navigational tab at the top of the page. The tab is called Tips for Bloggers and includes articles on Yummly V’s Pinterest, Recipe Submission Sites and more

I hope this article has given you some useful tips. If you have any other tips on how to get more blog comments feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Sharing the love - blog comments

Sharing the love – blog comments

In the meantime don’t forget to share the love! It will make you feel warm and fuzzy to say something nice and put a smile on the recipient face too.