Kamala Beach Phuket
Kamala Beach Phuket

Kamala Beach Phuket

Well, we have made it to Thailand and are staying near Patong Beach… thankfully not to near! It’s time for the family to enjoy a day at the beach Thai style. We decided to head down to Kamala Beach, which is our closet swimming spot and a ten minutes bike ride from where we are staying at the Nakalay Beach Resort.  But before the beach… I needed my morning coffee.

Getting around Thailand

Getting around Thailand

Anais has turned into our little bikey chick. Each morning she puts on the helmet and asks to go out on the bike, for this reason she is coming with us to choose breakfast while the other sleepy heads enjoy the block out curtains in the apartment.

Danni's Café Kamala Beach

Danni’s Café Kamala Beach

Our first stop is at a Danni’s Cafe on the main street to purchase a coffee for me and a passionfruit ice-cream for my little travel buddy.

Passionfruit flavoured Bonito Ice-cream

Passionfruit flavoured Bonito Ice-cream

Mr GG dropped us off and continued on to fill the bike with petrol. The petrol seems to get siphoned each night, so we have been purchasing small amounts daily and leaving minimal petrol in it.

Getting petrol in Phuket

Time to fill up!

Our next stop was the local supermarket to choose some breakfast items for the family. We did initially think we would purchase breakfast from the food stands by the side of the road, but I found my stomach cannot handle chicken livers and other offal at such an early hour.

Packaged meals at Thai supermarket

Packaged meals at Thai supermarket

In the supermarket there was an interesting choice of freshly prepared items. Platters of fresh fruit had been sliced and placed on trays for sale.

Thai Food

Bags of curry and rice from supermarket

Massamum Curry had been placed in plastic bags along side of coconut milk curries, red curries and soups.

Thai Food

Sugar coated deep fried bread

But it was the sugar coated sweet bread, similar to our donuts which had caught my eye. I would have loved to have had one of these with my morning coffee. Perhaps tomorrow 😉

Thai Cooking

Cooking deep fried hotdogs

We watched frankfurts wrapped in bread, deep frying in oil. Anais was enthralled!

Thai Snack Foods

Thai Snack Foods

Hubby had been left behind in the snack food aisle, and when we met up with him again he had a basket full of items he wanted to try, such as Dried Peas in Cuttlefish, Chilli Taro Fish Snacks, and Shrimp flavoured Peanuts. I reminded him that he had to fit all our shopping and the three of us on the little bike.

We came home with a huge selection of food!

It’s starting to seem like all we do is eat, but I’m not complaining, everything has been so delicious.

Now for a day at the beach!

Kamala Beach Thailand

Kamala Beach Thailand

Hubby ferried the family down three at a time to Kamala Beach. Anais and I were given the task of finding a nice spot to set up camp. The beach is covered in umbrellas, deck chairs, food stands, food hawkers, and tour operators. Every square inch of sand is occupied. We wanted somewhere with good shade as the beach is sizzling and I knew we wouldn’t last ten minutes! I found a spot with four deck chairs in a row and paid the 300 Baht asking price. For $A10 we had use of the site until pack up at 5.30pm.

I made myself comfortable as the family arrived and we all enjoyed the warm waters of Kamala Beach. The water here is as warm as a bath, we all walked straight in without feeling a temperature drop at all. It was still refreshing, but warm.

Phuket at the beach

It’s beer o’clock! …somewhere??

Once we were back on the beach it was time for our first beer of the day. There is something very good about having cold beer delivered to you while you enjoy a view of the beach in the shade of a beach umbrella. At 70 baht for a beer it was inflated from the supermarket price of 29 baht (99c) but still cheap by Australian standards.

Thai Beach Massage

Thai Beach Massage

After a little more swimming and a lot more resting the boys were making noises about getting a massage. We had promised Lachlan a massage on the beach while we were still in Australia, and he was ensuring I delivered. We found a massage stand not more than ten metres from our deck chairs and the boys laid themselves out on the table for the next hour, while the Thai girls oiled and massaged them into a state of profound relaxation.

Thailand Hair braiding

Thailand Hair braiding

Anais noticed they also offered hair braiding and decided that she wanted to have beads in her hair. So while the boys were massaged Anais sat for nearly 1 1/2hours while her hair was braided. You can see by the look on her face that she was not impressed by the length of time she had to sit still.

Carved Pineapple on the beach in Thailand

Carved Pineapple on the beach in Thailand

With Lachlans massage complete he was back to thinking about his stomach. I purchased some carved pineapple from a beach vendor for him. It was so sweet and cool, I ended up eating half; it was just what I had wanted.

Thai BBQ Corn

Thai BBQ Corn

Tylor and hubby finished their massages and headed straight for the corn stand. Corn was being barbecued over a flame for customers and then buttered and salted to taste. The flavour was amazing, so smoky and salty, delicious!

Thai BBQ Corn

Smoky Thai BBQ Corn

We returned to our deck chairs and relaxed some more and listen to the sound of the water. The children swam, and played ball on the beach and I dozed.

Lachlan made friends with the local, beach wildlife…

Thai Monkey

Thai Monkey on the beach

… before we knew it the 5.30pm pack up time came around.

Gourmet Getaways on a Scooter

Family of 4 scooting around Phuket 🙂

…turns out that a family of four can comfortably fit on a little step through.


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  1. That looks so relaxing, Julie. I’m huddled inside and it’s 8C outside and I would love to be reclining on the beach in balmy weather with a cool drink in hand. Looks like a great place to take the kids xx

  2. it’s so cold in sydney right now, i would do anything to jump on a plane and fly over to phuket in their glorious warm weather!

  3. what i wouldnt give to be lying on a beach right now! looks like you’re having an amazing time!

  4. Oh I do envy you the warm waters of the South China Sea… is it that Sea? I had a swim at Freshwater today and it was freezing. And the pineapple! The corn! The passionfruit ice cream. Thank you for some mouth-watering armchair travelling this winter evening!

  5. What a fun family trip!! Everyone looks like they found something that they really loved-for me it was the pineapple and the massage! And love the look into the supermarket too! 😀

  6. Looks like you’re having a great time! I haven’t done a beach trip in years – need to again. Great pictures – thanks for including us on your trip!

  7. ive been wanting to visit thailand for the longest time! cant wait to go myself!

  8. Wow, looks like you and your family are having a fantastic trip. I know Sydney has warmer winters than elsewhere in the world, but it still feels so cold here…….. 🙁

  9. It looks as if you are buying back your siphoned petrol 🙂 I would love a massage when I go to the beach!

  10. This looks like my type of holiday indeed! Relaxing, warm and indulgent 🙂

  11. What a wonderful post, Julie. Glad to see the family enjoying so much laughs basking in the sights, sounds and of course, tastes of the beaches of Thailand. Total jelly right now! Seriously freezing here in Melb at the moment. I want to go to there.

  12. I love trawling the snack food aisle overseas, and Thai pineapple is so amazingly sweet!

  13. Dear Julie,

    Whenever I am in Thailand, I make sure I have at least 2 massages a day. So cheap and so good!!

  14. Your family know how to have a great vacation! 🙂 My son’s classmate (girl) had her hair braided too when her family went on vacation in Thailand this spring. I love Thai massage too! I can get it every single day if I can… 🙂

  15. Oh your pics are lovely!I’d love to visit Thailand as I’m crazy for Thai cuisine 🙂 So so good!!

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