Kangaroo Rissoles with Riberry & Macadamia
Kangaroo Rissoles with Riberry & Macadamia

Kangaroo Rissoles with Riberry & Macadamia

Kangaroo Rissoles with Riberry and Macadamia

I know Australia Day has past for another year, but I wanted share a recipe with you for a very Aussie dish.  To capture the “taste” of Australia I made Kangaroo Rissoles with Riberry and Macadamia.  For those who haven’t tried Riberry, they are a native Australian fruit and they have a distinct Eucalyptus/berry flavour.

I had a number of reasons for choosing Kangaroo, firstly, its Australia Day, and you are not entirely Australian unless you consider putting a chunk of native wildlife on the barbie (for all the aussie vego’s and animal lovers please accept my apologises for the attempt at humour in advance- naturally you really are still Australian).  Also Kangaroo has a stronger meaty flavour than other meats so I knew it would stand up to the equally strong flavour of the Riberry. The macadamia was just to add a bit or crunch using our great native nut.

Kangaroo Rissole

So there you go, the thought process behind the good old rissole. How did I go with the recipe?? The macadamia in the rissole was perfect but the Riberry could have been a little stronger. I made the Riberry mixture up by taste, and I loved the flavours when I tried it on its own, but for the rissoles there needed to be a little more Riberry. I have now adjusted the recipe.


1 green apple diced finely

¼ cup water

¾ cup Riberry

¼ cup brown sugar

90gm Macadamia

1 star anise

1 kg Kangaroo mince

3 cloves garlic

2 eggs

1 cup breadcrumbs


Add apple, star anise and water to a saucepan. Boil with the lid on until the apple is soft. Reduce the heat and add the Riberry and brown sugar stirring to dissolve the sugar.

Riberry, Lilli Pilli and Apple Chutney

If you need a tablespoon more water you can add it. Once the brown sugar is dissolved continue to stir the mixture until the water has just evaporated. Turn the heat off.

Riberry and Macadamia Chutney

Place the macadamia nuts into a bag and hit a few times with a rolling pin to break the pieces up a little bit. Remove the star anise from the Riberry mixture and add the nuts.  Leave to cool.

Riberry and Macadamia Chutney-2

In a bowl add the mince, garlic, eggs, breadcrumbs and the Riberry.

Kangaroo Rissoles

Combine all the ingredients well. Form the mixture into 14 rissoles and place in the fridge until needed.

Kangaroo and Riberry Rissoles

When cooking the rissoles only turn them when the base is completely cooked.

Kangaroo Rissoles-2

When cooking the rissoles try and only turned them once.

Kangaroo Rissoles-3

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  1. I have watched skippy roam the country side all my life and never have imagined tried this beast until Australia Day 2011. WOW this recipe with the macadamia nuts was amazing and never tried the Ribery mixture this made it sweet and looked like a currant, the overall taste was like lamb to me but you may all think differently

  2. Hi Julie,
    I’m Amandine and I just found your wonderful recipe! Wow!
    I’m beginning a blog where I speak about Australian food (among other things) and I made a short article about your recipe and Website.
    Would you grant me permission to add on of your recipe pictures (with a “property” note) to illustrate my article?

    • Congratulation on starting your new blog, I will pop over and say hi. I would be very pleased if you feature my recipe and website in your story. Just add a link to my story 🙂 The rissoles are really tasty 😉


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