In My Kitchen – August 13
In My Kitchen – August 13

In My Kitchen – August 13

Thank you so much Celia for hosting “in my kitchen” each month. I am really enjoying sharing my new food gadget and photographic styling props with everyone.

Crockery & Background Props

Crockery & Background Props

I don’t have that many yummy ingredients in my kitchen at the moment but I do have some delicious baked goods. I have been going through a crazy baking stage, so there are loads of desserts just sitting around the kitchen to tempt.

Mocha Macadamia Double Chocolate Brownies

Mocha Macadamia Double Chocolate Brownies

Please excuse the adhoc images and minimal writing.  I have decided that each “In My Kitchen” will be a very casual post for me.

Tea Towels from My Home

Tea Towels from My Home

I found this pack of three tea towels at Adairs Linen for just $9.00.

Wooden Placemats

Wooden Placemats

I thought these wooden placemats from Freedom Furniture would come in handy to add a different texture and background surface to my images.

Mini Cake Platter

Mini Cake Platter

This cute little cake platter was a “just because” purchase. Another Freedom Furniture find, and just $9.00.

Momofuku Crack Pie

Momofuku Crack Pie

Hope you enjoy a tour around my kitchen. Please feel free to help yourself to some baked goods on your way out… I really cannot eat anymore myself.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love the mini cake stand and the mortar and pestle, so cute indeed! I really enjoy IMK posts as I get to stickybeak at so many kitchen finds and goodies all over the world 🙂

  2. Your kitchen accessories are beautiful, and those brownies…yum indeed 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, Julie. I’m hanging on to my pocketbook if I ever travel to Australia. Yes, reasonable prices for everything you’ve shown…but I want them all! And who knows what other cute little cake platters will be lurking in the shadows along with more tea towels. (Seriously, my weakness. Some of my prettiest are from London and Tokyo.)

  4. Great haul Julie! That mini cake stand is so cute and those boards are a great idea! 😀

  5. I like those wooden placemats. Such a good idea for props.

  6. Julie, look at all your beautiful pieces! Your photos are always so stunning, and I’m glad you’re taking an ad hoc approach to these posts – I find them easy to write, and always hope other people do too. The brownies look amazing, and the tea towels are just gorgeous – and a bargain at that price!

  7. Lovely photos!

  8. Love the mini cake stand… and your brownies…. yum!

  9. love the look of those wooden placemats and cake stands. Haven’t been to Freedom in a wile 😉

  10. I enjoyed a peek into your kitchen – those brownies look wonderfully decadent and I love seeing the props bloggers use to make their photos interesting

  11. Julie your photos speak a thousand words. Especially the Mocha Macadamia Double Chocolate Brownie photo. Oh dear, drool!

  12. Thanks for sharing your props. Can’t wait to see how you use them all.

  13. I would love those wooden placemats for my table!

  14. Love the mini cake platter! And I have a compulsion for buying pretty tea towels too!

  15. Those brownies look decadent! I like the placemats, and I bet you’re right they will add a nice texture to photos.

  16. What lovely props, and that pice looks so elegant there too. Not much styling going on here, but a bit of a baking phase is rampant…. must make more soup for the sake of my hips!! The kids wouldn’t thank me for it though. If you ever run a food photography course, count me in.

  17. The Momofuku Crack Pie sounds interesting, what is in it? Lots of lovely things in your kitchen

  18. What lovely props!!I love the placemats and the mini cake stand!Your desserts look very tempting and remind me that I need to make some this week 🙂

  19. Every time I prepare food for my next blog, I always hold my breath; preparing the food is only 50% of the task- making it look good on camera is the other 50%. If it doesn’t look good on camera, it’s no good! So, your ideas for visual props are helpful!

  20. I love this series and really enjoy looking at everyone’s kitchen items. 😀 Your tea towels look so pretty! And I want that Momofuku Crack Pie… xo

  21. Great props Julie and although I have eaten a lot of noodles and custard tarts today I would still love some of your tart

  22. Mm, one day I’ll get around to getting different coloured backgrounds/placements for my photography. Until then – will need to make do with my battered old table on my balcony I think 😀

  23. I love seeing what kind of props other food bloggers have! The wooden placemats are the best! 🙂

  24. G’day! LOVE your mini cake stand too!
    Your brownie…wow could go for one one those right now too!
    Thank you for your kitchen view …delightful props 🙂
    Cheers! Joanne

  25. I absolutely love your wooden place mats – my hubby would love them even more and your mini cake stand is adorable!
    🙂 Mandy xo
    PS. I still cannot subscribe to your blog – I will email you what I get when I click on your RSS Feed link.

  26. Who doesn’t love a piece of Crack Pie? I actually work right above Freedom Furniture in Brisbane so I’m always drifting down there and sifting through the sale tables…deadly…

  27. I like your laid back approach to “In My Kitchen.” I also liked your invitation to grab a few baked goodies on my way out. 🙂 Oh, if I could only reach through my screen…

  28. I love that mini cake stand. I have been searching for one for ages. I also love the rest of your props. Some great finds.

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