Hudsons Coffee Competition – Be Bold
Hudsons Coffee Competition – Be Bold

Hudsons Coffee Competition – Be Bold

As Robert Frost says “Freedom lies in being bold!

Hudson Coffee has a BOLD new blend “The Baristas Choice.”

Be Bold -Hudson Coffee

Be Bold – Hudson Coffee

Being bold is about living your life, and making each day count. As readers would know, I value my freedom to travel and explore new places. I like to live my life a little outside the box, and it takes an element of boldness to achieve this goal. There are times however, when only a good strong coffee is going to even get me out of bed.

So when the new Barista’s Choice blend from Hudson Coffee landed on my doorstep I was looking forward to starting the day with a cup of their darkest roast.  The new, most intensely flavoured coffee in the range.

Hudsons Coffee Logo

Hudsons Coffee Logo

Barista’s Choice Blend – is the newest, darkest roast with intense, rich and earthy flavours and caramel undertones.

My dear husband was my morning barista. He used the sample pack provided to prepared my heart starting cup of morning joy. (Otherwise known as a skinny cap.)  The crema was thick and strong and the flavour as intense as promised, but the coffee was also lovely and smooth.

Hudsons Coffee Keep Cup

Hudsons Coffee Keep Cup

With my reserves charged I began to ponder ways to put this BOLDNESS boost into action.

Was it time to listen to the advice from Robert Frost, and take another step outside my comfort zone.  Should I set some bold new challenges for myself, with the aim of further extending my freedom.

BOLD Gourmet Getaways Challenges for the Year:
  • A Major Travel Sponsor for the website
  • Two Major Product/brand Sponsors for the Recipe Pages
  • A Sponsor for Restaurant, Wine & Beer Review Pages.

So my BOLD move for today is vocalising the direction Gourmet Getaways will be moving toward, and putting this message out into the blog-sphere.

Each week I will Instagram or Tweet to show readers how I am BOLDLY chasing my goals, with my Hudson Coffee in hand. I hope I inspire readers to take a big mouthful of Hudson Barista’s Choice Blend and boldly chase their dreams too.

To see my BOLD attempt to achieve my goals, follow me on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #bebold.

Barista's Choice Coffee Pack

Barista’s Choice Coffee Pack

In the meantime I have a Hudson Coffee Prize Pack for one lucky reader.

The pack includes:

  • Hudson Coffee Keep Cup
  • Pre-ground “Barista’s Choice” coffee bean pack
  • Hudson Coffee Voucher

…but I need you to tell me how you would like to be BOLD.
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Competition is open to Australian residents only.

Winner will be announced on Gourmet Getaways and social media on Tuesday the 24th September 2013.

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  1. Be bold enough to speak my mind, try a variation on my normal Hudson’s coffee and starting a blog!

  2. I will pledge to myself that I will consume my Hudson’s Coffee only after my daily morning run!

  3. With coffee in hand, I will be bold and tackle the big questions and big issues in my relationship at the moment. No more quiet and meek!

  4. I love the word bold and remember that the nuns who taught me in my early years would usually partner the word with BRAZEN (less flattering). I’m being bold when I enter a room/space where I am generally unknown. I have a fear of introducing myself in a personal meeting. I’m especially BOLD when I walk on stage though. I’ll be bold this Saturday when I address a group in a workshop presentation entitled Leaders are made , not born!

  5. I will BOLDLY fill out that application and enter the art show that I really don’t think I’m good enough for, despite what others say. (Then it will take quite a few coffees to produce an entry!…)

  6. You go girl!

  7. Good for you girl! I admire your goals and gumption 🙂

  8. I’m going to be bold enough to hit up the weights section in the gym despite the intimidating looking guys! Going to try tone up and lift heavy 😛

  9. Pity I cannot win, as I am a coffee lover. Love the coffee keeper 🙂

  10. Best of luck Julie! It’s good to be brave! 😀

  11. I’m learning to be bold in saying No when I need to say No. 🙂

  12. This s a great giveaway, I know one gal who lives over your way and I’ll share the contest with her in case she wants to enter. 🙂

    I like to be bold and travel too. If I don’t do it (travel) for too long of a stretch I get antsy.

