How do you monetise your blog???

Let me start by saying I have no idea!

Regular readers may remember my New Resolutions list for 2014.  Number 6 on my list was to increase earnings on the Gourmet Getaways site.

I’ve decided to make this goal a very public exercise and publish my earnings at the end of each month. How embarrassing! The first step toward achieving any goal is to acknowledge your starting point, and then set about creating a month by month plan which will enable the goal to be reached.

On average I estimate that Gourmet Getaways is currently earning a meager $230 per month.  Although the website is in its fourth year I have never actively sort to monetise the site, so this income has happened purely by chance, not design.

In December 2013 income was derived from these sources:

Sponsored Link                                           $180.00

Freelance Writing                                        $ 25.00

Advertising                                                    $ 16.97

Affiliate Links                                               $ 14.30

Total $234.27

To be honest I don’t really know how I am going to improve my earnings. I have a few ideas, but they will take a little while to implement so it might be a slow increase!

So for this story I will focus on what I have done so far which has earned an income.

Monetise Your Blog

Sponsored Stories

Being a part of Nuffnang I will quite regularly (3 – 4 times per year) be asked to write a sponsored story for an advertiser. The fee for this ranges from $150 to $250 per story.  I only ever accept an advertiser if I love their products and I feel the story is something Gourmet Getaways readers will enjoy reading.  I was offered a sponsored story opportunity recently which I turned down because I didn’t feel it would be suitable.

Sponsored Links

Periodically a PR company for a product, website or organisation will request a link be added to one of my existing stories.  This is always a bonus for me because the work has already been done and the story published. The pricing of the links range from $50 to $180 per link depending on whether it is billable annually or a once off payment.


The advertising showing in my December income table was placed by Nuffnang.  It was a click through campaign (CTC) which did rather nicely given it was only up for a couple of days.

Nuffnang Logo

Nuffnang Logo

What is Nuffnang? At Nuffnang bloggers generate income through blog ads placed by various brands. Bloggers join a community which is invited to exclusive events or to host contests and product reviews.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links allow the blogger to generate income by choosing relevant products they personally enjoy and placing advertisements on the website.

Streaming Yoga Videos Globally

For instance I have been enjoying My Yoga Online and I tell all my friends about it in my personal life. Lately this is the only exercise I have time to do because I can finish a workout, at home, in 23 minutes and I feel great afterwards. I have recently placed an advertisement on the website because I love it so much I want everyone to try it out.

So which affiliate links are earning for me, I hear you asking…

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

ejunkie has been the most important affiliate link so far. This website allows me to choose from a range of affiliate product to advertise on my website.

Delicious Everyday

Delicious Everyday

Click here to visit Delicieux.

Pro Blogger Book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Pro Blogger Book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Click here to visit ProBlogger.

The products shown above are two listed with ejunkie which I am now an affiliated reseller. Ejunkie is the administrator of these, and many other affiliate program.

So that is where I am up to now!

I am a little nervous about posting this publicly because I know a lot of people have varying opinions about monetisation.

While I contemplate my next monetisation move I would love to hear from anyone out there who has implement a successful income generation intuitive.

What has worked for you?? Do you have any tips?