As Robert Frost says “Freedom lies in being bold!

Hudson Coffee has a BOLD new blend “The Baristas Choice.”

Be Bold -Hudson Coffee

Be Bold – Hudson Coffee

Being bold is about living your life, and making each day count. As readers would know, I value my freedom to travel and explore new places. I like to live my life a little outside the box, and it takes an element of boldness to achieve this goal. There are times however, when only a good strong coffee is going to even get me out of bed.

So when the new Barista’s Choice blend from Hudson Coffee landed on my doorstep I was looking forward to starting the day with a cup of their darkest roast.  The new, most intensely flavoured coffee in the range.

Hudsons Coffee Logo

Hudsons Coffee Logo

Barista’s Choice Blend – is the newest, darkest roast with intense, rich and earthy flavours and caramel undertones.

My dear husband was my morning barista. He used the sample pack provided to prepared my heart starting cup of morning joy. (Otherwise known as a skinny cap.)  The crema was thick and strong and the flavour as intense as promised, but the coffee was also lovely and smooth.

Hudsons Coffee Keep Cup

Hudsons Coffee Keep Cup

With my reserves charged I began to ponder ways to put this BOLDNESS boost into action.

Was it time to listen to the advice from Robert Frost, and take another step outside my comfort zone.  Should I set some bold new challenges for myself, with the aim of further extending my freedom.

BOLD Gourmet Getaways Challenges for the Year:
  • A Major Travel Sponsor for the website
  • Two Major Product/brand Sponsors for the Recipe Pages
  • A Sponsor for Restaurant, Wine & Beer Review Pages.

So my BOLD move for today is vocalising the direction Gourmet Getaways will be moving toward, and putting this message out into the blog-sphere.

Each week I will Instagram or Tweet to show readers how I am BOLDLY chasing my goals, with my Hudson Coffee in hand. I hope I inspire readers to take a big mouthful of Hudson Barista’s Choice Blend and boldly chase their dreams too.

To see my BOLD attempt to achieve my goals, follow me on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #bebold.

Barista's Choice Coffee Pack

Barista’s Choice Coffee Pack

In the meantime I have a Hudson Coffee Prize Pack for one lucky reader.

The pack includes:

  • Hudson Coffee Keep Cup
  • Pre-ground “Barista’s Choice” coffee bean pack
  • Hudson Coffee Voucher

…but I need you to tell me how you would like to be BOLD.
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Competition is open to Australian residents only.

Winner will be announced on Gourmet Getaways and social media on Tuesday the 24th September 2013.