  13. Good luck with your endeavor and I hope pretty soon sponsors will come calling 🙂 That coffee cup looks lovely!

  14. All of this sounds like a lot of fun! I don’t know Hudson’s (I don’t believe it’s marketed in the US), but it sounds terrific. And such a nice competition you’re hosting – good luck to all the entrants!

  15. All these people taught by nuns. I was taught by Ursuline nuns – all girls, 13 in each class.
    Tough broads, those nuns. 🙂 I got a fantastic education though. I left “Mother St. Arsene” and the other fine ladies when I decided to go to public high school. Culture shock but I was bold AND brazen and did well.

    Thank you for making my husband’s day. 🙂 He nearly tossed out your mail as Google spam. LOL I’m so glad he read it.

  16. What a fantastic idea. Be BOLD! Unfortunately I don’t qualify for thsi getaway but I’m going to follow your ateempts on instagram 🙂

    My goal is to make more of an effort to speak to people at work about NON WORK things

  17. I truly believe you won’t have to wait long for your challenges for this year to come true. You deserve it all! 🙂

  18. Those are great goals and I know you’ll get your sponsors. I’m already following you on twitter but I didn’t realise I wasn’t following you on Instagram. I’ve fixed that! xx

  19. I would like to be bold by trying every item on the Hudsons Coffee menu 🙂

  20. Bold enough for me to toss out the coffee we use at work and replace it with Hudsons Coffee while the boss is sitting trying to enjoy his cup of crap.

  21. I will be Bold enough to sit on my front patio drinking my Hudson Coffee.

  22. Maybe someday I’ll step out of my comfort zone and get a black coffee! That’s pretty bold…

  23. I need to be BOLD to drink delicious coffee because i have not tried Hudson Coffee and wish to be Bold to try it

  24. I would be bolder by stepping out of my comfort zone and speaking up when somethings not right

  25. Crystal McFarlane :

    stir up the world to make a difference for human rights

  26. I got this giveaway too 🙂 will need to write it up soon ~ It’s a great blend very strong and absolutely bold hehe I was quite impressed cuz I usually find their coffee a little weak hehe

  27. I like my Hudsons nice and strong,
    A double shot can never go wrong,
    The flavour comes out nice and bold,
    Make sure to put the milk on hold.
    With Hudsons I pledge to say ‘yes’ more,
    and lift my confidence like never before!

  28. I love trying new coffee and Hudson coffee is the best I have ever tasted.

  29. I am going to be Bold enough to get over my fear of not walking again & go for that third back operation in a year !

  30. With a coffee in hand I feel bold enough to take on the world.

  31. I’m going to be bold and colour my hair with some green stripes! That will make me stand out in a crowd.

  32. Never dye my hair! Embrace the Grey

  33. Drink it without sugar.

  34. I will be bold enough to cut my hair into that short bob that I have been too scared to do!

  35. I’m told I”m too ‘bold’ if I don’t have my morning Hudson’s coffee!

  36. I’d love to stand for Parliament but I’m not bold enough. What a shame that coffee can’t vote…

  37. Be BOLD enough to call someone out when I see them littering; that’s why a Hudson Coffee Keep Cup is a good idea.

  38. With a cup of Hudson coffee in my hand I will be bold enough to tell my neighbours what a bunch of ingrates they are.

  39. I would like to be BOLD enough to say what I think instead of shying away from confrontations.

  40. With my Hudson’s Coffee in my hand I do sincerely and boldly declare that I absolutely hate Rafflecopters… knowing that I have a snowballs chance in hell of winning this fantastic prize!

  41. I’ll be bold in promoting my group fitness studio, taking chances and being totally original!

  42. With my Hudson’s Coffee, I will boldy scream and shout until I win this great coffee prize (like my 2 year old’s tantrums!).

  43. I’ll speak up and say what I want, and right now I want a really good cup of coffee….preferably Hudson please

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